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    Monday Roll Call Flav - 4796 While I very much dislike the Patriots, there's little doubt that Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL and Bill Belichek is the best coach in the NFL. Those guys just find ways to win (legal or not). I hope they win the Super Bowl this year and decide to retire, winners.
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    You had me right up until I saw that "TB" stood for Tom Brady, then I threw up a little in my mouth...
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    I was about to comment the same thing doc. that's around 80 lbs in about 7 months; impressive indeed. I'm reading up on that intermittent fasting thing as well as some of the other stuff out there. I tend to research things to death and am often struck with analysis paralysis but I'll set a limit of a week to read up on all that you guys have posted and decide what to do. I'm the one who makes dinner at our house so, I'm going to have to convince the rest of the gang that this is a good thing. My doctor said to just start walking 20 minutes a day; when I told him I was walking 45 minutes a day he laughed and said, you may need to walk faster It's nice to hear when people are actually seeing results. My blood pressure has been borderline (pre) hypertensive for the past three years so my goal for 2018 is to get off the meds.
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    Wednesday Roll Call Flav - 4777 I agree 100% on the what to eat. I've been sticking to that pretty strictly this past year. My only vice is still the beer though. Not that much but still a few every week it seems, mostly one or two when we my wife and I go out to eat. I mainly cook all the meals at home and I stick to fresh vegtables from Sprouts and pork or chicken that I grill. I think my biggest problem is the 1) lack of exercise and 2) portion control. Back when I was working out every day and running 3-5 miles every day, I could eat as much as I wanted. Since having to stop all that, well, my exercise changed but my eating didn't. Got to cut back on the portion control and at least start walking again. I may venture over and see if they weight control thread is still going in the wildcard area.
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    Roll Call Bubba - 5181 Flav - 4776 Happy New Year to everyone. Sorry I haven't been around much. I'd like to say I have a really good excuse but, alas, I've just been a slacker. Youngest daughter finally graduated college (hurray!) but, she and her husband are going through a divorce and the whole child custody thing... so we have that to look forward to. I don't know what it is about kids these days; that makes the 2nd one of mine that's been married and divorced before reaching 25. I think my wife and I warned them both that it would likely turn out this way and not to do it but, kids never listen.. or, at least mine don't. I hate resolutions but I need to get back into a reasonable physical condition. Since my accident and subsequent surgeries over the past two years, I've gotten weaker and just plain feeling old. I know I'm not old, I'm just a few days ahead of bufff in that category and he's not old, so.. Anyway, i'm up to about 285 now, which surprises me, since, I have a mental picture of someone who's close to 300 lbs and that's not me. The last 20 lbs I gained was when I was in the hospital for my last surgery a year ago, came out of the hospital 3 weeks later much weaker, heavier and all sorts of new restrictions. Doc said I'm not supposed to lift anything more that 50lbs EVER AGAIN. What do they know though, I'm guessing he's just playing it safe and hoping I don't rip out that surgical mesh again. Guess I'll start light and work my way up. Been eating much better these last few months but not seeing much of a difference so I figure it's time to work some exercise back into the routine. Been thinking about taking up Tai Chi as it's supposed to be rather low impact and help with gaining movement and flexibility back. Any thoughts on that? Anyway, love you guys like brothers and hope I get to see some of you miscreants sometime this year.
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