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    I copied this list from killthecan.org. I can relate to many of these. Looking for a good reason to quit dipping? Here’s the top 100! Less likely to be thought of as someone who might marry their own cousin. No longer have people wonder if you got a fat lip from runnin’ your mouth. No more fingers tips that smell like…well you know that smell. No more goin’ to different convience store so the clerks don’t keep track of how much chew your using. No more bottles or cans with brown stains running down the sides. No more weird moments where you can’t spit…but need to, and at that moment someone needs to talk to you so you tilt your head back a little so as not to “spill” your own spit while you try to talk. No more stinky cans in my truck, that spill over when you are in a hurry. No more havn’ to tell the clerk, “No not the damn long cut or the fruity what ever…I want the copenhagen regular.” No more lying to my wife about the 2 hour shit I claimed to have taken No more watching my kids play on the floor where I just shitdipped half my chew on the way to my mouth No more inexplicable trips to the store while you’re actually driving to nowhere having a dip No more poopin’ in public hotel bathrooms because you don’t want the wife to know what you’re doing in your room bathroom No more panic attacks at airport metal detectors because you can’t remember if you have a can in your coat Extra $$$ each day for healthy snacks like mint M&M’s by the pound, cheesy poofs and ho ho’s. Buy a 20 oz bottle of Pop just to dump it out so you will have a spit cup for the road. Drinking your own spit. Having your lip be so raw from dipping all day but knowing you need one more before bedtime. That last pain dip of the day. Wanting to eat something just so you can put a dip in afterwards. Spilling half a can of fresh dip on the floor and being more mad because you have to go buy another can than cleaning up the floor. Digging for change all over the house and car to have enough money to buy a can. Having to go up to a good looking clerk at the store and ask for a can of lip turd. Waking up in the morning and finding your can of dip dumped on the floor. You left it out the night before in the TV room and your kids decided to play with it the next morning. Staying up late at night so you can dip by yourself in peace. (Then see # 22). No more having to go to a 2nd c-store on the way to work because the clerk at the first one was a hot chick/dude No more having to go to a 2nd c-store on the way to work because you saw someone you knew at the first one. No more acting tired or making fake excuses wherever you are just so you can leave and stuff your face. No more scanning the bathroom floor and sink for “black specks” that might give you away. When you trim your finger nails you don’t have to worry about leaving one thumb nail a little longer anymore. You don’t have to worry about “peppering” whatever’s in front of you if you unexpectedly sneeze. Don’t have to clean spilled spitter juice out of the carpet anymore. No more lectures from the Dentist. No more quit for a day or 2 before dentist appt., just to dip right after teeth clean No more wondering if the wife/husband actually believes it takes you 5 minutes to wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Putting a credit card in your pocket over your can as to hide your can from bulging from your pants. No more wondering if the dog thinks you’re a dumbass when he gives you that tilted head “what are you doing dumbass?” look. Don’t have to find excuse to go to bathroom to spit out chew when wife becomes “amorous” while watching TV. No spit leaking thru those wax-coated McDonald’s cups after a few hours. Cleaning lady at work not grossed out anymore by emptying your office wastebasket. No more chew kernels messing up your mouse wheel and keyboard No more timing the stop lights or stopping a block away from your house so you have time to check your teeth in the mirror and use the pocketknife to remove any grains No more recycling your dip back into the can because you’re running low and trying to ration every grain No more throwing in a dip and then discovering that the only spitter you have is the one under your car seat that has been baking in the 100 degree heat for the past month and smells like rotten ass. No more having your daughter tell someone that daddy does “shoeee” No more spitting out your chew in the urinal at work, and have it land on the urinal cake so it won’t flush down. No more questions from wife when she unclogs the bathroom sink, and a 1/2 lb of chew particles come up from the drain trap. No more spilling 1/2 a can in your lap while driving, and driving the rest of the way home with your ass 2″ above the seat to keep from staining your pants. No more going to the bathroom sink and looking at the inside of your mouth for 5 minutes to try to find the first cancer spot. Leaving your can in your pants and having them washed and having your clothes stained. Redo and lose that can. No more accidently inhaling some fine cut while taking and chew and then chocking on it so hard that you cough and fart at the same time. No more wiping the fromundacheese from your stank ass fingers onto the carpeting below the seat of your vehicle. No more putting in your contact lens (while your are out someplace where hand washing is not an option) with your nasty dip fingers of fire ! No more falling asleep with a dip in and getting a dark brown sleep drool stain on your wife’s brand new sheets. No more swallowing mouthfuls of tobacco juice, because your 70 year old blabbermouth