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    This is for everyone who comes after me and anyone who came before me,when u are scrolling through these speeches,maybe you'll read this and hopefully it will inspire you,or possibly give you hope or strength,to help you quit or to help you stay quit. I don't have a profound reason for quitting or anything like that. I'm a regular person like all of you,I'm not any different or any better...I to have been addicted to nicotine...I guess I always will be...but my goal is to never put dip in my mouth again. Let me start from the beginning...I had my first dip when I was about 6 yrs old with my cousin who was about 5 yrs older than me,no this is not when I officially started dipping,lol...I puked instantly,cuz I swallowed it like candy. I took my first official chew that started me on a 27 year addiction to the nic bitch. I got a chew from another cousin at the age of 13...we were playing football at the time...then I would put one in doing yard work and stuff like that or farm work. I completely became addicted at 14...I would put one in,when I could,playing football, working,doing anything outside ..even in school,by this time,I would just tuck it in the back and that was it...I was only ever caught 2 times from 8th grade until I graduated. After I graduated,I had one in at work,in the morning,after lunch,up until I ate dinner,after dinner...and after a snack right before bed. As of now, once I'm full,which takes quite a while now,I still do have the urge to put a chew in and right before bed...but the urges and cravings are getting less and less strong. I also have to say here,that once you get through a couple of cravings,you learn how to deal with them and how to cope with them,they also last less and less as time goes on. In my addiction.. I have to say that I have loved nicotine and at times,I have thought that I would never quit ...and quite frankly,I didn't want to,for most of those 27 years. I had tried to quit quite a few times,but I know now that I wasn't that committed. Recently,I had been on another site like this and I caved...I also caved on this site as well...and I was called out for it and the person who called me out,has since quit posting,but I hope they haven't caved. I hope that I can be an inspiration to other people who have had as hard of a time quitting as I have,or anyone who might be a serial quitter...this habit is horrible... it's not wrong to cave, it's only wrong to quit trying to quit. The main reason that I think this quit is for good is because of God and my commitment to stay quit. I have finally let go and let God...he has blessed me with will power,strength, commitment,and the resolve and motivation to stay completely quit. God also blessed me with a great support,great family and my awesome support group that I have found on this site ...I have to say a special thanks to RWM,PMFJ,and STS...you guys have no idea how much you have helped me. I also have to say,be ready for bouts with rage,mood swings and an emotional roller coaster...one thing that has helped me is kava tea for helping to keep me calm and focus tea,which are both in the tea section,next to the coffee section in Walmart. I also learned recently that hypoglycemia,which is low sugar and being hungry can also feel like a nicotine craving ...so don't skip meals ... trust me,this really does help ...another thing is to stay hydrated,drink plenty of water,this also helps....another thing that I have learned is that nicotine eats caffeine,and now that we don't use nicotine,we are now getting every bit of the caffeine that we are drinking,I know for me, caffeine sometimes causes me to be edgy...so plz try to cut back on caffeine...also try to get plenty of sleep...in addition to these,at first you will probably have a hard time focusing...the focus tea mixed with the kava tea helps with staying calm and focused....it does get easier with time...we all have to remember,that we are healing and everyone is going to heal differently and at different rates...the main thing is to keep the crap out of our mouths...and post every day...stay committed to quitting and committed to your brothers and sisters in quit...do whatever it takes to stay quit...do whatever u need to do ...it doesn't matter what you do ..just don't dip...ONE SECOND AT A TIME...ONE MINUTE AT A TIME...ONE HOUR AT A TIME...ONE DAY AT A TIME ...good luck to all of you and God Bless
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     Monday September 17, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: FoodBuzz -261- NDT! Bruce you handle the weather alright? My buddies wedding in Asheville got pushed back. Keep the shit out of your mouth! DWLT - 256 - Not awake yet and stompin' on FB's post. Happy Monday all. NDT! STS - 656: Happy Monday DWLT. Nick we took some water in the basement, but that is about it. Yesterday was just wet and windy all day. I will just say that we got lucky. Thankful to be safe and to have a house that is still standing. Also thankful to be quit and for the great support I get on this site. No freaking dip today.
