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    No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 10.20.2018 FoodBuzz -4- Watched A Star Is Born last night...very glad to be posting NAT today. Day 4! RWM - 2435- None for me. My last drink was on February 20, 2012. I would have called myself an aspiring alcoholic--meaning if I would have kept going as I was, I would certainly be one by now. I loved having a couple beers and conversation with friends, after taking care of chores on the weekends, after a stressful day at work, and during social events. I loosened up, let my worries go, and had fun. All seemed like normal fun, just like any other normal person. However, if I started to have too many, as sometimes happened, I would get meaner, or do irresponsible things. I realized that the only way I could be totally responsible for myself 100% of the time was to not have any. I miss having a few beers during the above situations, but like dip, I realize that just one also involves all the bullshit that comes with it besides the fun shit. So, I choose to live without that crutch today.
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    Good Luck to you Tiger! Push it and have fun racing!


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