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  1. So....this place looks nothing like it used to.  I sure hope quitters are lining up and slaying their addiction.

  2. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2015

    Stuff like this is what helped me quit. This is Awesome stuff, I wish I could write like that, Bluesman put it all in the right context. I only wish I had found this kind of stuff earlier in my life. To this guy and others like him I literally owe my life. Chuck
  3. Quit.....its the way I roll

    1. Veera


      Sounds like a mission. I'll take the challenge/

    2. chill


      I too roll quit with the MoFos

  4. Quit.....its the way I roll

  5. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2014

    Great Stuff Mongrel. IN OTHER WORDS, for as long as you have used tobacco, you have been self-administering anti-depressants. OF COURSE depression is slithering in as our brains try to figure out how to function without these chemicals regulating everything we think and feel. YES tobacco is THAT f*cking evil--it literally hijacks our thoughts and emotions. The very species of plant itself guarantees its own survival, when you think about it. As long as humans continue to get addicted to it, we will continue to plant it and nurture it and PROTECT it from its enemies. If we fail, we are punished! Kind of creepy when you look at it that way. Gives a new meaning to "slave to tobacco..." POST # 2 - Blood Sugar and Nicotine When I hit around the 30-day mark, I was pretty disappointed that I still didn't feel "normal." And one of things I don't like is how tired I have felt. Now, I also gave up drinking and coffee (I still have green tea, though), so I thought that maybe my fatigue had more to do with quitting alcohol and caffeine. BUT, I've been doing massive research on the tobacco/sugar/neuro-chemicals connections, and I am horrified at the effects of tobacco that NOBODY is talking about much. Right now, I'm studying the sugar thing, and that may be connected to fatigue. All of us should read the articles at the links below, but they all basically say, "Do NOT increase your sugar intake while quitting." Nicotine tells the liver to release your body's supplies of glycogen into the bloodstream in the form of glucose (sugar). In addition to the nicotine rush, your body and brain get a sugar boost, which gives you temporary energy. THEN, your pancreas releases insulin to control all that excess sugar in your bloodstream. BUT then your body wants that sugar rush again. So you put another fatty in your lip and it starts all over again. Now that we have quit, many of us have NOT made healthy changes in our diets. I sometimes wouldn't eat a bite of food all day until dinner--tobacco kept me feeling like I wasn't hungry. And the sugar floating around in our bloodstream gave us enough energy to keep going. What I am TRYING to do is have breakfast within one half hour of waking up. Then have some kind of protein snack every two hours no matter what (nuts, jerky, a piece of cheese) and maybe some kind of complex carb, like a slice of whole wheat bread with butter. THAT way, the blood sugar levels aren't either at rock bottom or roller coastering like they were when I chewed Copenhagen--blood sugar levels stay pretty level. I don't manage to do this every day, but I'm getting better. And when I DO keep the sugar our, and eat little meals regularly, I don't feel tired all the time. I also found out that many people have great luck taking a vitamin B-complex daily, which helps manage stress/cravings, which should also keep fatigue down, since you're not spending all your energy fighting craves. "Minimizing the Most Common Side Effects to Quitting Smoking" http://whyquit.com/joel/Joel_03_21_blood_sugar.html "How to NOT Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking : The Nicotine/Blood Sugar Connection" http://chinese-school.netfirms.com/forums/how-to-not-gain-weight-when-you-quit-smoking-the-nicotine-vt166.html "Dietary Recommendations to Facilitate Quitting Smoking" http://flowingfree.org/diet-and-supplements-that-help-you-quit-smoking/ "How Nicotine Affects Candida Overgrowth" http://www.holistichelp.net/blog/how-nicotine-affects-candida-overgrowth/ "Nicotine and Blood Sugar a Dangerous Combo" http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/news/20110328/nicotine-and-blood-sugar-bad-combination
  6. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2014

