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  1. Well, I’ve finally been motivated enough to pen my HOF speech so here goes. I’ll start by saying that if this strikes a nerve with you in anyway, go read the book “7 men” by Eric Metaxas. I dipped for twenty years and quit when a good friend, whom had recently quit, simply dared me to quit for 24 hours. That was in April of 2011. I haven’t dipped since. It’s the only great thing I’ve ever done in my life and today I’d like to share what I think it means to be great and how, by striving to achieve greatness, we can beat this terrible addiction. (1) Some of the greatest men in history have accomplished some of the greatest things by first recognizing that there is a problem. William Wilberforce for example, a member of the British Parliament recognized that the slave trade and idea of slavery itself was a problem. This was not the popular opinion in the 1800’s by any means and in fact, he stood alone on the matter for most of his life. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a “pure” German, recognized that the Nazi regime was growing in power and understood that his beloved Germany was headed in a very dangerous direction. He too often stood alone on the matter but nevertheless did what he could to prevent his country from the inevitable fate that few saw coming. What will it take for us to recognize a problem and how far will things go before we do? We may have to stand alone and take a difficult position against our friends, family, even our inner addict in order to accomplish something great! (2) We have to overcome resistance! Wilberforce was a member of the Parliament. He was wealthy, belonged to several exclusive clubs, and was one of the most popular men in Great Britain. His life was spent eating, drinking, and being merry! In his time, it is noted that the Parliament would often vote on matters while heavily intoxicated after long nights of drinking, gambling, and partying. Imagine the demons he fought to overcome this lifestyle. His body told him not to quit drinking and smoking. That little monster in all of us told him to keep womanizing, partying, and gambling. He had to first overcome the resistance in himself to take action! Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a stout Christian and was somewhat sheltered from the Nazi’s for the most part. However, seeing the evil that was being done, he could not sit by and do nothing. Despite the risks, he protected Jews. Despite the threats, he continued to mentor and train Christians. Despite pending death, he sought ways to assassinate Hitler. As a German, Bonhoeffer could have done nothing at all and been fine. Imagine how scared he was, imagine how difficult it was to overcome the desire to feel and be safe, or just go with the flow. What is your resistance? Addiction, stress, laziness, enabling, work, the boss, wife, kids, bad news, good news, alcohol, the desire to be safe, happy, warm, enjoy the party! Resistance has many forms and stops us all from doing many things. We have to overcome resistance in order to accomplish something great! (3) We must commit ourselves to the point of no return! Wilberforce eventually realized that he had reached this point. He was no longer like the other members of Parliament, he was an odd duck. He couldn’t go back to his old life at this point. He had committed his life to Christ and knew that it would be hypocritical and not God-honoring to turn back. He had to stay the course, he had to fight the resistance, and he had to win. He wrote, I’m paraphrasing, that he could not win this battle, it was simply too big! However, since it was God’s battle to win he believed wholeheartedly that it would indeed be won. After 18 years of commitment the slave trade was abolished by Parliament in 1807, however, it wasn’t until 1833 that slavery was now outlawed in Great Britain. He died 3 days later. Bonhoeffer, a scholar, fled Germany to protect himself and others by going to America to teach. He was out! Safe, employed, and would have most likely lived a long happy life here in the States. Feeling that the cause was greater than himself he returned to Germany 26 days after stepping foot on American soil. He returned to Germany and was ultimately hung for his role in spreading Christianity and assisting in plots to kill Hitler. He was burned amidst the bodies of Jews, the people he tried so hard to save! His commitment cost him his life. At some point, as an addict, we have to commit ourselves to winning the fight! What fight? Well, that’s for us all to decide. For me it is my wife and kids. Not voluntarily killing myself is the greater cause that I choose to fight for. My role in their lives is worthy of the effort, it is worthy of my life. I can’t say exactly when but at some point it just made more sense to remain committed to the cause than to give up on it, regardless of what it cost me. For the record, quitting dip didn’t cost me a damn thing! So there it is, perhaps by striving to be great we can accomplish something even greater than we ever thought! Perhaps, like Bonhoeffer, Wilberforce, and hundreds of quit brothers and sisters we can recognize the problem, overcome resistance, and commit to seeing it through at any cost! God Bless us all.
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    Hey Bubba! Welcome! There is a ton of info contained on this site. Read as much as possible...it'll help you. Yeah, you need to be dip free to "join" the group. That doesn't mean you can't post here or in the Cafe-2015 thread. If you don't mind me asking, why not quit now? Well I just 1 uped myself! I just picked up my son from school. He has always wanted me to quit but I was never ready. As we were driving down the road I told him that I was ready to quit! He said really Dad and I said yes. I handed him one and a half tins. When he asked what to do with them I stopped by a trash can and told him to toss them. He said really and I said yes, so he did! I may have lost my mind but Im ready to gain my life back. I QUIT NOW!!!!! Way to go my friends! I WILL NOT TAKE A DIP TODAY! You got this, Post roll every day!
