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    It's Day 2 and I'm blown away by how crummy I feel and how I got here. Let's just say that I have no "happy place" right now. It would seem that 32 years ago, when I was working shoveling horse pooh at a local barn, that little pitch of "hey try this kid," wouldn't still be haunting me. I was only 11, but it was the cool thing to do down at the stables. Then I decided to buy some off the other kids hanging around the stable. Apple brick it was. Pretty lousy stuff, but man did I look cool. I started buying it at Revco with my pooh shoveling cash. They and UST were very happy with my money. Hawken was next, then Skoal, and then I became the coolest kid when I switched over to Cope while at church camp (kinda funny). Man what a great buzz Cope delivered. The hooks were so deep now, but I didn't care because I didn't know that I was truly hooked! Well now I care and have cared over and over, but I've committed to myself this time vs others. I committed that this stupid little can will not dictate me anymore. I will stop at any corner store now (not just the one that always has the best date), I will not apologize to my two sons for "eating dirt" as we call it, I will not freak out if I finish my can before I go to sleep, I will not carry empty cans through security check-in so I can be secretive when I dip on the plane, I will not care if I have that window seat which helps hide it, I will not have to sneak away at my in-laws house, I will not have to do all if this and other stupid behaviors ever again....... I will not give up! The tobacco companies owe all of us an apology and some big fat checks. 365 days x 32 years x 1.5 cans per day average x $5ish average over the years = about $90,000 without adding interest, add on the dental work, commanded behavior, health risks, and how hacked off this makes me. These guys knew that hooking us as kids was a win for them and a huge loss for us. I'm really mad at them and at me for not being tough enough to beat that nicotine knife. The only good thing right now is that I feel better about myself and know my boys can tell how bad this stuff is. I doubt they will ever try nicotine and I pray they don't. Man a dip would be great right about now........ It ain't gonna happen though!
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    Aug24 - 208 days - A salute and a thank you to every serviceman and servicewoman on Quitsmokeless.org, for keeping us safe both home and abroad! Also a shout out of thanks and appreciation to every first responder at home!
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    MILES AGAINST DIP May 24 - July 26: 288.25 MAD ...........................9,412.75 MAD total Today's Footwear: Lone Peaks Weight: hovering around 180 (gaining back lost weight from training) 2017 race schedule: 01.14.17: Resolution Trail Run 4 hours: Complete: 6+ loops (16.25 miles) 01.28.17: Michigan Adventure Race: Complete: 21 checkpoint and 6 challenges (02:57:00 / 5 miles) 04.08.17: Forget The PR 50K, Volunteers Run: Complete: 08:00:00 09.23.17: Mountain Lakes 100: Ahoy mates! I have finally found a window of opportunity to post up in here. I assure you my absence has not been intentional. My 60+ hour work weeks ended at the beginning of July. The last few months we have been fixing up our house to put on the market. It has really consumed a lot of my life. We got a full price offer from the first people to look at it. After the inspection and re-negotiation then we might be moving in the month of August which should be my heaviest training month. I have only had two training weeks of 50+ miles and it's making me really nervous for my 100 mile race in Oregon in Sept. I have never been this undertrained going into a 100 miler. On vacation with my family in the smoky mountains this week and decided to try and catch up on some stuff including posting in here. This group means a lot to me and I feel like I have been ignoring it along with a lot of other aspects of my life. I do not like being this busy. I will be excited in the fall when everything slows down a bit. Hope everyone is doing well. Mohican 100 Race Report
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    I am going on my 9th month of having put down the can. I was a Cope / Grizzly Snuff guy for over 20 years. I have seen several posts (Pre Sign-up) knocking down the herbal dips. I would have to disagree with those who say they don't help. They may not have helped those fellas but they did help me. I am not going to push any particular brand and just needed to put that out there. For someone who is trying to quit it is worth a shot. I avoided the ones with nicotine because that was also part of quitting for me. Getting out from underneath the addiction to nicotine for me was huge! I used no nicotine gum or patch, just hard candy, regular chewing gum, and the "Fake Dip" to get through the struggles of missing a dip in my lip. I still keep a can of the "Fake Dip" around for those stressful times at work or other times. It helps fight that urge to go get a can of Cope. I hope this helps someone.
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    Well 22 years of not going to the dentist ended yesterday. By the grace of God I do not have any bone loss, cancer signs or excessive gum loss. In the past this news would have been an invitation to go out and buy a can. Today it is different, I am committed this time. I have my first dental cleaning in a week, actually looking forward to it!
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    Cpt Steve, If you don't already have the capacity to understand and appreciate at least a few dozen reasons why you want to be nicotine free, by all means my recommendation would be to continue taking the same selfish easy addiction filled route you've been on for 37 years. You know, the one that begs you to “party hard” so you can be someone imaginary your sober self can't. Continue enabling yourself and feeding your addiction. US Tobacco is counting on a few 10’s of millions or so Idiots like us to assist them in reaching adequate profit margins and return on equity. Only thing better is if they also sold coffins. A little cash coming in on both ends is just good business, but I digress. Your Blog suggests you are not actually ready to Quit as you have the out’s lined up already. No sense in enjoying the freedom of life without nicotine chains. You could just continue fighting and feeding hourly withdrawals as you have been doing until the nicotine has your BP and resting heart rate amped up enough to kill you while you sit enjoying a cup of coffee in a few years. (Already seen that happen and make no mistake, it will without question in time.) However, as long as you are not leaving anyone behind or not planning to assist in making any others lives better, who really cares what completely stupid decisions you elect to continue to do? You should wait, get sick and die as you suggest. And if you know anyone that gives a rat’s ass about you, they could publish your story and everyone could read it and maybe someone would flippin weep. You really want an honest friend? Us late '70 grads don't pull punches, so man up, post roll daily in your July 2013 Quit group and help yourself by helping others and put this addiction in its place which is out of your blood stream and tucked in a corner of your brain that you manage while enjoying a full Life without Nic chains. Your choice Captain Crutch, choose wisely. Regards TR
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    This seems like a as good a place to post this as any. I sent the following to my boss as well as the other engineers, five of them in all that have been on this location in the last nine months. We have all lived in this one camp while we were here for our hitches. I am sure I know which one did it, but so will everybody else that reads it so I did not have to name the culprit. Eric, I had the privilege this morning of cleaning up 508 cigarette butts that were strewn from the back door of our house all the way around to our lab, which is about 50 yards away. The biggest concentration, 210, was about 5 yards away from our back door, just over the berm, in the sagebrush off location. I found another little pile about 20 yards out into the sage, 78 in this one. As if someone was enjoying a nice little stroll and a smoke in the evenings. I was not going to mention it, just clean it up and growl, but when I got to 200 butts I was aggravated. When I got to 400 I was absolutely pissed. Whoever did this was deliberate and conscious of the mess they were making. A giant screw you to Shell, M-I, and Wyoming. I am beyond words to describe how childish and willful this act is. I cleaned it all up, not to save some asshole from getting in trouble, but for myself, since it reflects on me and all of M-I as a bunch of pigs who are too damn lazy to pick up after our selves. the last directional company has been run off from here and the final nail in their coffin was the trashing of their camp when 632 left. In closing, I would like to thank whoever the ass was for reaffirming my loathing of smoking and the lips that wrap around them. Your too weak to Quit and apparently too weak to carry a Butt to the garbage, sad, sad, sad. John