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    6,001 days

    Not sure why I thought of this site today but thought I would stop in and it says I'm at 6,001 days. That is a little over 16 years. Looked up my hall of fame speech in the archives and was reminded of all the great people that helped me get to that first 100 days. Without those guys I would of never made it. quitting is the best decision you can make. If you fall off the horse get back on and keep going. Take it from someone who knows, it is worth everything you will go through. Good luck to you all.
  2. QFK

    Roll Call

    Monday's Blow Roll Call ================== mahum 1370 Bubba - 1932 BadRonald - 1,644 55Cameo - 1890 J5K - +1 Flav - 1526 QFK - 2407
  3. QFK

    The Cafe - 2009

    Dwight, Hang in there! Today is the first day of the rest of your life! I wish I could say it is going to be easy, but I can't. It will be one of the most difficult things you do, but one of the most rewarding. Your taking your life back! Do what ever it takes and don't be afraid to ask for help. Go see your doctor, they can help. Don't be ashamed if you need something to take the edge off. Get as much rest as you can, sleep will not come easy for a while. But know that it does get better. Days 3-20 are the hardest, it will start to get better after that. Don't put yourself into a situation to cave. Think hard before drinking to much, lot of caves have been caused by the bottle. Good luck and use this site and these people to your advantage. Penguin, Good to see you agian. Glad to see your still fighting the fight!
  4. QFK

    Roll Call

    Roll Call' Bubba - 1931 BadRon - 1,643 Penguin - Double 18's J5K - 1784 CWQ 1284 Flav - 1525 soda - 2311 QFK - 2406
  5. QFK

    The Cafe - 2009

    Hello Quiters!! I haven't been here in a long time. Probably close to two years. Good to be back and say that I'm at day 2406. It can be done and this site will help you more then anything (as most of you know already). For all you newbies-it does get better!! I still have cravings, but they are few and far between now and very easy to over come. Just keep up that fight and do what ever you have to to get through today!