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    Saturday September 15, 2018     New Quitters sign Here   Aug4 - day 43 - Tank I am getting idea it might just be us now Tank - Day 29 - Well, it seems it may be. I know that I hate tobacco and I'm really enjoying the FREEDOM from being a slave to it. Other than the craves, life is so much better without it in so many ways. I went to a 30 year old surprise birthday party last Saturday and was there for over 5 hours and didn't have to worry about checking out of the party to feed the slave. Was just nice to be present the whole time. Playing golf today and going to the Bills/Chargers game tomorrow - I definitely plan on not dipping and look forward to being "present". NDT           Supporters STS - 654: Good point Aug, where is Kevin? Hope he makes it back in here soon. You and Tank know how to do this. Post up every day. Make the commitment every day. Priority #1 = not using tobacco. I am going to be quit with you guys all day. Oh yea, fuck tobacco.
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    I'm nicotine-FREE Twelve Years today. I only continue to post to encourage others and to remind myself that I once could not make it through a day without constantly - or as often as possible - having dip in my mouth. Since taking the plunge, I've encountered many, many issues and problems such as are common to humans, but not a single one would have been better with a dip in my mouth. Nicotine does not make anything better, it only feeds the addiction and keeps you enslaved. If you are on the fence, be assured that you can face and enjoy life without nicotine - and also eliminate the worry about its consequences. One hour, one crave, one day at a time with a commitment to do anything necessary to stay nicotine-free will pay off with huge dividends. Plus, you have strong support from this band of brothers & sisters. ~Euty, day 4,384 nicotine free.
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    I have a mate who is always denying that he dips. "I just have one every once in a while to prove that I don't like it." No seriously that's what he says, word for word. That's like being sober but just slammin some vodka to prove that you really don't like the taste. Any excuse for an addict right? I know I had volumes full of excuses until you stop trying to con the con man that is yourself. I can lie all the time except to that dude deep down who knows allll the lies.
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     Tuesday September 18, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 257 - NDT! FoodBuzz -262- Hey Nic Bitch! I got a message for ya!
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    Saturday September 15, 2018     New Quitters sign Here   Aug4 - day 43 - Tank I am getting idea it might just be us now Tank - Day 29 - Well, it seems it may be. I know that I hate tobacco and I'm really enjoying the FREEDOM from being a slave to it. Other than the craves, life is so much better without it in so many ways. I went to a 30 year old surprise birthday party last Saturday and was there for over 5 hours and didn't have to worry about checking out of the party to feed the slave. Was just nice to be present the whole time. Playing golf today and going to the Bills/Chargers game tomorrow - I definitely plan on not dipping and look forward to being "present". NDT           Supporters STS - 654: Good point Aug, where is Kevin? Hope he makes it back in here soon. You and Tank know how to do this. Post up every day. Make the commitment every day. Priority #1 = not using tobacco. I am going to be quit with you guys all day. Oh yea, fuck tobacco. RWM -557- a couple more starts and Peterman should have it figured out. For many new quitters, there is a common pattern where they finally see the light and know dipping is a serious problem. They've probably tried to quit on their own many times before. Then they realize quitting on their own doesn't work, and they start doing internet searches. Once they weed through all the WEBMD type of bullshit, they come across QSSN and read other people telling their story. That is the first glimmer of hope. So they come in here and give it a go. Even when they don't make it the first time, they learn something valuable that helps them the next time around--if they come back. If they don't come back, they don't have the fight in them that's necessary to beat this addiction back day after day. We, gentlemen, are the fighters.
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    Psalm 4 For the End, a Song of David among the Psalms. 8 I will both lie down in peace and sleep: for thou, Lord, only hast caused me to dwell securely.
