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How it all started.



The Kodiak bear has followed me since my youth. It started around 1988 while playing high school hockey. It just was the thing to do, plus smoking sucked and killed any endurance you might have had. At that point it wasn't a big deal, yet. It was mostly a can a week and mostly around hockey stuff, but never did it on the ice for obvious reasons. After high school I moved to northern Minnesota where it was dip for days. Now that bear in the can had progressed from one a week to one a day. Big difference. What used to be a sport related thing turned into something that was increasing. I remember one job I had in a high rise building in downtown St. Paul I was constantly having to sneak off to the bathroom to get a dip. It didn't take long for the supervisor to know that NOBODY goes to the restroom that much. Then I tried a solid color cup with a solid color straw at my desk. I would spit through the straw so that I could stay at my desk. This became such a problem when pop up meetings were called and I had no choice but to eat the clump. I later gave that job up thanks to the bear. Move forward a decade and I have two teeth that the gums are in trouble. I went to the specialist and two options exist. First, they can take skin from the roof of the mouth and reattach to the problem area or get the teeth removed. I quit for several years thanks to this forum and wish all the best. I don't have time to complain about withdrawals at this point, the stuff is eating my mouth up.


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