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  1. penguin

    Roll Call

    Update. It was a long school year and needed something to take my mind off it this summer. Every 3 years I take a long trip. 2012 went out west through the US and Canada with a friend. 2015 did a solo trip and met up with Bufff and dad along the way. This year, I was invited to see a teacher friend for the summer. She was my student teacher years ago and she is currently working at an International school in Croatia. My grandfather immigrated from Croatia, so it was a no brainer to go and visit my roots. They have not had any visitors from the states, so they were more than happy for me to come out and visit. Let me tell you, the World Cup was awesome being in Zagreb for many of the games. I got to visit Croatia, the coast, Italy, Vatican City, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary in the 2 months I was there. Beautiful everywhere I went. Locals were happy to talk with me, answer questions, share about their culture and history. Hoping it has me in a good place to start this school year. June had me out of school for a while due to a teaching related concussion. Fighting workman’s comp now that I am back from my trip. We expanded the visual arts to needing a 3rd art teacher for this year which is great. However the other art teacher moved and we are still short 2 art positions. Solution, combine the 3 classes per period into 1. Sounds fun, eh? Interesting how when I get a text from yinz, it’s simply a text from a friend rather than an internet friend or a quitter. I used to be elbow deep daily in the site, and hated seeing old timers float away. I could never understand how they could do that. And then it happened to me, just living life, committed to my quit, and living life again. No excuse for it, but it made me think back to the first few months of my quit thinking I’d never be able to have the strength to go one day, 1 hour of my quit on my own. Bubba informed me that I hadn’t posted at all this year. Honestly, can’t remember the last time I did. Wanted to check in and share my updates a bit. Sorry for being MIA for so long. -The Bird
  2. penguin

    Roll Call

    Penguin 5300 I believe. It’s been a while fam. Sorry. Out of site, out of mind. Had a great summer traveling.
  3. penguin

    Roll Call

    so apparently im 17,402 days old. I just uploaded my quit date and Im 4936 or something.. I blame the F up on the eclipse....
  4. penguin

    Roll Call

    hey boys... its been a while. eclipse was interesting. The 2 tornoados were not part of the deal. checked quit track. im floating around 17,402; im in awe over that. Hope you are all doing well. If I'm in town any time soon, Ill let you know. School starts on Monday....its been too long of a summer since I didn't travel again. I'll be off to Croatia next summer. Can't wait....Yinz are always on my mind and thinking of ya!
  5. penguin

    Roll Call

    IPA Day Roll Call mahum 4103 Pengy 4552
  6. penguin

    Roll Call

    Tell me about being an empty nester... I have one year left and am there as well. The first college application for the second child got started on Monday. Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? It was just yesterday we were all raging ex dippers, and today we are slowly becoming old men. Speak for yourself. I'm still a spring penguin at 40!
  7. penguin

    Roll Call

    Hope you had a great trip Matt. I am missing my usual summer travels this year. One short weekend instead of an entire month. Maybe next year.
  8. penguin

    Roll Call

    Roll Call mahum 4101 Pengy 4550
  9. penguin

    Roll Call

    I was in Pittsburgh and then over to Sandusky OH for a golf weekend with papa penguin and my cousins from Detroit.
  10. penguin

    Roll Call

    Back In PA Roll Call penguin - 4548
  11. penguin

    Roll Call

    Simple Roll Call mahum 4095 J5K 4510 Flav 4251 Pengy- 4544
  12. penguin

    Roll Call

    East Coast Humidity Roll Call Penguin - 4543. But I may have sweated a few days off today. Always good to get a good sweat in.
  13. penguin

    Roll Call

    Hiya Boys Roll Call Matt - Having a splendid time out West, no idea what day I'm on, and have a week before I have to go back to work. Which is nice. One thing though, got a speeding ticket in God forsaken Ka***$, and have to pass through it, like a stone passes through the urethra, in order to get back home again, which is not so nice. Penguin - 4542. Dang that took a while to remember how to do.
  14. penguin

    Roll Call

    Hey everyone. It's been a long year. Bought a house. Been moving slowly all week. Enjoying the freedom from work right now. Let's just say it was a ridiculous year with no support from the district. If things go the same way next year, you may see me on the news. Still quit boys!!!! No idea on day or year quit. Always a good thing when it disappears!!!! But in the end, no dip has come near me for a long time. Stay free everyone.
  15. penguin

    Roll Call

    Cubs and Giants knock the Bucs out 2 years in a row. Geez. 2nd and 3rd best records to have a 1 game play in to face the best record in baseball. 3 games separated them all, and only 1 comes out to play in the NL finals. Wrong. So wrong.