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    February 20, 2018 Quitters - sign here FoodBuzz -52- I used to stay up late and chew. Always thought going to bed earlier would be a nice change, but the can kept me from that. Made a big improvement and earlier bedtime happens more often, however still light up like a night owl at times (old secondary habits I guess) so I post instead! DWLT - Day 47 and compared to day one this is absolute heaven! Somewhat easier to beat the craves now, although after a good dinner (and a few other trigger times) it always comes to mind. Would be great to have a day where dip never crossed my mind at all. Beat down the craves and stay quit forever. NDT!' mcarlson006 - Day 58. Agree, would be great to have a day where I never thought of putting in a dip. Presuming that stage is at best sometime in the very distant future and may never happen- at least for myself. While it sucks, proud of everyone on this journey and our commitment to today. Supporters - Sign Here PMFJ - 199 - Keep it going guys! I'm no expert but I can say in my short time the craves do dissipate, the thoughts get further apart but not 100%. I was doing yard work with the wife yesterday and I mentioned to her that it would have been a perfect situation for some tobacco. I'm 51, started dipping at 19. The thoughts aren't going to go away after 200 days. Maybe when I'm 80 if I'm lucky to make it that long. But as long as we are able to manage those thoughts and craves, then who cares how long they persist! NDT!!
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    Hey Tank - You’re not alone. There’s quitting going on!! Just being honest here I want to buy a can and burn it down; kind of like after I break up with a girl and suddenly I have more important things to do...like life!! Let’s group up message me anytime if you like. I’ll pass my number. My driver for quitting...life just seemed to get longer and better than before quit. -FoodBuzz Day 52
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    PMFJ's Quit Group Saturday, February 17, 2018 Quitters - sign here: PMFJ - 196 - I'm ready for a 3 day weekend without dip! I don't need that shit anymore. Riding the No Dip Express for the long haul! NDT!! Supporters: RWM -347- All on board. NDT!
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    2/16/2018 Quitters - sign here: Paul - 69 umm yeah Supporters:
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    Worth the time to watch, "How to run a 100 miles": https://www.rei.com/blog/run/how-to-run-a-100-miles Of course, Farley has been there/done that.
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    Told my brother in law I quit chewing. He responds with "I can tell who's quitting at work by who's always bumming a dip off me". Thought it was funny, but big point here is "Don't be that guy!" Let's stay quit!