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  1. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Thursday July 19, 2018  Quitters - sign here: Skins42 -  n8wing - Brisket Chaser -  Bironic -  DBCH -  Supporters- FoodBuzz -201- Rise and shine it's quitting time!! I keep my quit going by not staying up late, being well rested, drinking water, exercising, and telling people I quit.
  2. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Pioneer Quitters  July 19, 2018 Hoggle - 146 PMFJ - 348 - It's only 12:15 am PST so I'll come back later this morning to re-post. I asked a question the other day and got only one response from someone who posted after me. It wasn't a serious question so no biggie, but it kind of tells me that many of us really don't check back during the day to see if anyone has responded to a comment or question. I was really, genuinely interested to find out who preferred eggs with spinach or spinach with eggs as that was the debate in my kitchen a few mornings ago. I, like RWM, prefer eggs with spinach. My wife is the opposite so she made her breakfast and then I made breakfast for the rest of the family. See, not a real serious issue. But if I were a Newbie and wanted some advice on how to beat a crave, I'd have to hit up some more quit groups to get some responses. Buenas noches. No spinach with eggs in a few hours, I cooked it all for dinner. Cereal con leche. NMFD!! ipoppa33- day 1619- NDT! FoodBuzz - 201- NDT! Eggs with spinach for sure. Spinach with eggs sounds too healthy and like it's raw spinach.
  3. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Banana Hammocks   Thursday July 19, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Fredy -  Phil - 109- absolutely NDT  red - Ace Banana Supporters a.k.a. Jock Straps: FoodBuzz -201- Why would anyone ever want to put that crap in their mouth...ever! NDT!!
  4. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

     Thursday July 19, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 196 - NDT! Bonanza - Day 193...has a nice ring to it. NDT! (and happy day CC hangover to FoodBuzz!) FoodBuzz -201- Living it up for another day of quit! NDT!
  5. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

     Wednesday July 18, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: MC - 206 - Staying quit today. Congrats FB on hitting 200. DWLT - 195 - Congrats FoodBuzz on 2x HOF performance. NDT! STS - 595: Congrats to Foodbuzz for hitting 2-hundo. Well done sir. NDT PMFJ - 347 - FB busted 200! NIce! I hear you about the tacos, in LA they're everywhere but the best ones are from the ladies who set up shop on the corner. NMFD!! FoodBuzz - 200!!! - Thanks all. It's good to hit this spot. I missed MC's 200 day while in South Dakota for family reunion, so congrats bro...you'll be getting a text from me. Exchanged texts with Bear today...it was his 200 yesterday. He's still quit and doing well. I told him I'm going to still check in on him from time to time and he can tell me to shove off anytime. We had a good chuckle about it. P Mother F***ing J has just brought a whole new light to taco Tuesdays from the ladies on the corner...or maybe I just have a dirty mind lol.
  6. FoodBuzz

    Two Word Post

    Tiger Eye
  7. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Pioneer Quitters  July 18, 2018 Hoggle - 145 ipoppa33- day 1618- NDT! STS - 595: In it to win it. NDT! boilermaker - 122 - NMFD!!!! FoodBuzz - 200!!! - Super glad for this group. I know I'm a supporter, but honestly the peeps coming in here posting day to day shows me I'm not a loner going through this. Let us win this. Go PBoQ!!! I hate dip, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!!!
  8. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Wednesday, July 18, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Fredy -  Phil - 108- Got an okay run in this morning. Lifting tonight. Light workouts the rest of the week until Saturday when I run a beer festival 5k down in Newport. Birthday is Monday.  red - 105 - Gearing up for vacation at the end of the week. I will be ever vigilant. I caved once from a 6+ month quit ten or so years back at this cabin where I'll be vacationing. Phil running and then drinking fresh beer sounds like an amazing undertaking. I hope you enjoy your birthday! Fredy you're the man, get to your 100 days man so we can keep on keeping on WAAAAY past HOF numbers. So exciting to come here in the 1000 + days. Love this logic, its sound and solid: "Everyone gets craves. You can't control them. You can only control your own reaction to those craves." Ace must be back in bondage, wish someone else could break you free but you gotta free yourself ODAAT! Ace Banana Supporters a.k.a. Jock Straps: STS - 595: Phil is showing how much better life can be without being a slave to tobacco. I will join you and Fredy and Red in staying quit today. Hoping Ace is still quit out there. NDT! FoodBuzz - 200!!!- So true Red very nicely put on the craves and we can't quit for Ace or any others out there. We can support each other during the fight...but no one can do the fight for you. Dig deep for that "eye of the tiger". We are all focused on the same destination (the quit), we are all climbing different sides of the mountain (each quit is different), and we have radios/communications to help each other push. I climb and quit with you all! Happy B-Day Phil...so good to be 29...again lol.
  9. FoodBuzz

    Two Word Post

    Last Shot
  10. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    I seriously had tacos today from a gas station that promoted 3 “street tacos” for a dollar each on “Taco Tuesday”. Result...they were really awesome. That’s coming from a guy whose tag name is FoodBuzz!
  11. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Pioneer Quitters  July 17, 2018 Hoggle - 144 bflem-1,006- ndt....what happened to the question of the day in here? let's get pissed at UST and the NB and get the pep back in this room! ODAAT ipoppa33- day 1617- NDT! FoodBuzz -199- We ‘mustache more questions’ NDT!
  12. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

    Banana Hammocks   Tuesday, July 17, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Fredy - 87 ready for another NDT .. out of nowhere yesterday all evening felt like having one chew ... Killed the idea and hit the gym , it's notorious NIC  Phil - 107- Everyone gets craves. You can't control them. You can only control your own reaction to those craves.  red - Ace Banana Supporters a.k.a. Jock Straps: FoodBuzz -199- Well I'm back from the family reunion and I'm seeing I missed a bell ringing on day 100. Congrats Red! Keep pushing along; you're doing an awesome job one day at a time. The goal for what ever day is there will be "no nic for this Nick". This Nick here ain't going to have any either...NDT!
  13. FoodBuzz

    Two Word Post

    Good Place
  14. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

     Tuesday July 17, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 194 - The original XDipShitZ rolling up on 1000 days total pretty soon as we each move through 200. Keep up the quit! NDT! Bonanza - 191 - 200 is going to look nice...1,000 is going to look even better! Think they give strip club discounts for 1,000 days quit? Is there such a thing as a strip club discount? I think a slightly pricey bottle of scotch is a better option. FoodBuzz -199- Boldly quitting where I have never quit before! NDT!
  15. FoodBuzz

    Roll Call

     Sunday July 15, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: FoodBuzz -196- NDT! Dip is stupid!