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  1. Roll Call

    Roll Call Flav 4783 Bubba - 5189 55 - 5147
  2. Roll Call

    Howdy Fellers, Hope everyone is doing ok. I too am sorry for continued absence. Will try to check back in directly. Currently in Tucson avoiding winter....
  3. Roll Call

    55 Cameo - Bubba less 42 Howdy fellers
  4. Roll Call

    What the hell are you guys doing? Glad you are safe Doc.
  5. Roll Call

    Penguin - 4936 Bubba - 5049 Matt - 3976 Sub - 4924 55 - 5007 I only know this cuz Bubba posted. Pls help the geezer. Where the he'll is the quit tracker? How's everybody dooin'!!
  6. Roll Call

    Bubba - help. I can't remember my exact quit date. Is your day count correct? I do know for sure that I am 42 days behind you. Thx - carry on.
  7. Roll Call

  8. Roll Call

    Wow...I think I walked into a parallel universe. This place is cool.
  9. Roll Call

    Welll said Mr. Buffler. The term Decoration Day takes me back to fond childhood memories as well, but as you all know, I am no spring chicken. Glad to hear you are tracking active, 20 k steps is a big day. Rooting for you from Tucson, AZ! Yes, I am James Booth returned!
  10. Roll Call

  11. Roll Call

    Did I tell you how much I don't like the Penguins? Go Nashville...
  12. Roll Call

    You guys are sort of racist.
  13. Roll Call

    How come nobody jumped me for misspelling Ottawa.....
  14. Roll Call

    We forgot the Bird's Birthday yesterday. Where's he been anyway? Oh yeah, he's prolly glued to the front of his tube wearing his Penguins sweater in a pile of beer cans. Oh and btw..Go Ottowa..... Happy Birthday Bird!!!
  15. Roll Call

    Snowing Today Roll Call 55 - 4910 Heavy snow and 33 degrees in Morrison this morning. Headed for Tucson this afternoon. It's good to be me today. Bubba: Head my way, I need an Uber to the airport.......