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    After 14 years of dipping, I quit on January 19, 2008. I have never had another dip since. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dip rarely crosses my mind now & taking another one is not even an option. I was in the garage last night & for some reason this site crossed my mind. It made me think about how sometimes we think people who are no longer active on this site have fallen back into the trap. That thought can lead potential or new quitters to think it's an impossible feet. Well I'm here to tell you it's not. It's not easy, but it's not impossible either. YOU have to make up your mind & YOU have to take the responsibility to make this happen. I haven't been active on here in years, but I think for a lot of people that is part of the natural progression. It's okay. I also think for others that stick around here helping the new quitters, you guys are heros. Below is somethime I wrote shortly after I quit. I found it on my computer this week. I used to send it to people who were looking to quit. Hopefully it will help others on their journey. I'm still here & still quit on Day 18 now. Last week sucked for me. I was danged depressed & I couldn't think straight at all. By Friday I was starting to think a little clearer. I'll admit I was having a tough time & ended up grabbing a prescription of Chantix Friday afternoon. I got my head straight that afternoon (this was well before the Chantix would have any effects) & was able to put this thing in perspective & actually begin to see that I really didn't want dip anymore & that I didn't need tobacco. I had a much better weekend. Made it out to the garage (which was previously one of my main dip places) & cleaned up stuff for about an hour. The only thing I put in my mouth was gum. Went to a superbowl party that night, had a couple of beers & sat next to a buddy of mine that was dipping. Yea, I was tempted, but I didn't lose my mind. Here are a couple of things that have worked for me so far. They may not work for everybody else & don't get discouraged if things are different for you: 1. I read one of the articles on the main page that said the guy finally quit once he stopped trying to just endure life without dip & started realizing he was in control. That is major right there. I do think you have to endure that foggy thinking stage until it passes, but when it does work on getting your mind right. 2. Keep working on your mind & you'll get out of the fog. Once you do, enjoy that 1st stint when you really feel great & start thinking you don't need the stuff ever again. You'll probably have some more major downtime (I did). The next time you're on one of those highs & feeling confident start tackling some of the situations when you would normally dip. Don't overload yourself too much. Like I said, I went to the garage & cleaned up some stuff. I realized it wasn't that bad doing it dip free. Last week I avoided that place like the plague. As I started doing this stuff, I really did begin to realize that I enjoyed the activities & not just the dip. It also felt really good to realize that for the 1st time in a long time I was doing things because I wanted to & not because I needed something to do while I was dipping. 3. Cut the safety nets. For the 1st time, I told everybody I was quitting. I fessed up to my wife & mom that I dip. I told everyone I was quitting. In my other attempt or two, I wouldn't mention it. That way, if I failed I wouldn't be embarrassed. What I realized was I was leaving myself a free pass to fail. My boss at work was appreciative that I told him & he gave me a lot of space to deal with it. Telling everyone also helped me build a large support group. Even people I know that dip are supporting me. 4. This goes along with point #3. Once I told everybody, I've had a lot of cousins & friends decide they might want to quit too. They see me going through a tough time, but still hanging in there. I really feel like I have no choice but to succeed at this point. It also feels good to know that you might be inspiring someone else to quit too. 5. Realize that you DO want to quit inspite of what you keep telling yourself. Does anybody remember last week that I posted something about I really didn't feel like I wanted to quit? Well, I realized that I wouldn't be going through all this if I really didn't want to quit. 6. Keep all your reasons for quitting in mind. No matter how insignificant some of those reasons may seem, keep them in mind. I like to write them down & keep a list in case I forget any. 7. This one was big for me. Nicotine is an addiction & I swear it has to be similar to a full drug addiction. This is a major decision for everyone here to try to quit & it is extremely important. That being said don't turn quitting into such a monster that you feel helpless to defeat it. I did that last week, but I shrunk the monster on Friday night and quit being a victim to it. I don't like people telling me what to do & I sure as hell don't want a plastic can to tell me what to do. Don't give your quit too much credit either. I got down Saturday afternoon. Once I really thought about it, I had sat around the house all day. Anytime I do that on a Saturday I always feel a little down. I realized I was giving my quit the credit for it. Your goal needs to be to systematically take away all of nicotine's power that it uses against you. I still feel like I want a dip sometimes & I think about dip constantly. Even if the thought is just "Man, I'm beating this." But it does get better. I'm posting this in hopes that it will help, but I really believe what's been said before that quits & quit methods are different for everyone. Since I'm not too far ahead of most of this group, I also hope it gives people hope that it will get better. You're doing the right thing & you need to take pride in that. I swear my confidence is off the charts this week. Some may think that getting that Chantix was taking the easy route. I was feeling better before I even took it, but I got it as insurance because I'm dead serious about not putting tobacco in my lip anymore. I don't care what I have to do to make that happen. Take the time while you're going through this to make sure you do a little soul searching. It will help you figure out the plan that works for you. Good luck to everybody & stay strong.
