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  1. Roll Call

    02.23.2018 todd - 3099 - not today. have a good weekend.
  2. Roll Call

    02.14.2018 todd - 3090 - not today. damn, wish we could have connected Tom. I was only in DC yesterday this week. My oldest qualified for states in wrestling so I am off tomorrow and Friday and teleworking today. Next time you make your way to the belly of the beast let me know and maybe we can meet for lunch somewhere in DC.
  3. Roll Call

    02.07.2018 todd - 3083 - hope you both are doing well. I am still quit. slammed with kids winter sports and work. My oldest qualified for regionals in HS wrestling for this weekend. If he finishes top 3 he goes to states. daughter playing volleyball, and your stereotypical self involved teenager (I wonder if my daughter I knew for so long will ever come back at times), youngest son still wanting to do everything all at once. I have been busy at work, got shut down for a day, thinking it may happen again at the end of this week cause I do not think either party has it in them to compromise on anything. Maybe I am old, but I recall a time not too long ago where each side got something they could point to as a "win" in legislation after they reached a compromise on legislation etc. Not this my way or the highway approach that seems prevalent in the last decade or so. Oh well, I am becoming more and more convinced that both parties and all politicians are crooks in it to enrich themselves, not govern. I truly believe we need term limits and lifetime ban on lobbying or working in industry you oversaw or passed legislation on in committee. Getting off my soapbox now, sorry for the rant (not really trying to be political one way or another, just frustrated with the whole thing). I will not dip today.
  4. Roll Call

    01.11.2018 todd 3056 - no dip for me today.
  5. Roll Call

    All Aboard the DipSkipper Ship with your Captain BenPitt, the DipSkipper' This is 1/4/2018 Roll Call tm - 3049 - good to see you still quit, BP. Fuck dip.
  6. Roll Call

    01.04.2018 todd - 3049 - happy new year
  7. Roll Call

    Todd - 3048 - happy new year gentlemen. made it through another year dipless. thanks for your support and letting me post in here. I wish you both a great year.
  8. Roll Call

    Tom 3120 - Not today! todd - 3032 - me ether
  9. Roll Call

    All Aboard the DipSkipper Ship with your Captain BenPitt, the DipSkipper' This is 11/13/2017 Roll Call tm - 3020 - oh captain my captain, where are thou?
  10. Roll Call

    Tom - 3108 - Not today! todd - 3020 - agreed
  11. Roll Call

    todd - 3018 - nope. not today
  12. Roll Call

    todd - 3014 - I wll join in a not today as well.
  13. Roll Call

    11.27.2017 todd - 3011 - not today.
  14. Roll Call

    tm - 3004
  15. Roll Call

    11.20.2017 todd - 3004 - quit. have a good thanksgiving.