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    Not that we lord it over your faith, but are workers with you for your joy; for in your faith you are standing firm. -2 Corinthians 1.24
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    Reminds me of old Grape Nuts commercial with Euell Gibbons, "Ever eat a pine tree?, many parts are edible"
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    God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. -1 Corinthians 1.9
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    Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery which has been kept secret for long ages past, but now is manifested, and by the Scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the eternal God, has been made known to all the nations, leading to obedience of faith; to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be the glory forever. Amen. -Romans 16.25-27
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    Banana Hammocks   Sunday SEP 2, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Fredy - 134 NDT ... No doubt Phil this episode will make you more strong more tranquil once you pass through it and definitely you will come out as winner. Phil -  red -  Banana Supporters a.k.a. Jock Straps: PMFJ - 393 - Got my jock on for this quit day!! NMFD!! RWM -544- The NB is ingenious at infiltrating its way back into our lives. The initial stage of quitting is always tough, but as quitting becomes easier, we lose the 'challenge' aspect of it, then the challenge sometimes switches to something like "how can we play with fire without getting burned?" The experiment always ends with a full blown addiction again. Then it's back to the initial challenge of just trying to get through the minute or day without that shit again. Beware the vicious cycle. NDT.
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    The General Epistle of James 1:12 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.
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    If you quit between 08/24/2018 - 09/23/2018 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key August 31, 2018  Quitters - sign here:  Support Quitter: FoodBuzz - 244- I choose not to be a slave to a waterfall of brown spit. I choose not to be a slave to running to the C-store for my fix. I choose not to live a half life. I choose not to sneak away from my family for a selfish choice that would put my life in danger. I choose to quit today.
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    Kevin. Congrats on 30 days. I am assuming your post meant you had a rough day? Hopefully tomorrow is better.
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    Just doing a bit of memorializing - Posted May 19 Fredy, The decision of whether a medication can improve your life is highly individualized and of course is not something that should be taken lightly. You have already done it right and have spoke with a psychiatrist to help you better understand brain chemistry. I was on bupropion (150 mg) a day from about day 100 of my quit to about day 400. I was reluctant at first to go on meds. You know all the reasons most people don't seek mental health treatment: was a sign of weakness, was cheating on not toughing out my quit, had a stigma of "needing meds", etc. Points to consider. 1. We fucked up our dopamine receptors badly by being hopped up on nicotine for years and years. Everyone's brain heals at a different rate. Mine took a damn long time and I am not sure it is fully healed yet. I know my brain was constantly crying out for a dopamine "tickle" after I quit. All I wanted to do since I could not have tobacco was to do thrill seeking activities, eat dark chocolate, have orgasms, and do strenuous exercise, as these all give that dopamine tickle to the brain. But it was sill not enough. Bupropion (Welbutrin) can be highly effective (and was for me) in lessening the feeling the something was "missing" from my brain chemistry. 2. I do have other family members who are on bupropion for mental health reasons, and were never tobacco users. Chemical imbalances in the brain often tend to be inherited or have an genetic component. It is possible for some of us that we had a pretty significant chemical imbalance with our brains from the start. I know I was told I had ADD/HD at a young age and was always seeking out dangerous stuff to do. Then I found tobacco. I was self medicating. But I was self medicating with a poison plant that was going to cost me half of my jaw someday. Much much better to treat a chemical imbalance with real pharmaceuticals under the eye of a MD than it is to shove poison tobacco in one's mouth. 3. No pill or med will be a magic bullet that will making quitting and staying quit "easy". Quitting and staying quit is hard work and always will be. You will still need to do everything you have been doing to stay quit and double down on your focus not to use tobacco. While bupropion can help your brain not want the dopamine tickle that nic provided, it CANNOT help with the mental association we placed with dip and life activities (driving, fishing, yard work, etc.). Breaking that association that dip was my "friend" that was always there with me, is what you will need to keep focused on, even if you do take bupropion. Just a reminder that dip is not a friend, it never was. It's just a can of ground up poison leaves. I hope my ramblings will help you and others. Remember I was a "scorched earth" quitter. I was going to do anything and everything to stay quit. Yea, I was on bupropion for about a year. It was just another tool in my arsenal to keep quit. I wish you luck with your decision.
