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  1. macabs1


    Seems like a lifetime ago. Tobacco consumed my every waking moment from 1983 to 2002. I never thought i would be able to give it up. Copenhagen owned me. I tossed away my can on that October day saying it was my last dip. I had said these words before. I spent the next couple of days hopped up on candy and pumpkin seeds to help with the pain. The weekend was spent sleeping away the pain. Monday rolled around and I thought i was done. I had an idea though. As soon as I got to work I typed into Yahoo search "help quitting smokeless tobacco" and up popped Matt Van Wyks lifesaver of a webpage, QS.org. The website saved my life. I had to put the work in though. I posted. I read. I helped. I was excited to write my 100 day hof speech. As the hours turned into days, the days into weeks, my addiction slowly faded until it was just a tiny, little voice in the back of my head. I defeated the can with the help of this miraculous website, the many anonymous people who posted daily, the articles that I read and re-read a hundred times. And Matt Van Wyck. Thank you Matt. Happy 16 years to me!
  2. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2017

    5400+ days quit. 15 years into a quit that I never thought would ever begin. QuitSmokeless.org saved mine and many other lives. Simple: you quit, you post, you succeed. That was my path. Not everyone follows that same path, that is why I keep coming back here. Success is possible and the first step is putting down the can. I found this site 2 days after i put the can down. Sweat was running down my forehead and I was ready to cave. I typed into Yahoo, "help quitting smokeless tobacco" and my cry for help was answered with Matt Van Wycks website and life saving buoy. To those out there struggling, trying to quit....i was in your shoes..as difficult as it may seem, it is simple in execution: Dont dip. Wake up. Dont dip. Repeat for 5400 days. Good luck fellow quitters!
  3. macabs1

    Quit smoking

    My quit track today read 5120 days and over $25,000 saved. I never could have imagined I would be at this point 5120 days ago. I figured a life of dipping for myself and a short life at that. 17 years of chewing Copenhagen and I was as hooked as you can get. The QS website I found a couple days after deciding to quit saved my life. The first article I read that great day was "The Secret of Our Success" by Bluesman. I have read and reread that article a few dozen times since then and it still gets to me, as if Bluesman were talking to me directly. If you have not had a chance to read his article, look it up and give it read. His article was just the beginning for me. I read every day, participated in the cafe and they quit month groups. This took my mind off the need to chew and once that bond was severed I was well on my way to a successful quit. Those were the Halcyon days of QS. Walking the halls back in those days were guys like the founder, Matt VanWyck, Spongebob and Bluesman himself. I am not sure how it operates now. I see the cafe exists as well as quit groups. Use it all. Have your fellow quitters back. This is a tough MF to beat, but you can beat it. I was in your position all those many years ago with the same feelings and the same doubts. Best of luck! Mike C quit date 10/29/2002 Thank you Matt wherever you are
  4. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2015

    4749 days ago my life changed. I threw away my can of Copenhagen, something I had done before numerous times but never had the gumption to continue. Since it was around Halloween I had plenty to tide me over for the weekend. Come Monday, though, I was beginning to lose the edge and I needed something real quick. On a whim I typed into Yahoo "help quitting smokeless tobacco" and there I found my answer. Quitsmokeless.org stared back at me and I immediately began pouring over its contents. The first thing I read was "The secret of our Success" by Bluesman. It made me realize there were so many more just like me out there: guys who didn't have a support group because they were in the closet about their habit, guys chewing all kinds of stuff but in the end, all the same. I loved the idea of a Hall of Fame and I kept my eyes on that, kept reading the daily posts, read and reread all the featured articles and after a few weeks I was done with the habit. 13 years and I will never forget how I got here. It was a 17 year habit for me and I thought for sure it would last a lifetime. It didn't and I am thankful to Matt Van Wyke and his site and thankful that it has been reconfigured and has reemerged as this site. I will always be grateful. You have added years to my life. Take a moment to look deep inside yourself. Do you want to quit? The tools are here on this website. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you can be here 13 years later but first you have to master that first day, then the next, then the next....... good luck everyone. I am rooting for all of you!
  5. macabs1

    Roll Call

    macabs1 here at 3922 days and $18,000 saved!!!!! yeah for me!
  6. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2012

    My quit track says 3922 days and 18,000 dollars saved. If you had asked me 10 years ago that I would be at this point in my quit I would have said you were certifiably nuts. My last can on 10/29/2002 would not have been my last can if I hadn't found this site a few days later. I remember feeling good about the first couple days; I had plenty of Halloween candy to help me through but when the weekend hit I thought there wasnt enough candy to help me quit. I walked into work that Monday with a sense that there was no way I was going to make it through the day without a dip. Afraid of failing on yet another quit, I reached for my keyboard and typed a simple "help with quitting smokeless" into yahoo and up came Matt Van Wyck's lifeline. Matt wherever you are, Thank you! I cant put into words what your website meant to me at that time, and what it still means to me today. It is hard to quantify what an additional 10 years of dipping Copenhagen would have done to me. Would I have half a face? Would I be cancer ridden? Who knows. What I do know is your website was there that day when I needed it and I am 10 years tobacco-free because of it. I havent been back to quitsmokeless in quite some time. Even though I see the website has changed its appearance a lot since then, the message and it's contents are the same. Quit Dipping! It might take you some time but go through the HOF speeches! Read the articles! Get involved with the daily give and take in the cafe! When you have done all that, you might be, like me, 50 or 60 days into your quit and by that time you are in the drivers seat; not that can that used to reside in your back pocket. First things first: You have got to want to quit! Plain and simple. Clear that hurdle and the rest will just fall right into place. You can do it. I am here to tell you that. I was a can a day, closet dipper for nearly 17 years. If I can do it, you can do it. And with the help of this website, and it's very dedicated and wonderful people, you can do it a lot easier than you think. Stay strong....stay away from the can! Hey Bluesman...you da man!
  7. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2009

