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    Not sure why I thought of this site today but thought I would stop in and it says I'm at 6,001 days. That is a little over 16 years. Looked up my hall of fame speech in the archives and was reminded of all the great people that helped me get to that first 100 days. Without those guys I would of never made it. quitting is the best decision you can make. If you fall off the horse get back on and keep going. Take it from someone who knows, it is worth everything you will go through. Good luck to you all.
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    Howdy, Euty! Good to see you again, too!
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    Kirov! Good to see you still around, too. One of my employees asked me about the site this morning. I thought I would introduce him to it.
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    SM: You are one of my favourite addicts. I remember when you had a "rough patch" or two. I remember when you kicked its ass.
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    Good to see you again, SerenityMan! Twelve Years here and still posting, hopefully as an encouragement to newbies on the Freedom Train.
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    Major congrats to you for 10 years of kicking Copenhagen to the curb. Don't be a stranger. We have a good group of quitters. A much smaller group, but we're making it work. We always appreciate the oldtimer's support.


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