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  1. Destroyer of Worlds Roll Call J5K 4839 Flav 4580
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  3. It's Saturday and I'm still quit!!!
  4. Roll Call Bubba - 4950 mahum 4388 Flav - 4544
  5. Not if it's one of these bad-boys
  6. I'm not even going to try and figure out the last time I was in here. I can honestly say I don't need this place anymore. I've been quit for 12 years but it seems like I never started. I have memories but they are more like watching someone elses old home movies.. that guy wasn't me! I don't think about, I don't desire it, no longing for the good old days. Nothing. The only thing that keeps me here is you guys, to see what's going on, and, since i'm the chief cook and bottle washer, I'm sort of supposed to come around from time to time. Most of you we keep track via text messages on the phone or facebook. So: I'm a grandpa! He's 11 months old so it's not new news but it's not fake news. He's amazing and I love being a papaw! My boss quit in March so I've been the interim Director of Global Data Center Operation/Infrastructure for our company for the past few months; a job I hate. We have multiple data centers across the globe and every time a frame, server, storage array farts, I get a nice wake-up call. The fvcking hardware is older that chit; most of it went end-of-life a few years ago. Our data center manager and his team do a great job at trying to keep everything up and running but seriously, this stuff is so old it break down almost weekly. Luckily our production ERP systems (yes, there are multiple) are running on newer-ish equipment so those are mostly stable. I'll be jet-setting around Europe next week doing a couple of data center assessments for my VP. Did I mention I hate this job? Most weekends are spent on bridge calls for maintenance or outages. My work days start at 5 am on calls with the EMEA teams/executives and normally ends around midnight, wrapping up calls with our Asia/Pacific teams/executives and evening maintenance calls. In case I haven't said it, I hate this job. When asked if I wanted it permanently, I politely declined. I don't care how much of a raise it would be, it ain't worth it. I texted this photo to my old boss last night with a message saying "Thanks for bailing on me asshole!"; he replied "You're Welcome " Enough b1tching. I get to fly to Europe again this weekend.. so, yay? Everyone doing ok? Guess I'll read through some posts or something while I wait for someone else to call me with a problem or complaint.
  7. Was that a prerequisite? If so, I'm failing miserably...
  8. Roll Call Flav - 4481 12 years ago today I hit the Hall of Fame. Wish I could find my original HOF coin with the enamel center.
  9. Testing the quote button.. Yep, seems to work fine.
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  11. You guys should have fled while you had the chance...
  12. You liked it and you know it!!!
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