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  1. July 21, 2017 Quitters - sign here: Gus - 55 - Thankful to be here and be quit. Still pondering quit songs, but I'm liking 'I Feel Good' (James Brown). I'm leaving to help with a few building projects in Guatemala and am told to not count on having internet access. Happy not to be worrying about packing enough cat crap to 'get me through' the week. I think I'll just go and be free and untethered to UST. Stay faithful, stay strong, stay quit; see you on July 31. JuGray -52- Wow, Gus, have fun and see you again at the end of the month! Likin' James Brown btw. In case I havent said it yet, thanks to all our supporters! You guys make the process of quitting a whole lot easier and WAY more interesting. NDT Supporters: RWM -136- Enjoy, Gus.We'll see you when you get back. Keep the quit. You're welcome, JuGray. Thanks for showing up and taking your quit seriously and being one of the livelier groups. NDT!
  2. 1st QUIT DIVISION July 21, 2017 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet : RWM -136- Quitting is one thing I'm certainly doing today. Happy No Cave Friday everyone. Front Line Support:
  3. Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery July 20, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 232: Quit over 99% of my body. Quit beyond recognition. NDT! Support Quitters: RWM -135- Quitting 100 percent. Today.
  4. July HOF - AUGGIE STYLE July 20, 2017 Quitters - Sign Here: Aug24 - 96 days, and today feels like a good day for a quit... Support: STS - 232: Home stretch Auggie. No for us today!! RWM -135- no!
  5. July 20, 2017 Quitters - sign here: Gus - 54 - Another good day to begin with a clear head and a drool-free shirt. NTT. JuGray -51 - Gus and I are hitting the quitness gym again today. Gus, did you decide on a quit song? NDT Supporters: RWM -135- Doing my day without the dip. Still feels strange sometimes but that's OK. NDT!
  6. 1st QUIT DIVISION July 20, 2017 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet : RWM -135 - Tasting freedom today. So might The Juice. NDT! Front Line Support:
  7. This is 7/19 Roll Call. Tiger - 1639 - We don't take kindly to imposters 'round these parts..... Benpitt - 309: ^nuff said, no fakin' the funk STS - 231: Dip will not be done today. RWM -134- Tear the roof off the mother. NMFDT!
  8. Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery July 19, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 231: I am going to be quit all day. Please join me. NDT! Support Quitters: bflem-644- i'm down. ndt Benpitt - 309: of course, thanks for the invite! RWM -134- Farewell to dip today. You're no longer wanted.
  9. July 19, 2017 Quitters - sign here: Gus - 53 - I really like TGIQ! NTT. JuGray -50 - Halfway to 100-- woo hoo! NDT! Supporters: RWM -134- Excellent job men. Quitting has to become a habit. NDT!
  10. 1st QUIT DIVISION July 19, 2017 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet : RWM -134- Still addicted, still quit. One more day! Front Line Support:
  11. Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery July 18, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 230: Quit is the only way to live. NDT! Support Quitters: RWM -133- Live to Quit. NDT!
  12. This is 7/18 Roll Call. Benpiitt - 208: kill dip RWM -133- that guy with the bow is me, that commie bastard is dip.
  13. July HOF - AUGGIE STYLE July 18, 2017 Quitters - Sign Here: Support: RWM -133- Welcome back Auggie. NDT!
  14. July 18, 2017 Quitters - sign here: JuGray - 49 - I try to stay open minded, but not sure I can with the "toe chew". Used to work with a guy who would flatten out a piece of original flavor bubble gum, put some chew in the middle, fold it up and chew it. Never tried it myself, but he would chew it all day. Anyway NDT! Supporters: RWM -133- Trading in our toe chews for nochos on taco tuesday.
  15. 1st QUIT DIVISION July 18, 2017 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet : RWM -133- Running late, but that won't stop NDT! Front Line Support: