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  1. Muddler

    Two Word Post

    Whipped Cream
  2. Muddler

    One Word Post

  3. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Time for Goblins at your front door. Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Oct 15 Muddler - MMMMLXVIII - All quiet out west.
  4. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Dip Sleigh-ers October 15, 2018 Living the Dream!!! Quit Tracker dipstick22 - 4,064 - Cowboys had a nice win, now let's do that again next week. Donnie - 3,477 - No so much luck with the Broncos. They dropped another close one. Muddler - 4,068 - A football team that wins? I wonder what that is like.
  5. Muddler

    Two Word Post

    Building Frieze
  6. Muddler

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  7. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Time for Goblins at your front door. Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Oct 14 STB - MMMMCII - Did not have to work today. Came back to the coast last night. Guess what ? It's kayak time, that and a new 9 weight fly rod to try out on some false albacore. Muddler - MMMMLXVIII - No fly fishing for me. First real snow of the season. We have gotten over two inches in the last 3 hours.
  8. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Dip Sleigh-ers October 14, 2018 Living the Dream!!! Quit Tracker Muddler - 4,068 - Having the first real snowstorm of the season. I was up at 6:00, just as the snow was starting. 2.5 hours later - 2 inches of snow and still coming down.
  9. Muddler

    Two Word Post

    Mr. Freeze
  10. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Dip Sleigh-ers October 13, 2018 Living the Dream!!! Quit Tracker Muddler - 4,069 - My favorite local craft brewery if having a birthday today. Off to celebrate.
  11. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Time for Goblins at your front door. Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Oct 13 STB - MMMMCI - Working this weekend. I would rather be out on the kayak. Matt - MMMMCCCXCII - Work to do... not sure I'm going to do any of it. Muddler - a n umber I don't remember - My favorite craft brewery is having a birthday today. Off to celebrate.
  12. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Time for Goblins at your front door. Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Oct 12 STB - MMMMXCVII - Survived another hurricane. Did not even lose power. I think because the last one got rid of the tall trees and weak lines. Gonna head up to Raleigh tonight because I have to work in 2 of our clinics this weekend to cover for some Doc's vacations. Looks like a ton of skin cancer evals, cyst removals, etc. I suck at derma.. Better study up on it today lol. OT pay is nice.. Muddler - MMMMLXV - Going to warm up today, but be cold this weekend. I actually having trouble selling my Bronco tickets. Doesn't help that they suck. Matt - MMMMCCCXCI - It's about 40 today. Was 75 two days ago, and 90 the day before that. This is St. Louis.
  13. Muddler

    Roll Call

    Time for a Change! # 41 - Cheesy/eccentric/garish Halloween decorations -MattDog 1. Anal X-Rays. - STB 2. Revive a favorite from the past? - Muddler 3. Have you done super heros? - Muddler 4. Something representative of where you live - Muddler 5. Aliens - Muddler 6. Your School Mascott 7. Valentines is coming up, candid cupids? - Kojak 8. Trains... 9. Bag ladies - imskratty 10. Weird statues 11. Gargoyles - Muddler 12. United States Presidents - Moose 13. Robots - Professor 14. War Heroes STB 15. Old time sports pictures.. STB 16. Skiing or winter sports CQ 17. Sci-Fi Chicks.. Mud and STB.. 18. Hunting Dogs.. JJ.. 19. Road Kill... JJ 20. Top Companies going out of business (living it everyday) JJ 21. Most irritating kids shows- (High School musical is on the top of the list right now) JJ 22. Enlarged Prostates- TruckerRick 23. Truck Stop Hookers - TruckerRick 24. John Wayne tribute - Kojak 25. Boats - Kojak 26. Giant Pickles or Giant Gerkins - Wolakdapolak 27. Short Buses - Wolakdapolak 28. Psycho Nuns - Wolakdapolak 29. Crazy Ass Pictures of the Golden Girls!!! - Wolakdapolak - inspired by imskratty 30. Just about to get your shit really messed up - John Mc.. 31. Fire Crackers-explosions-bombs.. Something with a bang..... Steve.. 33. Animal Attacks - Wolakdapolak 34. astronomical images (STB) 35. Bad album covers.(MattDog) 36. Barnyard Animals - Professor 37. Beach Party Week - Professor 38. Big brain people.... STB 39. Broken bones.. STB 40. Chainmail - Wolakdapolak 41. Cheesy/eccentric/garish Halloween/Christmas decorations. (MattDog) 42. Crazy Beards - Wolakdapolak 43. Crazy or demented royalty. (STB) 44. Disco bands (STB) 45. Favorite Book Character - Professor 46. Juxtapoz Art... pick your artist... Chet Zar, Dali, etc. (CJ) where's Wolak and JohnnyMc?) 47. Let's Get Ready to Rumble Fight Week - Professor 48. Losing Presidential logos pics/buttons/etc. (MattDog) 49. Miracle Whip - Wolakdapolak 50. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Professor 51. Mermaids (Muddler) 52. Minor League/defunct sports team logos. (MattDog) 53. Modern Mysterious Creatures (Nessie, Bigfoot, Yeti, Jersey Devil, etc.) (Muddler) 54. Obscure cartoon characters...not just old, have to be not well known. (MattDog) 55. Old/obsolete electronic equipment (i.e. computers, cell phones, tv's, etc.) (MattDog) 56. Old medical devices (STB) 57. On Drugs - Wolakdapolak 58. Post cards from places nobody should want to visit.(MattDog) 59. Pictures of local "jack shacks", massage parlors, peep shows, etc.. (STB) 60. Satanic Goats - Wolakdapolak 61. Serial killers (MattDog) 62. Talismans/fetish items...the real kind, like voodoo stuff, not kinky sex nonsense. (MattDog) 62. Ugly food...real stuff that real people "might" eat. (MattDog) 64. United States Pride - Professor 65. The Beatles (Muddler) 66. Really bad Tranny's 67. Woman body builders.. 68. Self portraits... 69. Porn Stars 70. Pic of your family.. 71. Turkey Week.....Mud's 72. Hair bands (Kojak) 73. Crazed school teachers (Kojak) 74. Brady Bunch week (Kojak) 75. Favorite Book covers (Kojak) 76. Stupid Signs (Muddler) 77. Mell Brooks Movies.. STB 78. Bad haircuts - (Mudd) 79. Monsters - (Mudd) 80. Favorite Comedians.. STB 81. Old Game Shows.. STB 82. Creepy buildings/homes from your area. STB 83. Shark Week! (Muddler) 84. Serial Killers.. STB 85. Anything with two heads. STB 86. Highway Kitsch - giant teepees - concrete dinosaurs - you know the stuff they used to do and is now slowly disappearing. (Muddler) 87. Famous old Boxers..STB 88. Your first car (Muddler) 89. Local brewpubs/distilleries/wineries (Muddler) 90. Scary Halloween GIFs...(Matt) 91. Airplanes (Muddler) 92. Old Royalty. 93. Tools 94. Chainsaws 95. Guns 96. Bag Ladies 97. Record Albums 98. Favorite childhood memory (Kojak) 99. Beer Brand (Kojak) 100. Favorite Eating Establishment (Kojak) 101. Hot Actress (Kojak) 102. "Best" Tourist Trap you have ever been trapped at. (Muddler) 103. Exotic travel destinations (STB) 104. Local watering hole. (STB) 105. New years celebrations (Turkeys) 106. Soo cute you wanna puke! 107 - Greek/Roman mythology (Muddler) 108 - National Parks (Muddler) 109 - Star Trek (Muddler) 110 - Fishing Flies (Muddler) 111 - Strange looking animals (Muddler) 112 - Game birds... (STB) 113 - Magazine Covers from your Birth Month and Year (Kojak) 114 - Stupid is as Stupid Does....(Kojak) 115 - Snake Week (Kojak) 116 - Best Bikinis! (Kojak) 117 - Dumb Blondes (Muddler) 118 Hot chicks in scrubs (STB) 119 Smokers, BBQ's, Tandoori, Something to shove your meat in. 120 - Lightning Strikes - Muddler 121- Winter wonderland. 122- Pretty pretty ponies- Ohioman 123 - Octoberfest 124. Play off teams 125. Leap year 126 Leprechauns or anything Irish. 127. Babes in Bikinis! 128. Strange olympic sports.. 129. Hunting season 130 Tropical storms or hurricanes..