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    What happened I had people around me that dipped I said no several times and then I thought to myself 1 dip isn't going to kill me and I was 100% wrong I continued even though I wanted to quit, it was like I felt that I needed it more than ever. What am I gonna do differently, I am going to stick to my guns if I say no that is what I mean. I ask myself each time I get a crave. Do I need it or want it. My answer is I don't want it anymore. Thanks for all the support.
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    Monday Nov 5 quitters  aug4 -94 days. Getting ready to go on a Monday. Saying no for today. Wish I had said no way way back when I first started this habit. But we can’t change the past. We can only live today. Let us all stick together NDT Tank - Day 81 - Joining Aug for some solid Monday quit. NFDT! FoodBuzz -310- Here’s to creating better cleaner habits! NDT! STS - 705: I want in on this quitting action. ODAAT PMFJ -457 - No shame in this Quit!! NMFD!! RWM -608- 100 days: The Hall of Fame is not a destination. It is a milestone to aim for. It is an overlook where you can see where you came. It is a time for celebration. It is a time for reflection. It is a time to cement the ideals and principles that got you here. After 100 days things got real for me. I had to confront the concept that I was going to stay in the game for the long term and it was going to require commitment, time, and energy. We quit one day at a time emotionally. But our minds need to be prepared for conditions on the road ahead. I'm working through today, but aiming for day 700. Then I'll celebrate again. Do something nice for myself; share the victory with my quit brothers here. And then sign up for 1 day and the next 100 days.


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