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  1. Roll Call

    tm - 2909
  2. Roll Call

    The Chew Chuckers August 17, 2017 Todd - 2909 - Still quit. Hope everyone is doing well as summer winds down. My kids start school next Tuesday. back to the normal insanity schedule which is actually kind of nice. My oldest started driving about a month ago. Seems to like the new found flexibility and freedom. My wallet is not happy given the near doubling of my car insurance.
  3. Roll Call

    08.17.2017 todd - 2910 - quit.
  4. Roll Call

  5. Roll Call

    This is 8/14 Roll Call tm - 2906 - F dip
  6. Roll Call

    08.14.2017 todd - 2906 - quit.
  7. Roll Call

    Todd - 2906 - still quit
  8. Roll Call

    August 10, 2017 todd - 2901 - still quit. married 21 years today. been with my wife for 25 years. still wake up every morning an pinch myself to make sure it's all real. quit. fuck dip. just cause I am married does not mean I cannot appreciate the beauties that are posted in here. hope all is well.
  9. Roll Call

    The Chew Chuckers August 7, 2017 todd - 2898 - still quit here in Va. Hope all is well with everyone. Think I figured it out in terms of posting without the box around everything. highlight - hover the mouse pointer over the "date" at "time", "name" said line in the top left of the box (below the bold, italics etc. right click the mouse. pick remove quote but keep content hit submit bottom right
  10. Roll Call

    August 7, 2017 HOF: todd - 2898 - I am STILL quit. been way too long since i have posted. sorry about that gentlemen and beauties (TR I am also especially fond of orange bikini). Will try to not fuck up posting much. feel like a newbie in terms of that. Hope all is well with everyone.
  11. Roll Call

    07.13.2017 - I am still here as well, still trying to figure it out. 2873 days quit. I think the biggest difference is the posts go from oldest to newest so it's a huge pain to find the most recent post. Of course tomorrow it will be different I am sure. Todd
  12. Roll Call

    07.13.2017 - 2873 - still quit, still totally confused by the update of the site.
  13. Roll Call

    todd - July 10, 2017 - 2870 - I am still quit. I am not sure why it always is coming up as May and not something more current. maybe it is me. regardless hope all is well Jimmy. How many Days, Weeks, Months? How many days ago... 2870 daysHow many weeks ago... 410 weeksHow many months ago... 94 monthsHow many hours ago... 68880 hoursHow many minutes ago... 4132800 minutesHow many seconds ago... 247968000 seconds
  14. Roll Call

    Alternative time units 2845 days can be converted to one of these units: 245,808,000 seconds 4,096,800 minutes 68,280 hours 2845 days 406 weeks and 3 days 779.45% of a common year (365 days)
  15. Roll Call