    Another year down! In October of the year 2002 I put my last dip in. After 20 years of being a slave to Copenhagen, I had had enough. I wanted to take control and that is what I did. With the help of Matt Van Wycks site, quitsmokeless.org, I was able to say 'sayonara' to my addiction. I found the site, in its original version, so full of help. The articles, the give and take by its many members, the HOF ---it was exactly what I needed at the time. I can remember coming into work everyday during those first few weeks finding so much comfort in what I read on that site. See, I was a closet dipper of Copenhagen who had no choice but to remain a closet quitter. That old site was my savior. I wouldn't be here today, would have never quit if I hadn't stumbled upon on day 2 of my quit. I am sure of that. So what does one, at day 2542, say to someone with less than 100 days quit? A simple "you can do it" doesnt seem quite enough. Those days in the foxhole are a distant memory to me. What I do remember is that every morning I had to recommit myself to the task at hand. That task in the very early stages was always to not go down to the store and get a new tin. Not an easy thing to do when that tin was so accessible. I also remember wanting to be a member of that HOF room. The 100 day mark was a perfect graduation mark and I couldn't wait to submit my speech to Matt. I am not entirely sure as I write this if HOF speeches are a part of this website. I hope so. It was such an invaluable tool for me. Lastly, know this. Quitting this habit is not the easiest thing to do. It wants to hold on and be a part of your life. The mountain to climb is high but also know that you dont climb that mountain in one day. This can be done, has been done, and will continue to be done by people all around you. Continue the ascent for the view at the top is something you will want to see. Good luck and travel well!
  8. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2008

    2054 days Been awhile since I had logged into this site. Was taken aback at the number of days I have been Copenhagen free. When I first stumbled onto the QS forum, in its original form, way back in 2002, those were the type of numbers I saw from my quitting idols Matt and Bluesman. Their words and wisdom got me through those dark early days. I think for me, dealing with the day to day grind of quitting, they provided a crystal clear vision of what life would be like after the tough times were over. That was most important to me at the time, to know that, sure its rough but it does indeed get easier and easier as you go along and before I knew it I was writing that HOF speech and I was writing that 1 year anniversary speech and everything was gonna be okay in the end. Keep up the quit everyone, latch onto that vision and watch the days pile up.
  9. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2007

    5 years ago this day I walked out of the office and went for a walk. During that walk I scraped out the last of my can of Copenhagen and I deposited the empty into a trash can. When I tossed that empty away I had no idea that was my last can. Quitting wasnt even in my thoughts at the time but as the walk grew longer something started to work its way into my mind. My conscience was telling me to make that my last can. Nevermind that I had been doing it for over 20 years; Nevermind that the only successful quit I'd had to that point was a forced quit while away at bootcamp; Nevermind that I had been in the closet with my habit and would have absolutely no support at all. With a lot of determination and with the aid of boxes of toothpicks and a ton of Orbit gum I made it through those rough first few months. I am here 5 years later to say it can be done---you can reverse a 20 year habit, that you can beat this addiction! It is hard as hell the first few months, you have to battle it out in the trenches, but it is worth it! You will be rewarded 10-fold for your efforts. Go for a walk today---you never know where you will end up at the end of it!
  10. macabs1

    Roll Call

    Day 1815 and closing in fast on 5 years!
  11. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2007

    Day 1775---I can not believe I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary. It has been so long that it is hard to remember the pull Copenhagen once had on me. For 20 odd years I was its slave and until I found Matt's site, I was nowhere near shedding its shackles. Without any doubt Matt's website prolonged my life. I have watched over these years so many people die from Cancer. It runs in my family and as I get older it will no doubt rear its ugly head my way. I have, at the least, delayed that visit with this 5 years of quitting. Thank you Matt, wherever you are. May God smile upon you and your family always!
  12. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2007

    still dipless after 1660 days and over 8k saved!!!
  13. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2006

    4 years this weekend------what a feeling!!! When I dipped I couldnt remember a time when I didnt dip. Four years clean and dipping is now a distant memory, something I used to do, someone I used to be. Keep going about the business of quitting everyday and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Life is so much better without tobacco. Great job Roy! Good to see you are still kicking the demons ass. 4 and counting, can you believe it.....Would have never been able to do it without the support of everyone involved with the QS. Sorry to see it go. Matt, wherever you are, thank you and may God continue to bless you. Mike
  14. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2006

    1400 days quit wow!!!
  15. macabs1

    The Cafe - 2006

    [/b]Macabs1 here--Day 1282