neighbor won’t shut up, and you don’t want to spit in front of her. No more FAKE declarations about quitting when the price gets up to $3.00, or $4.00, or $5.00, etc…like we could quit if the price got too high. See # 9, when conducting said clandestine event, no more bad aiming and accidently spitting on your nutsack! No more looking for the dead mouse in the wall only to discover it’s a nasty ass toon growing fungus behind the computer monitor. No more embarassment when a client get’s it your car to go to lunch, and you forgot to hide you spit (see through) bottle that is 2/3rd’s full. No more taking the long way home, slowing down so the traffic light will turn red or stopping in parking lots just to finish that dip. Your kids want have to tell their friends that thier Dad dips No more throwing your body backwards when your spit didn’t come out perfect and you have that stringer attached to your bottom lip. No more having to lie when people ask, “so how much of that shit do you use a day anyway” and we would say, “oh, i dont know, i dont realy keep track of it.” No exactly a “no more” but, having to wonder about if the little skin flap thinger in your lower lip, will it grow back or not? No more engaging in a conversation with a non dipper and (being unable to spit or swallow) having your head start leaning back as your mouth gradually fills with brown saliva all while acting interested in the conversation only to launch a gallon of shit behind the nearsest tree after making an emergency departure from said conversation. No more wondering if your the only dipper out there that wants to quit, but can’t on your own. No more attending an out of town conference and looking for a “friend” who has that same looking circle, (dip can), in his pocket. No more “I’m quitting tomorrow so I’m going to make this last can count” marathon chewing sessions Seeing something like this is a good reminder that someday, i might be able to talk to her. No more putting dips in your top lip because your bottom lip is too raw. No more worrying about eating super hot wings because of how it burns the gums when I put a chew in afterwards No more swallowing chew with your wife around and developing an instantaneous case of the hiccups, which you can’t explain. No more spitting in water fountains at work or church(boy that is sad) and watching it swirl everywhere except down the drain. No more whimpin’ out when the stress level rises. No deal with life on lifes terms. Bring it on BEEOTCH. Meetin’ some pretty cool folks on the net. even though they may be assholes in real life No more forgetting about your cut finger and pinching a dip. Ouch! Spilling Cope barnacles on your light colored pants and trying gently to brush them off so they don’t leave stained streaks knowing full well you have never had a successful brush-off before. Getting frustrated after realizing you accidentally spit in a brand new drink. Sneezing with a full lip and burning your sinuses with dip barnacles. No more putting in a fresh dip while driving then realizing you have no where to spit because your spitter is plugged after it sat upside down over night and froze solid. No more morning breath that smells like dead ass. No more having to make sure I got enough dip to make through until morning! How fucked up are we? No more seeing your wife accidentally take a drink out of your spitter, and then have to swallow it like nothing happened because your parents are in the room and you still hide the fact that you dip from them. No more patting down yourself and checking every pocket to see if you got “it” with you before leaving the house. No more panic attacks when you suddenly realise you FORGOT your dip. No more accidenlty spitting in your full beer and saying fuck it and drink it anyways. No more frantically driving to the gas station to get more chew during the Sunday football games. No more doing the mad scramble when your supplier (pusher) is out of fix. No more acting like your not desperate when you dump an handful of change you scraped together on the counter to purchase a tin. No more, “Daddy, you spittin in that can?”. No more spending $1549.62/yr for something that can kill me. No more daily ingestion of carcingoens and/or mutagens (sorry that sounded much funnier in my head Shit, Shower and Shave in the morning without looking for a place to spit. No more trashcan diving for a bottle (spitter) that belonged to someone else, not bothering after awhile to wipe their spit off because you’ve done this so many times before anyways. No more staying WAY much longer than necessary in a porta-potty during a Penn State tailgate party just so you could have a dip (feel free to change school name on an “as needed” basis). No more nephews coming out of your bedroom after playing hide-n-seek saying “Uncle Dumbass, what’s happened to the coke in this bottle?” Not having a spitter and being such an addicted FUCKTARD that I throw in a fatty anyway and hold it untill I have a Big Gulps worth of spit and open the car door at a light and spit. Then look up and the hottie in the car next to you is looking at you like what a looser? Not having a cup in the car,chewing anyway and opening car door at lights to spit. No more wearing jean shorts instead of the more comfortable Nike workouts shorts because they don’t have a pocket for my tin. Dumbing your spit cup out of your car as you are driving and having the spit sauce blow back up on your car. NO MORE ‘tongue removal of dip’ while pissing and having it bounce off the toilet seat and land on the floor…and then pieces of the wad roll behind the toilet. No more chewin’, period!