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    If you quit between3/24/14 - 4/23/14 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll CallHow to Post Roll Call Members: SadSquonk, Dltrain55, Jhaggerty, JohnP4251, ForHud11 Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Quitters - sign here: dltrain55 - 8 days - Still fighting the nic bitch and winning! ForHud11 - 2 - Ready to beat back the cravings. Want control of my life back. John P, where are you? TSand - 2 - round and round I go with this addiction, my last chew was 1pm yesterday. Supporters Dave444 - 455 - quitting can suck real bad at times during the first couple days/weeks... but it can be done. Tough times don't last, but tough people do. Just make it through the hour, just make it through the day. That's it. Post here. Tiger - 434 - Posting roll is critical. You can do this. Drop the can, rake that shit out of your lip and quit. I used to dip two cans a day. Not any more. If I can quit, your ass can too. John P, you got 32 minutes to post roll. NDT. Sweet Tony - 1,291 - Quit NOW. Do not wait. You want to quit. Take the dip out of your mouth, dump the can in the crapper and join this group. We did and we went through the tough times with the help of this site. Join us. BigK-FinalQuit - 107 - Hang on tight right now. These first few days are hell. But it will go away. Rest, rant here, walk, do seeds or straws or toothpicks, or something if you need to. Just one day at a time N-Man 262 - Glad to see you back in a group TSand[\b]....I will have to say, at least you are persistent, but man you got to kick this bitch in the mouth for the last time and stop dragging yourself through the first few months of the suck over and over. Stick with it man...you can do it....no man left behind...BBQ forever. Matt - 41 - it's hard now, but it does get better. Quitting with you today. Stick with it, you can do it. Flash35-D1082-When you feel the need to cave. Get in the ring! Put up your dukes, take a beating, give a beating, get bloody and bruised but don't ever quit! Take your punishment like a man and get ready to do it all over again! It get's easier but you have to EARN that! You can guys can do this! NDT!
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    Tiger - 432 - Great job in here! Bam, stick it out brother, you got this. I'll NDT with ya'll! BigK-FinalQuit - 106 - We got 7 March Madmen into the HOF. We hung tough together. Now it is your turn. Sweet Tony - 1,289 - Do not dip today. Do the same thing tomorrow. Flash35-D1080-NDT! Nice Milestone
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    November 2013 HOF Class If you quit between 7/25/2013 - 8/23/2013 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to Post Roll Call Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Thursday, August 22, 2013 Quitters - sign in here: Veera - 20 - Hi guys. I am not dipping today. I got a bumpy ride today . Its the old work routine coated with dips n chews which attacked on me after the coffee break. But hey.....I said to myself I don't do that now and suddenly I was out of it. Its working man.GOOD WORK METAL Keep it up Metal121...here to quit...day 4...yeah! Michael - 2 - NDT. B L - 25 Welcome to the new quitters, fuck dip and embrace the suck, I'm here for you. Werde get your ass off the interstate and post up. You'll be doing it as regualr as a morning shit for the rest of your life, so you might as well embrace it. Werde - 18 - Here, posting and not dipping today. Gomez22 - 10 - Wow... made double digits. Never thought I'd do that. I have been having bigger and bigger cravings, though. I thought after making it through a tough day or two, it might get easier, and for the most part, it has, but the past 2-3 days have been brutal. Oh, well.... hang in there, fellow quitters! Next stop: triple digits! SICKOFSKOAL - 4 - I'm going to stay quit because quite frankly, this sucks ass and I don't ever want to do this again!!! cman - Day 9 - hang in there, quitters. We can lick this thing. Supporters Tiger Refuge - 211 - Oh yea! Its throat punch Thursday. Time to make the bitch pay. NDT. JimmyVV - 1410. Be strong fella's, this is doable. Dave444 - 232 - I was once a chewer, but now I'm $2000 richer thanks to quittin' stockchart 1023 Stay with it.. Muddler - 2,188 - Just keep quitting. 4thekidz - 43 - I'm quitting with Michael today because he's having a shitty day. I don't ever want to go back to that again. Rob123 - 1278 - Do not dip today. There is no good reason to dip. steve50 -1008- Quitting with SOS, Michael and Metal today. Hang tough fellas. Embrace the suck! codemonkey - 47 - quitting with Michael...almost past the shitty part! Clay - 965 - Quitting with SOS today. Flash35-D859-I promise you guys I will not dip today... and tomorrow is NO CAVE FRIDAY so we got that going for us!!
