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  1. 3boysdad

    The Cafe - 2018

    I have 4 years with no nicotine today folks! That's 1,462 days! If I can do it, anyone can!
  2. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    December Dip Sleigh-ers November9, 2018 Living the Dream!!! Quit Tracker Muddler - 4,093 - Getting a dishwasher installed today - hopefully. Then need to look into replacing some floorboards. Donnie - 3.499 - The boy is wrestling his first college varsity match tonight. I will get to watch him on video. Perhaps from the hallway at the state volleyball tournament. 3boysdad - 1,400 - Howdy!
  3. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    The Quittin' MAYniacs November 9, 2018 3boysdad - 1,401 I'm about two months out from 4 years. I'll probably stop in on that day, January 10, 2019. Maybe some of you will see this and be lurking on that day so we can catch up. I haven't had an urge for dip in years, not even a cave dream. It simply isn't a part of me anymore. The only time I remember it anymore is when I come in here! Hope all is well with all y'all.
  4. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    6/1/18 No worries tt. Hope you're doing well. 3boysdad - day 1,240
  5. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    2/9/2018 3bd - 1,128 T minus 0 day. No TT, no Skratty, it's time to move on Wilson. I've spent two or three months trying to help revive this place to no avail. It seems like it would help if some of the other senior people would pitch in but perhaps they've already been where I am and have long since given up. It's a shame too, because this place used to be a lot of fun years ago. Oh well, cest la vie. Anyway, if any of you Mayniac's should happen to come back and want to reach me here is my email (remove all the spaces): p _ a _ l a n e @ y a h o o . c o m This is 3boysdad and Wilson saying so long and good luck! I'm quit forever!
  6. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    February 8, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 35 - DNTA (Don't need that anymore) Stay quit and have a great day! Bonanza - Day 32 Supporters 3bd - 1,127 FUNB!
  7. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    2/8/2018 3bd - 1,127 Today is 11 years for Skratty! Hope he shows up to post. T minus 1 day.
  8. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    February 5, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 32 No Dip Monday! mcarlson006- Day 43. Heck of a game last night. FoodBuzz -37- No dip today! Great game last night. Supporters 3bd - 1,124 FUNB!
  9. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    2/5/2018 3bd - 1,124 Going to be out of town for a few days. I'll be back in on the 8th. Hopefully Skratty will post on that day. T minus 4 days.
  10. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    2/2/18 3bd - 1,121 T minus 7 days.
  11. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    2/2/2018 Quitters - sign here: Paul - Supporters: 3bd - 1,121 FUNB!
  12. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    February 2, 2018 Quitters - sign here mcarlson006- Day 40.   FoodBuzz -34- Think I’ve gone through all the employees on various shifts at my regular C-Store enough times that they stop automatically grabbing a can and ringing it up for me. NDT! Supporters: STS 429: I am all in with the XDipShitZ crew. Quitting dip and staying quit are both possible, it just takes work and dedication. One important thing to remember is to be patient with your quit and yourself (and I know patience is hard to come by when quitting dip). Way too many quitters get frustrated and some give up, because adjusting to life without dip is just not coming fast enough. I was way too impatient with myself during the first few months, but several of the guys on this site helped me to accept that the process to a "normal life" takes time, and it would be so worth it if I could just hang in there. So yes, thing are much much better now. It's still takes dedication and commitment to stay quit, but it's not the angry, irritable, pissed-off struggle that it used to be - at all. I am so damn happy to be tobacco-free. Please hang in there with your quit bros. One day at a time. PMFJ - 181 - Gents, enjoy the Super Bowl weekend without that stupid brown shit stuck in your lip! You don't need it. Your brains got tricked into needing it, now it's time for some re-training. Believe in yourselves! And in the words of the STS. He is a wise man. NDT!! RWM -332- All in! NDT 3bd - 1,121 FUNB!
  13. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    February 1, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 28 - A new day to not chew. Stay strong and don't cave to the crave. mcarlson006- Day 39. Way to make it through January. Came across the following quote from Vince Lombardi that taken out of context seemed applicable - "Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit." Only time I've been proud to say I'm learning to quit. Let's keep up the NDT habit.   Supporters: STS: 428: Nice quote MC. Yes let's make NOT using tobacco our habit. Because when it comes to tobacco, losers never quit and quitters always win. Let's win the day today. NDT ODAAT PMFJ - 180 - Another twist on a Lombardi quote, "Just quit, baby!" I love being a quitter. The quit train is rolling through town, and I'm enjoying the view from my window seat. NDT!! 3bd - 1,120 Or perhaps a better way to look at it is you're learning to "win". Here's to winning and NDT!
  14. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    2/1/18 3bd - 1,120 T minus 8 days
  15. 3boysdad

    Roll Call

    January 31 2018 Quitters - sign here FoodBuzz -32- Very early post I know, but can’t sleep and don’t want to chew. So been posting in various forums. Hate to get soft on you guys, but it’s reality for me... it’s been 32 days since I cried myself to sleep thinking “WTF am I going to do, or what am choosing for my life/future”. This quit is solid “ALL IN”. Quitting with those who want to quit today! Message anytime let’s do this together. Best of quit to all!!! DWLT - 27 - Keep it up everyone! Gotta stop for a minute and be happy about the number of days we've been clean so far. I had the craves every day when I chewed too, but unfortunately just caved in every time within seconds and felt so weak when I did. Stay strong with the strong and quit with the quitters! No tobacco for this XDipShit today! Supporters: 3bd - 1,119 FB just hang in there. You will have these moments but they will pass. Quitting is a one day at a time event, but it's also seasonal in that with each passing seasonal tradition you're going to be challenged, such as mowing the lawn, playing golf for the first time, chopping wood, etc. So stay calm and prepare yourself and kick the nic bitch in the ass today!