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    Quit yesterday. I began my addiction in the late 70's as a teenager, quit in 1992, started back up in 1998. I'm done.
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    I have been gone a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time! I don't recognize the names I'm seeing! Glad to see you all still carrying on the fight. If I make it 5 more days, I'll be claiming 10 years Copenhagen-free. Keep coming back, boys. This site saved my ass and it can save yours if you do what we suggest.
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    That’s the way I want to fucking die. Yep, with a big ole fat one stuffed in my lip. Fuck you, fuck society, fuck anyone in my way; this is the life I chose. Burry me with a tin in my pocket and some on the side for my voyage into the after life.. Sounds good doesn’t it. It sounds tough, doesn’t it? You’re lying out your fucking ass and I’ll tell you why: Ok, Mr. Tough Guy, when you’re laying there in your bloody puke, curled up in a fetal ball, does it still sound good? When you’re in so much fucking pain that morphine won’t even take the edge off, is that what you were talking about? How about the raw shit and blood running down you leg from colon cancer that smells like death itself. How about the tube sticking out of your disfigured face, where your mouth used to be. Is this the fucking picture you had in your head? As a retired Fire Fighter / Medic I can tell you for a fact, every one of you bastards are begging for your life in the end. Not so tough now are you asshole. You’re lying out your ass and you know it! I see you looking in the mirror at your bottom lip, look carefully at that spot. That’s the fucking spot that’s gonna kill ya. Nope, not right away, but after about 4 surgeries, horrendous pain, and a face that’s worse then any burn victims. That’s a real nice legacy to leave your kids, isn’t it Dad! You, with half a Hulk face, shitting the bed. Go ahead you selfish ass, stuff another fatty in there and play Russian roulette. Go ahead pack a good one in, wedge it in with your tongue, this may just be the one to cause cancer and ya don’t want that from a half ass dip. Make it worth your life, because it just may take it. Is this the dip that’s going to give you cancer? How many rolls of the dice will God give you? How many times are you going to hear the click of an empty cylinder? You said you wanted to die that way, didn’t you? Liar. No, one, and I mean no one, wants to die that way. I know it’s just easer to keep repeating that macho bullshit. You’re scared to try and quit aren’t you? You tried before, suffered and caved in like a pussy didn’t you? Yep, it’s defiantly easer to repeat that lie. You can’t take the pain of the quit, you have to much stress, yada yada yada, I’ve heard them all. Ya know why? Cause I was you, for 30 stupid fucking years. Well, almost you, just one major difference, I quit. On August 09, 2007 I quit the slow death. I quit playing Russian roulette, I acknowledged my addiction and did the best thing I have ever done for my life. I FUCKING QUIT! Every time I look at my Daughter and Son I count my blessings. I have survived one hell of a life, and now, for the first time in a very long time, I am in control. I own my destiny. I own my body. No one person, no object, no drug, and no poison can control me anymore. You too can win your life back. The way to freedom is simple, the process is a motherfucker. If it was easy you would be quit now, wouldn’t you? Let me ask you, why are you reading this? You want to quit, don’t you? Well let’s do it, and do it together. Join me and hundreds of others who have won, and let’s get you quit. Now, before you go and say that stupid ass lie again and pull that trigger, because one of these times IT WONT GO CLICK! Stevethebuilder Nov 07 quit group
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    If you quit between 10/25/2018 - 11/21/2018 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call  How to Post Roll ------> http://forum.qssn.org/index.php?/topic/2794-how-to-post-roll-call/ Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet  Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key  November 21, 2018 Quitters Sign Here: Nick- 27. The past few days I've been having a constant mild crave that won't go away. I hope this passes soon. Today is the last day for new members for this group, if there is anyone reading our posts and thinking about quitting, do it now. Join the Repeat Offenders and get your quit on. We dont do that any more. Killshot-18 don't stay on the fence people join us now this a great support group Bam - 28. Nick I fixed your day found brother. You put 26 for the second day in a row. The cravings, at least in my opinion, morph. It is looking for a crack to get in, trying different things to catch you off guard. Go back to the seeds if you need to push through. Be prepared, I've gotten short infrequent intense cravings lately. This is a marathon rather than a sprint. We're just hitting our stride SUPPORTERS
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    weight-196.4 (havn't been below 200 since i quit dip three years ago. admittedly pumped!) Yesterday- 5 miles pace-9:21 suck factor- getting better glad i did it- yep - processing needing knee surgery soon. tore my meniscus 6 years ago. surgeon said i needed operation then. since starting running again 5 weeks ago the knee is sucking. i dont like surgeries. anyone have input on knee surgery?