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    Banana Hammocks   Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Fredy -  Phil - 143- Freddy, if ever there was a time to be selfish, it's right now. In order to love others, you must first love yourself. We know you love yourself because you fought through the tough times, the anxiety, the pressure and the fear of being quit to finally accomplish the quit that you have now. Choosing to suffer for the long-term betterment of yourself is one way that you can be sure that you love yourself. Never forget that, and never forget that self love is important too. red - Banana Supporters a.k.a. Jock Straps: STS - 630: Well said Phil. Fredy has been tough as nails in braving through his quit. Focusing on long-term [self] betterment (as Phil says) is a great thing. While sometimes it seems a little too "me focused" , we are the only ones who can improve ourselves. No one else can quit and stay quit for us, or exercise for us, or any other improvement - we have to do it. Final thought. All I know it that the MOST selfish thing I ever did was let my self become addicted to tobacco. It was MY addiction and it put up a barrier between my family and friends, because tobacco came first and they all came second (sad but true). Fuck Tobacco - I am never going back to that expensive, wimpy, selfish, self-destructive way of life again. One day at a time of course.
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    Banana Hammocks   Tuesday, August 21, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Fredy - 122 NDT keeping quit and also caring for myself because of you all and Qssn . Phil - 142- GF and I are still trying to work some things out. We got up early yesterday, drove to the beach, and spent the day just the two of us. It was awesome. Day off from work, but never a day off from quitting. NDT red - 139 - Phil - happy for you and your girl - however it works out - even happier your committed to your quit. STS, you know how to inspire bro. It so easy now that I'm in the weeds of weight loss that I have accomplished so much and made a HUGE change by not being in the addiction cycle every second of my life. Staying quit with y'all today! ODAAT! - Keep being selfish Fredy - it's not a bad thing - selfish - and selfless is as bad a self-centered - we all have to be selfish to build ourselves into the rocks our families need... focusing on ourselves and our health and finding what replenishes us - that's not nicotine (or too much booze or drugs) Banana Supporters a.k.a. Jock Straps: STS 629: Tobacco-free living is our new lifestyle. Quitting has meant a wholesale change in how we live our lives. Sometimes it's hard to see since we are so close to the daily battle, but if we could take 10 steps back and compare how we live now to our old pathetic addicted self before, we would more easily smile and say fuck yeah, my life is much better this way. Let's just pledge each day to keep it this way. NDT! PMFJ - 381 - Quittin' is damn hard work and well worth it!! NMFD!!
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    August 20, 2018 Today's MAD: 22 total Swimming MAD total: 10 Total Running MAD: 5264.8 miles since 1/2/2010 Weight: 201 - almost there, to break 200. Still want to be below 180 at some point but it is hard losing weight after turning 50. Actually ran 3 miles without stopping on Friday. Slow but I was pleased with the speed given it had been so long. I have a 5K in mind on 10/20/2018. The distance isn't a problem but I would like to run 9min miles. So more weight needs to come off.
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    Outstanding! I never think about it anymore, but... I had quit for years before and started up again, so I believe we still have to be vigilant. When I say never, I mean nearly never, sometimes at a weird moment I think about it, its extremely rare, but like chopping wood for example. Or at certain times after barbecue. Its there, but really tiny now. I feel for the new quitters and those coming back after relapsing, its a hard routine.
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    Phil's Personal Tracker: Start Weight: 260 lbs. Goal Weight: 220 lbs. Start Date: 5/19/18 Weigh Ins (Weekly on Saturdays): 5/19/18- 260 lbs 5/26/18- 258.8 lbs 6/2/18- 258.2 lbs 6/9/18- 259.6 lbs 6/16/18- 258 lbs even 6/22/18- 259 lbs 6/30/18- 256.4 7/14/18- 259 Notes: This week is all about the no-scale victories. My diet was locked in, I got in 4 good lifts at the gym, and did all of the Cardio that I set out for. I am absolutely carrying some extra water from the lifting, so I'm totally okay with where I wound up. Especially with all the crap I ate during the 4th of July Holiday. My clothes are also fitting better these days, all progress that is not measured by the scale. Maybe I should start tracking measurements as well?


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