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  1. A calculators tells me that I spent over 12,000 days of my life as a tobacco chewer. Thanks to this website and the support of its members, I'm now over 100 days without a dip. Thats the longest since I was probabley 16 years old or so. Still, its only one day at a time...one decisoin not to dip at a time. Its not easy by any stretch but I do believe it really is just that simple. Thanks for the support here, Lads. I doubt this would be possible for me to make it this far without it....NDT.
  2. newday

    Where did you serve?

    Wyoming4life ~ Air Force 88-92 ~ 341 OMMS Missile Maint. Techs. Malmstrom AFB. MT Satchmo - Army - 87 to 91 / 33T with the 108 MI Btln in Wildflecken Germany Donnie - Army - 1981-85 3/60 ADA Grafenwohr Germany and 4th S&T Fort Carson, Colorado. SerenityMan - 1985-1990 - Defense Language Institute, monterey, CA; Goodfellow AFB, TX, West Berlin, Germany Truckerick - Army - 1974 thru 1980 - Infantry, Airborne, Armor, Driver, Drill Instructor. Ft. Knox, Ft. Polk, Ft. Benning, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Hood, Mainz Germany and finished out with the 104th training division in Bellingham, WA. Libo1369-USMC 97-01, 0331 Machine gunner 2/4 WPNS Camp Pendleton CA: Navy 08-Present O-1 on HPSP scholarship. CWQ - USMC, 81-86, 1341, heavy equipment mechanic Euty ~ US Navy, 1971-1980, Sonar Techician 1st Class (E6). USS Brumby (DE1044), USS South Carolina (CGN37), Naval Underwater Systems Center (CT) 3BD ~ US Navy, 88-92, Machinist Mate 2nd Class - Engine Room MMOW & EOOW. USS Emory S. Land (AS-39). Ex-Nuc. Mwg327 - Air Force 90-96 - Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training - 80th FTW - Sheppard AFB, TX Ranger - Army 90-07 - Various locations; Special Operations and 75th Ranger Regiment Rodeo timer - all over south Korea, Italy, currently working on my 24th year in the Wyoming Army National Guard. steppinup - USMC 1966 -1970 - Air Traffic Controller, MCAS Yuma Az Texag - USMC '89-'93, 1371 Combat Engineer (Smart Grunt), Okinawa, Korea, Pendelton, 13thMEU USS Ogden LPD5 Todd-USMC-01-06, 0913 Marine Combat Instructor keithgb - US Navy - 92-99 - Nuc Electrician Mate 1st class Pearl Harbor, HI, USS Cavall and USS Topeka Moody - 2002 - Present - 171st Air Refueling Wing, PA Air National Guard kirov 508th Infantry United States Army and 2/138 FA Kentucky Army National Guard chuckm- 97th AREFS Eaker AFB 1985-1991, 186th ARW Meridian, MS 06-present RI liar- U.S. Navy - '92 to Present- Nuc Machinist Mate USS South Carolina (CGN-37), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Mikebr2 - US Army - 1984-1992 - Koreax2, Ft. Huachucha,AZ Ft. Stewart,GA, Desert Shield/Storm SeekerOf- US Air Force- 1978-1997- Greece, Desert Shield, Restore Hope(Somalia), Korea, Joint Endeavor (Bosnia), Evacuation of Am Cits from Zaire. Geffdiv - US Air Force- Retired 2007-2008 Iraq Air Force HQ Danomyte - US Army Infantry 06-14, OEF Newday- USMC 0311, B Co. 1/9 1984-1991
  3. newday

    Roll Call

    Grettings all. Just trying to get through day number 1 here. Gonna try to read more around the sight today.