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    Pioneer Quitters Thursday, June 21, 2018 QUESTION OF THE DAY: What social stigma does society need to get over? Hoggle - 117 - Mental illness would be a good place to start. People with autism, gender dysphoria, schizophrenia, and many others need help - not stigma. Dillhole - 101 - NDT - Trump is President and won fair and square SC - 126 - too many snowflakes needing special places to feel safe - that just isn't how life works, get over it and go to work. STS - 568: Addiction. Most folks who are addicted to something really don't want to be. They need help and support. Not scorn and pity. NDT! Bonanza - 165 - Oh man, what did I walk in to? This is some deep thinking...you guys can think away but no dip today!  FoodBuzz -175- Everyone is a winner. Sorry but some people just suck at things. ipoppa33- day 1591- NDT! Summer solstice quit! Boilermaker - 95 - NDT - That if I don’t agree with you that I’m a bigot, I hate you or I hate what you do. People can disagree sometimes. Tank - Day 116 - NDT PMFJ - 320 - Keep the shit out the lip today! NMFD!! bflem-980- that brisket is anything more than glorified shoe leather. c'mon texas, just follow eastern north carolinas lead on the hog and the sauce! ndt!


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