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2017 Q4 Financial Update

As 2017 draws to an end, our eyes are cast forward to 2018 and the challenges it brings.   As many of you know, the Quit Smokeless Organization is a tax exempt public charity, and, as such, we reply on donations from our members and partners to fund our existence.  It is through your generosity that we can continue operate this site and make a difference in the lives of those we serve. That said, we continue to struggle financially as an organization.  For the last few years, our expenses have far exceeded our income from donations.  I've worked diligently to try and reduce our operating expenses and this year, I was able to reduce our expenses by 25%.  However, year after year, our donations still fall short and I'm forced to make up the difference out of my own pocket.  Expenses and Income For the first three quarters of 2017, our expenses have totaled $1411 and we expect another $120 in expenses by the end of the year.  The graphic below details our expenses.   The next graphic is a representation of our income to expense report.  As you can see our Expenses exceed our Income by 42% Donations this year were 50% lower than last year.  Much of this I attribute to the stability issues surrounding our website and the most recent software upgrade that left many of you scratching your heads.  In an effort to keep this valuable resource up and running, I often open up my own wallet and cover the overages.  This last graphic shows the breakdown of our donations.  It shows what our members and partners have donated vs. my monetary contributions.   What does this mean for you? Today, I wrote another check for $120 to cover our expenses for the remainder of the year but, without your help, we won't have the money to pay our expenses come January 2018.  With some changes I've made, I've been able to reduce our expenses for next year by nearly 50% so we'll need roughly $800 to continue operating in 2018.  That's not a lot but, we need $140 of that before the end of the year to make sure we can pay our bills in January.  Help me keep this site operational another year by donating today.  I'm not asking you to write a check for $100 or $200 but what about $20?  If every member who logged in this week alone donated $20 today, that would be enough to keep us up and running for another year.  Don't forget about your company match.  Many companies out there today provide some level of matching donations for it's employees.  If your employer does that, just contact me and I'll provide you our Tax Exempt ID (EIN) and a copy of our IRS Determination Letter.  Or, they can look us up on the IRS website.  How do you donate? There are two ways to donate to the Quit Smokeless Organization. Use PayPal - For those of you who want to use PayPal, we offer a convenient donation button on the website (http://www.quitsmokeless.org/donations.php). Just follow the link and click the button. Check - If you wish to pay by check, you can make it payable to the "Quit Smokeless Organization" and mail it to us at the following address             P.O. Box 288, Rowlett Texas, 75030 And remember, your donations are tax deductible.  If you manage your own company and need some tax deductions this year to lower your taxable income, please keep us in mind. Thank You, Dave Young (Flav), Quit Smokeless Organization

Flavius Victor

Flavius Victor

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