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    Current weight : 200 Daily MAD : MAD-(since 5/1/18) see above Been a rough couple of weeks. Battling some nasty congestion that won't go away. I think I finally broke through last night...feeling better today. Turkey trot is in two days. MY FAVORITE RACE OF THE YEAR!!!!! Then St Jude's next week. I am officially going to step back to the half marathon. Between sickness and foot issues, my training got derailed.  Help me kick cancer’s ass Races this year:  MS Blues Half Marathon- 1-28-18 2 hours and change! Monroe Distance Classic - 2:02   St Jude Memphis Marathon - 
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    16 NOV 18   1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:  RWM -619- It's Flying Drop Kick Friday. NDT.  Front Line Support: bflem-1,129-ndt!
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    I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service, even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor. Yet I was shown mercy because I acted ignorantly in unbelief; and the grace of our Lord was more than abundant, with the faith and love which are found in Christ Jesus. -1 Timothy 1.12-14
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    Proverbs Chapter 18 10 The name of the Lord is of great strength; and the righteous running to it are exalted.
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    Major congrats to you for 10 years of kicking Copenhagen to the curb. Don't be a stranger. We have a good group of quitters. A much smaller group, but we're making it work. We always appreciate the oldtimer's support.
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    As I urged you upon my departure for Macedonia, remain on at Ephesus so that you may instruct certain men not to teach strange doctrines, nor to pay attention to myths and endless genealogies, which give rise to mere speculation rather than furthering the administration of God which is by faith. But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. -1 Timothy 1.3-5
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    PMFJ's Quit Group November 14, 2018   Quitters - PMFJ - 466 - Another windy warm one for the fire. Santa Ana's are supposed to calm down tonight. So yesterday PapaBubba mentioned the Tom and Jenny Kern story in another group. I want to read it but can't find it. I sent him a message but no response yet. Do either of you know where it is hiding? Thanks. NMFD!! NVM- I just saw the link he posted in the February group. Gracias STS - 714: That was a very moving story as I remember. Read that early on in my quit. Besides Bluesman's article, it was one of the best things I could have read at the time. RWM -617- I thought the same about those articles. I read those on the quitsmokeless.org site when I was just about to give up hope that I could really actually quit. I wanted to, but was convinced it was impossible. I read dozens of articles on medical related sites, then quitting smoking/nicotine cessation sites. I thought them well-intentioned but not helpful. I already knew all the facts and all the tips for success. I was far too gone for that. Finally some dip related sites showed up on page 20 (so it seemed) of my search results. First thing I read was Bluesman's story. That was the first time I read anything closely resembling my relationship to dip. Knew then that if he could do it, so could I. NDT.
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    13 NOV 18   1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:  RWM -616- "Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man." Never get too comfortable. We're moving onward. NDT. Front Line Support: bflem-1,126 - old blood and guts himself. ndt! STS - 713. With ya on this one. NDT! - PMFJ - 465 - NMFD!! Gibb13 -650- this one gave me a flashback I have to share with you all. In college at Slippery Rock U in western PA. Hitchhiking back home to the southern tier of NY. Catch a ride from this old guy on I 80E. If he weighed 130# it was cause he had rocks in his pockets. First thing he tells me when I hop in. "I served under General George S. Patton and I could kick your ass!" I was still trying to play ball and went about 235 with a 400# bench. I believe he would have given me a go. Next thing I know he spits a big wad into his hand (Cope) and sticks it out the window to get rid of it. He didn't like spit cups around. Offers me a little Miller pony from his cooler and dropped me off an hour later. Sorry for the long story but it always makes me laugh.
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    weight-201 today - 4 miles pace-9:19 suck-high! glad i did it- reckon so
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    My trigger is being awake
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    Spongebob Mantra By: Spongebob (reprinted with permission of the original author) There is only one thing that I must accomplish today, and that is to not chew. If I get other things done today, great. But everything else has second priority for now. Soon I'll be able to focus on those other things too. But for right now, for today, this is the only thing that matters. I won't demand more of myself, and I won't get down on myself for not doing anything else if I don't get to it. This is damn damn damn hard work, and it's the most important work that I have right now. I'll be truly and sincerely proud if I meet no goals today other than keeping that crap out of my mouth.


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