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  1. Congrats on a half comma PMFJ!  Well deserved!

    1. PMFJ


      Thanks. I never even knew this page existed.

  2. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Nov 26 Quitters  aug4 - 115- Tank. You missed your own party. Hope to see you posting today Tank - Day 101 - Dammit I missed my own party. Sorry guys, I had some folks in from out of town and went out to celebrate two birthdays (one mine which is tomorrow) on Saturday night, then went to the Buffalo Bills game Sunday morning (tailgating starts early here) and never signed onto my computer. I am still quit though and am looking forward to the second floor. Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes, they are much appreciated. Aug, I'm greatful that you've been here the past 100 days, posting up early and helping me along the way. Many thanks! NDT   Supporters: STS - 726: Happy belated HOF Tank. Nice work on 100 days. Let's get it done today again. ODAAT RWM -629- Deferred party! Congrats on the HOF +1, Tank. 
  3. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Nov 24 Quitters  aug4 - 113 - getting ready for tanks party tomorrow enjoy your Saturday everyone Tank - Day 99 - Getting prepped for the party tomorrow by committing to NDT  Supporters:
  4. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Nov 23 Quitters  aug4 - 112 Tank - Day 98 - That might be your subconscious mind RWM, saying this stuff is horrible, why would you ever want to do this crap? NDT  Supporters: RWM -626- One more day, it's a piece of pie. NDT. I had a damn dip dream last night, and it was weird because it was like sawdust. PMFJ 475 - Choking on sawdust!! NMFD!!
  5. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo thursday Nov 22 Quitters  aug4 - 111- getting prepared for some serious eating then hopefully some serious sleepinG Tank - Day 97 - Getting prepared for some serious quitting. Happy Thanksgiving to all! NDT  Supporters: RWM -625- I already did some serious eating yesterday. No room left. Staying quit with you all day today. NDT. 
  6. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo wednesday Nov 21 Quitters aug4 - 110- none today is my pledge Tank - Day 96 - NDT  Supporters: STS - 721: I will pledge the same. No freaking dip today
  7. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Tuesday Nov 20 Quitters aug4 - 109 Tankster - Day 95 - Not really thinking about dip anymore which is great. Just sometimes when I'm out of my usual element, facing a new task, or after/during a really long day does it cross my mind. Still staying prepared for those times. NDT  Supporters: STS - 720: Quit with the Aug and Tank. NMFDT!!
  8. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery  November 19, 2018  Quitters - sign here: STS - 719: Off to the Biltmore. No dip involved in that visit. Roofers are already here to finish the job. Support Quitters: RWM -622- lots of exciting things to be excited about today. No dip is one of them. NDT. Tank - Day 94 - Make sure the roofers pick up all the damn nails! Whoop!
  9. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo   Monday Nov 19 Quitters aug4 - 108 Tank - Day 94 - 6 days till the HOF. Dip sucks. NDT  Supporters:
  10. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Sunday Nov 18 Quitters Tank - Day 93 - I love staying quit on Sunday's. NDT
  11. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Friday Nov 16 Quitters Aug4-105- tank this is 13 weeks for you. I spent time the last few days to hall of fame really trying to remember how bad the early quit days were so that I would never get in a spot of having to redo the first 25 days again. Take some time to reflect on this quit. Looking forward to your hof party in a few days Tank - Day 92 - Thanks Aug. Reflection is good, thinking about how much it sucked. I also think about how much dip sucks in general, all the bad things that come with it. Helps to keep me focused on why I don't ever want to take another dip. Dips for losers, I'm not a loser. No Fucking Dip Today! Supporters: STS - 716: You are doing it right Aug4. Reflecting on where you have come from and the hard work you put in is important. Being on this site lets me know that I CAN live a dip-free life. I just have to actively make it happen every day. One day at a time. Fuck Tobacco FoodBuzz -321- There are days to be free, there are days to be happy, there are days to be clean, there are days to be quit and I’m glad to know those days can all happen on the same day. NDT! PMFJ - 468 - Aug4 has a great attitude! Keep up the great work. NMFD!!
  12. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Thursday Nov 15 Quitters Aug4-104 Tank - Day 90 - The eighties were tough, moving to the nineties. 10 days till the HOF. Looking forward to joining you STS for the 2 year celebration! Supporters STS - 715: Great to see Aug4 kicking some dip ass. Tank my man is at day 90 - awesome! Looking forward to the party in hear in 10 days. Then we are moving he party over to the "Rage Room" on March 2017 side for my Two-years quit blow out. I'm glad the Dipless Duo will be there. NDT!
  13. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Wednesday Nov 14 Quitters Aug4-103- not using nicotine today pledge to all of you that I am saying NO. Tank - Day 89 - Opening up a fresh day of quit. NDT! Supporters FoodBuzz -319- I don’t quit everyday...just on the days that the sun comes up. Looks like today’s another quit day! STS - 714: No tobacco in my life today. I am with you Aug and Tank. RWM -617- I must quit today. NDT.
  14. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Good to hear Aug. after the HOF we'll move on towards the 2nd floor
  15. Tank27

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo Tuesday Nov 13 quitters  aug4 - 102 - posting not today again - keep up the quit work today Tank - Day 88 - A few years back I had a 16 month quit going here where I posted virtually every single day in my quit group. Then I started posting less, missing a few times a week, until I was almost not posting anymore. It just became less of a priority. Craves were few and far between and I figured I got this quit thing down. At month 18 I was at a party and bought a can on the way home. Threw it out the next morning but the next week I bought another can and was back to a can a day. Aug I plan on posting right here in this group until at least a year, probably more. No one here can force you to do anything however it would be great if you would join me. Sometimes when there is only one, or two people in a long term group who continue posting, they join up with other long term quitters from the few months prior or before. Or there is always the HOF group to post in - you can post there now and I can post there when I make it, but I'll continue to post here too!     Supporters: STS - 713: Posting with you Aug4. Posting with Mr. Tank too. NMFDT! RWM -616- Good to hear, Aug. We like having you around. At least you communicated your intentions so we could misinterpret them and bust your chops. Nothing is really mandatory here anyhow. If we tell you to post every day at 5 AM, you can still do whatever you want. I'll support you at 5 PM. However, I would still suggest you keep posting your roll call early rather than later. Keep up the good work. NDT. PMFJ - 465 - Congrats on the HOF Aug4!! Sorry I missed it. Not sure what's up with your plan to stop posting to your group page after a certain date, seems kind of dangerous. Without these pages and these guys, I'm pretty sure I'd be back in the arms of the NB. But, to each his own. NMFD!!