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  1. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Ho-Tober 10/12/18 SC - Matt - Summer to Autumn to Winter, in 3 days. Mike - Old enough to remember when Pluto was a dog, not a planet. Killer - if Pluto is a dog, what is Goofy? Why did our parents and grandparents not see the fallacy of Mickey having a best friend who is a dog, and having a dog who is man's best friend? And why does Goofy wear clothes, and Pluto does not?
  2. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Ho-Tober 10/07/18 SC. - Wtg Matty, 12 years, incredible Matt - Thanks, quit is quit. Every day is a blessing. Mike - 12 years and a day... like I like my "women." Killer - Congrats again on 12 years. Reminds me of a 2013 movie..."12 Years (not) A Slave (to the Nic Bitch)". Google it if you don't get it, bitches.
  3. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Ho-Tober 10/04/18 SC. - cant breath out of one nostril - good thing I have 2 Matt - Mike - Killer - I'm hit and miss on remembering to post roll these days. In case I miss it tomorrow, congrats on your 12 year quit anniversary, Matt!
  4. Killerattorney

    The Cafe - 2018

    12 years ago today, I quit using Copenhagen and any other nicotine products. October 1 is a great day to quit. I highly recommend you quit today if you haven't already. Thanks goes to everyone on QSSN, but especially to my quit brothers in the LTQ (Jan 2007 quit group). I'm not on the site much anymore, but I'll still drop in from time to time just to say hello. And I highly recommend the newer quitters to spend as much time as possible on the site, reading and posting and getting to know other quitters.
  5. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    October 1, 2006, was my first of many days without nicotine. Today makes it 12 years. Though I wasn't on the site or in this group from the start, I found you guys about a month in. If I had not, I doubt I'd still be quit today. Though the site offers lots of valuable quitting info, for me the accountability was the key and the fact that the LTQ was funny, irreverent, politically incorrect and interesting kept me coming back to post roll and other stuff every day (sometimes every hour). Thanks to you two, MikeyBr, Geoman, JosephA, DIBS, and all the others both members of the LTQ and others that stopped in and contributed to this crazy group. I'm sure I'll eventually wander off again eventually, but I'll always remember you assholes and will be there if you need anything (except money, drugs and sexual favors). Thanks for keeping the page going, Matt. Now, where's my fucking cake?!?
  6. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Ho-Tober 10/01/18 SC. - Made it to work on time with kids dropped off, no meltdown in the car - today was already a success Matt - Still driving a rental, summer is lingering here. Mike - I love "its raining men" - it really speaks to me Killer - 12 years
  7. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Hmmm....I have no comeback. You make a good point.
  8. Killerattorney

    The Cafe - 2018

    Welcome, Killshot! Despite our somewhat similar names, I'm not a hunter. But we are both quitters, and that's what matters. Tomorrow will be your 10th day...welcome to double digits! Keep up the good work.
  9. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Deviant Septums! 09/30/18 SC. - Have a good Sunday Matt Matt - Mike - Killer - Oh, fine, I suppose you don't want ME to have a good Sunday, huh?
  10. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    I plan to just claim that my computer was hacked. I wonder if the Senate committee will believe that JosephA was a Russian double agent?
  11. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Deviant Septums! 09/28/18 SC - Matt - Turned on the heat this morning, because damn, that's what it's there for. Mike - Killer - I refuse to accept that summer's over. Or that men really landed on the moon.
  12. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Deviant Septums! 09/26/18 SC - another day Matt - I'm juggling as fast as I can. Mike - I'm jiggling like a bowl of Jell-O Killer - btw, if I'm ever nominated for a federal judicial office, I'm gonna have to deny any knowledge of this website and especially of you freaks in the LTQ,
  13. Killerattorney

    The Cafe - 2018

    Good to see you, too, Euty! Glad to see you're still about a month ahead of me. Never want to pass you, buddy!
  14. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    As you can tell on Facebook, I try to run often, though not fast. Gonna have a lot of rain from Florence the next few days, so I'll probably take a break. Maybe go to Planet Fitness.
  15. Killerattorney

    Roll Call

    Deviant Septums! 09/23/18 SC - Morning fuckers Matt - I don't watch NFL anymore, so Sundays basically have nothing going for them anymore.  Mike - Killer - Added Matt back on roll. Friggin'' newbies don't know how to post roll call.