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    MAY 2008 TazMaynian DipLess Devils April Twenty Fourth, 2012 ============================================================================= Creek - 4 years; Hope everything is going well.
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    MAY 2008 TazMaynian DipLess Devils February 15, 2012 ============================================================================= Creek - more than 4 years; Hope everybody is doing well.
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    MAY 2008 TazMaynian DipLess Devils December 5, 2011 ============================================================================= Creek - Hard to believe it's been almost 4 years. I hope everybody is doing well.
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    MAY 2008 TazMaynian DipLess Devils July 4th, 2011 ============================================================================= koz-1260- Happy July 4th!!! Bigmoe -1231- livin the dipless dream. Haven't thought about dip since the last time I was here. What a pathetic waste. Hope all are well. Creek - 1266; been awhile fellas, but all is smooth sailing. I hope everybody is doing well.
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    May 2(o)(o)8 TazMAYnian Dipless Devils January 27, 2011 ============================================================================= marmar 1089 - BOOM! another day of freedom from the NB Creek - 3 years; it was actually last week, but I was out of town. I'm all about report this thing in years now. It's been a long time since I had to live day to day.
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    May 2(o)(o)8 TazMAYnian Dipless Devils January 3rd, 2011 ================================================================================ ============================================================================= Creek - 1,081; Still kicking it
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    May 2(o)(o)8 TazMAYnian Dipless Devils November 22nd, 2010 ================================================================================ ============================================================================= Creek - 1,039; nothing like freedom
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    May 2(o)(o)8 TazMAYnian Dipless Devils November 17th, 2010 ================================================================================ ============================================================================= Ohioman1972 - 615 - Congrats Bigmoe!!!! kirov 973 Lead the way Bigmoe!!! Professor - 807 - Woot, woot, woot....WTG Big Moe! conzach 983 - way to go Bigmoe steppinup - 1046 - Congrats to Bigmoe, and ALL you devils on a job well done. Bigmoe - 1000- Thanks guys your're all awesome! Together, we all win. Creek - 1,034; congratulations
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    May 2(o)(o)8 TazMAYnian Dipless Devils November 15th, 2010 ================================================================================ ============================================================================= Bigmoe -998- Congrats to all my Taz brothers on your commas. They look great on all of you!! koz-1,029- Nice looking comma Daddy-O!!! Party time....Who's next???..... Bigmoe! Creek - 1,032
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    May 2(o)(o)8 TazMAYnian Dipless Devils November 3rd, 2010 ================================================================================ ============================================================================= Creek - 1020; that's a lot
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    May 2(o)(o)8 TazMAYnian Dipless Devils October 29th, 2010 ================================================================================ ============================================================================= koz-1,012- Big party tomorrow, all invited! Congrats a day early to marmar and Collie. hey whatever happend to that french guy we had in the group--- colle? Wtg guys you've been a key motivator for me! marmar 999 - weeeeeeeee - 1 day away from a comma - going to see JackAss 3 today - it will NOT inspire me to take a dip today Creek - 1,015; congratulations fellas.