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    I hope you make it through ok. Some of the stories I am reading break my heart. People going to bed with barely any hint of fire near them and waking up a couple hours later with their lawn on fire. People trying to survive by staying in swimming pools. Let us know how it goes for you.
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    That's the same reason while I still come here after almost 14 years. I still know I'm 1 stupid decision away from becoming an addict again. And while I think I could do it alone at this point, why chance it? I enjoy my internet friends, even if they don't show up that often any more.
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    I think you'll get your wish on both ends. No way the Sox hang with the Stros.
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    Same here, we usually average 12 90 degree days here in Boston during the year. This year we had 6 with 3 of those being in June. Very mild summer. Don't think it will hit 90 in Boston today due to it's proximity to the ocean, but its 88 a few miles inland.
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