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  1. Roll Call

    Late Congrats to Dad on 5000 days!!!!
  2. Roll Call

    Roll Call Bubba - 5046
  3. Roll Call

    Roll Call Bubba - 5045 Just got back from a week in the mountains. feeling very refreshed and ready to go for the next few months. next vacation, Costa Rica March 2018.
  4. Roll Call

    Roll Call Bubba - 5035
  5. Roll Call

    Mine is now correct. So that makes you 4993. I think.
  6. Roll Call

  7. Roll Call

    Confused Monday Roll Call ======================= Buff - Day 4,835 (maybe, I think?) Bubba - 5033
  8. Roll Call

    It appears to be off a couple days.
  9. Roll Call

    Roll Call Bubba - Still Quit
  10. Roll Call

    Roll Call Bubba - Quit Doc, great news about MT! I hope it gets built quickly. Adding an underground bunker to the plans?
  11. Roll Call

    Independence Day Round 2 Roll Call Bubba - 5000 fucking days! Still have 10 fingers! I hope everyone had a good 4th!
  12. Roll Call

    I was going through the old archives to remember who had quit dates around me. So today would have been Fatdog's and TurkeyDave''s day 5000. I lost touch with TD over the years, I hope the crazy mountain biking IT guy is doing well. Tomorrow is Hokie's day 5000. On Thursday we have ACMarsh. It was probably 10 years ago when we last talked, he was doing well and was performing in a local theater. Friday is RenegadeDave's day. I remember him well, and I hope he is enjoying his retirement in HI. The Silent R's had over 30 make it to the HOF. I still have my t-shirt we made after we all reached it. I wish I was in touch with them, but this was before FB and Twitter and we didn't share that much personal information outside the original QS site. So for the next couple days I will hoist a few to these guys to thank them for all they have done for me over the years, being there when times sucked. I couldn't have done it without them. I will also hoist a few to you guys as well. Thanks for everything. I will be at 5000 days on Wednesday thanks to all of you. One thing that has always stuck with me over the years was something that RenegadeDave always talked about. The true enemy is our self, our addictive personalities. UST, c-stores didn't force us to do dip, yes, they made it easy. But we were the ones that many times a day made a decision to put that shit in our mouths. We were to blame. A quote from RenegadeDave's HOF speech: "The Enemy - There is nothing more crucial, in any battle, than identifying the enemy! Knowing his weaknesses, and being able to capitalize on them in battle, is the key to victory! The battle here is no different! Reading through many posts, old and new, it is sometimes hard to tell who or what folks think "the enemy" is! Is it the dip? Or is it really the drug, the nicotine? Is it work, or the stressful environment that makes us dip? The devil? The "nico-demon"? It is called that, but who/what is that?? Is it our family? Did we inherit it? Who/what is our enemy?? I maintain that we are! I AM the ENEMY!! Yes, when it comes to addiction, I am my own enemy, my "addictive self", that my "quitting self" must meet and defeat! When we realize that the one we are up against is the one that looks back at us in the mirror each morning, then it will be easier to get on with the battle that we must fight! Targeting the dip, the tobacco, the UST, etc. as the enemy, will only distract us, and may well serve as a tool of our enemy to defeat us! I have seen so many of the "devil made me do it" posts, and then those that refer to "the demon in the can"! We have but "one enemy to blame" for this addiction of ours, and recognizing that is a key to success!! "
  13. Roll Call

    For those of you having trouble trying to figure out your quit days there is still a QuitTracker on the quitsmokeless.org homepage.
  14. Roll Call

    What Holiday Weekend Roll Call Bubba - 4998
  15. Roll Call

    Working For Da Man Roll Call Bubba - 4997