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    As I go through this quit, I have to remember to do the things I like to do. Carpentry, hunting, fishing etc. I have to make these things dip free too! Get your hobbies on a quit too and quitting gets that much easier. Don’t let a can of leaves take away your joy!
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    November 12, 2018 DWLT - 312 - Rolling into another work week and super glad to be living in freedom from nicotine addiction! NDT ODAAT! STS - 712: Loved the song reference yesterday DWLT. You keep this quit rolling along. Watching you close in on 1 year - one day at a time. Foodbuzz - 317 - In a conference just sittin', but as always still quittin' - NDT Bonanza - 309 - Birthday is tomorrow and looking forward to it. Past recent birthdays have been difficult as I've felt regret that I was chewing again - this one I can celebrate my accomplishment by having a couple scotches rather than drowning my regrets in...well those same couple scotches! NDT!
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    My trigger is being awake


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