    This time of year can be depressing for some, stressful, and full of unmet expectations. I want to remind all of the quitters, especially myself, that my quit is more impt than feeling sorry for myself about anything. My quit gives me reason to be Thankful, My quit gives me reason to enjoy the birthday of someone who really helped me quit. My quit and your quit should give you reason to look in the mirror and say..HELL YEAH, I did it again today. Don't let the holiday blues into your life, and if you need some inspiration, think about what it would be like if this Christmas you and your family were dealing with cancer from dipping. Thank God above that you are not dealing with that, hug your family and put a damn big smile on your face because you deserve it. Very proud of all my quit buds on this site, quitting is a hard thing to do, and I salute you. I am thankful for the foresight of Flav to keep this available, and all his elves that keep it running. Literally saving families and lives on a daily basis. Thanks Guys!
  7. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2014

    Sorry if this was a little Harsh, I had a bad day.
  8. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2014

    Today my brother died from using tobacco. I know many of you who have known me a long time on this site would respond with the usual "keep you in our prayers" etc. It is not necessary. I appreciate the thoughts, I know everyone of you would do it for me. I am putting this on here for one sole reason. I am in the hopes that some body out there can use this as a positive to help themself quit using tobacco. Cancer is not fun, it makes for an ugly death, his wife had to watch him die, and it was not pretty. He was 50 yrs old. Do you want to put your wife thru that, how about your kids? Don't be a selfish f#&@, make up you mind and take control and QUIT. It is the only way to live. If you need to know the specifics of how much fun dying from cancer is you can PM and I will give you the details on how it went for him. Chuck - Quit for 13XX days and never going back.
  9. chuck m

    Roll Call

    I am on my ipad and dont want to screw up the format, but , just wanted to report PISSONSNUFF is quit today, Thursday Mar 13 as per his shout box post
  10. chuck m

    Roll Call

    Just wanted to say "Thanks" to the guys who posted in the shout box today. We appreciate it. You guys are a symbol of where we want to be in a few years, or even 10 years whatever it may be. To know that you guys exist means that there is for sure guys that stay quit for a long time. That means a lot. Even though I am over a thousand it still means a lot to me, and to the guys that are working on HOF, it is HUGE. I could go on but it would be groveling so I will stop there. Later ChuckM
  11. chuck m

    Roll Call

    March MadMen Dip Quitters Tuesday, March 11, 2014 Rock Star Mad Men Hall of Famer's: Lizzle - Day 109 - Welcome to the HOF Mongrel, congrats on conquering the long and difficult road to get here. NDT mongrel---> right here in the morning brother! The Super 7 Madmen Are: Pablo12, Lizzle, mongrel, BigK-FinalQuit, QuitNFish, Wewacker, Nomorebear22 Quitters: Good morning quitters and welcome to the QSSN addiction meeting for today. Grab a cup of fresh hot quit and let's get started.Pablo12 - Day 97 - Congrats Mongrel!!! NDT Supporters: Allenk - 832 Welcome to the HOF Mongrel !!!!! Nice job!!!!! Geffdiv-152-MAD-134-Kicking butt Mongrel- Welcome to the HOF. Stay strong and stay quit. Quitting with each of you Mad Men. Great chatting with you Big. TechDude -57- Well done Mongrel. I'm quitting with you mad assess today. TR1960 - 386 - HOF Congrats Mongrel! chuckm - 1141 - Did I hear we have a new HOF'er in here, Big Congrats Mongrel, you have earned every second of it.
  12. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2014

    Welcome to the reality of an addict Vannet! Sometimes you gotta get really pissed to make the changes that you need to make in your life. I had a similar attitude 3 years ago and kept my quit thru determination, this site, accountability (from this site and others), and no small amount of help from GOD. I recommend you read as much as possible on this site, find your group and start posting roll if you havent already. Then you strap on for a ride that is gonna get bumpy. First few days, usually 3, or so are serious physical withdrawal, being pissed during this time doesnt hurt. Then the mental games start. The best thing I can tell you is to do it one day at a time, and it does get much easier over time. YOU CAN DO IT!
  13. chuck m

    Just for New Years

    Great post and repost Dave, truth and freedom go hand in hand.
  14. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2013

  15. chuck m

    The Cafe - 2013

    Don't you just LOVE this stuff?