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  1. jeffrobd

    Runner's World

    January 16-18, 2018 Couple days of treadmill and a nice longer outside run with a great colleague and his German Shorthair Annie. Miles Against Dip: 4 + 4.75+5.75 = 14.5 Total M.A.D: 3007.25 Miles towards 2018 challenge: 43
  2. jeffrobd

    Runner's World

    January 11, 2018 Treadmill again, and have to go in early tomorrow. The lack of perceived progress seems to make treadmill running mind numbing, but I rather have some mileage than no mileage. Miles Against Dip: 3.5 Total M.A.D: 2992.75 Miles towards 2018 challenge: 28.5
  3. jeffrobd

    Count to a...... Million? Game

    4976 gets us back on track
  4. jeffrobd

    Runner's World

    January 10, 2018 Just a little farther. Not as sore as yesterday, but shins a bit achy. Hopefully will go quite a bit farther tomorrow. Miles Against Dip: 3.5 Total M.A.D: 2989.25 Miles towards 2018 challenge: 25
  5. jeffrobd

    Roll Call

    Comma Club Jerkwads - Welcome to WOODVILLE Jan 9, 2018 Roll Call Our Patron Saint - Comma Girl: JimmyVV - 3___ TR1960 - 178_ Jeffro - 2508 - Proud of my pal and his 3 extra large, platinum coated Ks. Comma girl said that makes her smile.
  6. jeffrobd

    Runner's World

    January 9, 2018 Schedule only allowed me to go to pool. Hit the tread and did what I could do. Only got 3.25, but at this point, I will take anything I can get. Miles Against Dip: 3.25 Total M.A.D: 2985.75 Miles towards 2018 challenge: 21.5
  7. jeffrobd

    Runner's World

    January 4 & 8, 2018 Got one more day in last week, before the meetings piled up and the weather turned to serious crap. On Sunday, calm weather excited me about a nice run after church, but it was the same time as the memorial/celebration of life for a young colleague that passed suddenly in November. So, the run had to wait for yesterday. Finally got an outside run in. Slow miles, but felt good. Miles Against Dip: 4+5.25 Total M.A.D: 2982.5 Miles towards 2018 challenge: 18.25
  8. jeffrobd

    Runner's World

    January 3, 2018 Arrived at the pool to see a young lady on the one treadmill that is safe to run on. Was like, "oh crap!" went into the weight room and was happy to see she had finished. Since work out was during lunch, chose to do a fast paced shorter run, so blasted out 4.25 at speeds of 6.7 and 7 mph. Tomorrow is to be a slower paced, long distance run Miles Against Dip: 4.25 Total M.A.D: 2973.25 Miles towards 2018 challenge: 9