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  1. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Capt Kirk...Day 2366 (What in the hell happened around here? I step out for a minute and EVERYTHING changes...put it back!!!)
  2. otherworldly toilet paper shame

  3. I'm runnin' out of Gerbils! OhioMan especially liked the "glaze." (I didn't have the heart to tell him where they've been!)

  4. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Capt Kirk - Day 2132 (did someone step in cow shit?)
  5. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Flav - Day 2104 Capt Kirk - Day 2111 (somebody...smell my finger)
  6. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Capt. 2059
  7. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Hi Rose, how are you?
  8. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Freedom Marchers roll call Capt Kirk - Day 2001
  9. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    The awesome ass bandits QUITTERS Ellsdemon - Day 13 - I am quitting tobacco today, I quit with you. I will not let you or myself down by caving into the bitch that wants me too. STAY QUIT AKPiano - Day 11 - Late night. Can't sleep. Guess the best thing I can do is post my next day. Be back in the morning. No dip now or for the rest of the day after I wake up. Thanks for quitting with me today. KKR0NIKK - Day 25 - Fuck man, i thought i would be first today. Heading up north 3 hours to buy a car, see you all on here later. I will not dip today. Kenny S - Day 15 - I'm quitting for one day with The BECK, Copequitter, doc307 and Dedicated... just today. WE can do it. LSA - Day 9 - Today BMS- Day 4- Don't know what the hell happened to yesterdays post but I posted it and then it went away, oh well fuck it. Still here kickin it the old cold turkey way. Gotta say though, its been a hell of a lot easier now that I'm past the 72hr mark, don't feel like there's some monkey on my back or anything. MontanaGuy -Day 26 - QB30 where are you?? Don't quit quitting on me brother. Today is a great day to stay quit and feel good about that one thing if nothing else. truok - 25 NewdadLL - 3 Cope Quitter - Day 2 I quit today and will not dip. ONE day at a time guys. DBob - 15 LUMBERGUY- Day 27 Good to see you guys this morning? DB, have you heard from QB30? BMS, you are through what I think is the hardest part. Good Job Stymie - Day 15 The BECK - Day 2...Mornin' QB30 - 9 DavieB - Day 18 - I will not chew today. doc307 - day 3 - I quit, I will not dip.
  10. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Sorry, I was looking for a place to take a dump and this seemed like the best place. No group name yet??? As an official and founding member of the QS site I hereby dub this group the Ass Bandits
  11. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Freedom Marchers Roll Call Capt Kirk....Day 1999 (I think...my counter is all fucked up and all I know is I'm still quit...P.S, I'm retiring from the gerbil business so if there's any new quitters that need a leg up just let me know. This is a turn-key gerbil business and the fuckers after March 05 can't seem to get enough of the gerbil action. There's even some of the older quitters that have actually become addicted to the capt kirk gerbils. Buff, well, he sneeks them into bed every night. His favorites are the Hungarian Razorbaks which go for a premium. Gaius...he's always distanced himself from my gerbils but we all know better...ca-ching. he's the reason I'm retiring early! And Flav...well, not that I kiss and tell but really, could anybody run this site without having a little side gerbil action, seriously, you tell me. And then there's Penguin...oh my god. He's the only one that I've ever seen wear out a gebil. They're indestructable but Pengun...it's almost like he's dragging them behind his car...but we know better. Anyway, this profitable gerbil buisness is available...you'll just have to fight buff for it.
  12. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Day 1982 Day 1989
  13. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Something keeps drawing me back to the FOCKERS... not sure what it is but I'll keep frosty company. Good work Frosty!
  14. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    Still quit...heading for day 2000 I'm thinkin'
  15. Capt. Kirk

    Roll Call

    It's not gay if you're the one with the calluses. Moody, allow me to be the first to shake your hand!