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    November 2013 HOF Class If you quit between 7/25/2013 - 8/23/2013 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to Post Roll Call Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Tuesday, August 20, 2013 Quitters - sign in here: Veera - 18 - I am running away from the wall. I am trying my best to go as far as possible from this death wall. I am 18 days away now. I want to give myself 100 days. I want all of you to be with me. Pray for me brothers. I know I am not a cold turkey quitter but I have made this far with million gallons of guilt and nicgums. I dont want to feel guilty again. Werde - Day 16 - early here in L.A. Couldn't sleep. Thought I was gonna wake up and buy a tin, until I realized I just don't do that anymore. Have a golf match this morning and being that it is my first ever, I have a fair amount of nerves flowing through my veins. Happy to say, I will make this day dip free. A few struggles physically. 1. Bad sprained ligament in right elbow plaguing me with pain for 2 months. 2. Chronic low back pain that only affects me sleeping. 3. Recurring pain from a traumatic injury I had several months ago when I took a line drive shot during BP from only 10 feet away in to my left testicle which hasn't healed properly. Have infection there now and went on antibiotics yesterday. Many reasons I would use in the past to justify why I deserve to dip. No more. It won't make anything better. B L - 23 on the road today Gomez22 - 8 - Another day bites the dust! I'm at this point where I'm having two BIG cravings everyday and the suck needs to end. Hang in there, fellow quitters! Only 2 more to go until I get to double digits. NDT. Supporters Tiger Refuge - 209 - You guys are in varying stages of suck. Some are in the fog. Use this site, read all the posts from groups past. It'll help you. Reach out to other members, form the bond that will strengthen your quit. JimmyVV - 1408. Keep fighting veera, you can do this ! Rob123 - 1276 - I've always known you're crazy Werde, now I can clearly see your nuts!!! Wait, that is not what I meant... Space - 422 - That's right, Werde. It won't make anything better... Bubba - 3585 - BL, good to see you back. Stop by the old farts home sometime and say hi. And if you need anything message me. Dave444 - 230 - you only have to cut thru the fog once... if you stay quit. TR1960 - 183 - Focusing on Today's Quit period. Fuck a bunch of Nicotine. Don't need it. steve50 -1006- Don't be a dipshit - I quit with you today. Flash35-D857-I'll jump in the trenches with you guys today! You gotta fight hard, it's going to get better!!
  11. Flash35-D732-2 years of freedom for my face! This milestone comes at the expense of your time, support, and dedication, me...I just followed the rules. Thank-you my friends! Ahahhhhhhh.....Savior of the Universe!!

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      Congrats!! and thanks for saving the univerxe

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    July 2013 HOF Class If you quit between 3/24/2013 - 4/23/2013 this is your quit group. Monday, April 15,2013 Quitters - sign in here: Monkey-8-NDT! Nic free Monday! CraigMac6 - day 1. I caved last Friday. This WILL be my final quit. Judo-1 lets do thid craig no more beating around the bush Skywalker - 15 - the program works if you work it. DannyB - 7 - one week. Stayin quit one day at a time. Sub - Day 21. Time to man up. Either quit to live and be free, or keep putting that horse shit into your mouth and die. Searun - 5 - I will not chew tobacco today. RobbieRedneck - 20 - Nice work getting right back in CraigMac. I went 28 days before a one day cave that knocked me out of June and landed me with this group. That makes two of us that did some (unnecessary but valuable) research to show ourselves and by extension the group how much the NB STILL sucks - if life were better with her, we would still be out there! But it's not. NDT. Fish - 19! I too have fell off the wagon. One after 30+ days and one after 6+ years. We have a choice and we know what each of those paths look like. You picked right. It's gonna be hard getting back on the horse but you will be glad you did. One day at a time. Supporters: StepUp -46- I don't believe in abusing cavers because that's why we're here, however, you have to use your quit group, your quit plan, and this site as intended if you want to stand a chance. Doof - 1,766 - Good idea, Craig. Don't look back. There's nothing for you there except addiction and cancer. Oscar - 553 - onward and forward . . . let the quit force work! JimmyVV - 1281. You gotta want it or this doesn't work ! quittingat41 - 105 - I think DannyB has the right idea here. I'll quit to that! TR1960 - 56 - Make it Quit Today. MacDanders - 91 days - and quitting today too. Lock and Load in preparation to blow the Nic Bitches face right off. Blam! As a group you are a stronger force than individually. You are the Quit Force of July! Flash35-D730-Two years ago I wondered into the April pre-HOF group shaking, scared, and suffering from withdrawal. The Quitters had my back, I grew stronger each and everyday, they got me through some tough times. Posting, venting, texting, even a phone call or two. Whatever it takes let's do this. NDT!
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    If you quit between 1/22/2013 - 2/21/2013 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit using nicotine and post Roll Call How to Post Roll Call Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Monday, March 4, 2013 Quitters - sign in here: DPF - 34 - .Tiger Refuge - 40 -Hahahahaha! Good one DPF! You know, I wouldn't walk across the street to piss on you if you were on fire nic bitch. In fact, I'd bring some gas. NDT. Beard - 14 - Two weeks. NDT Rock - 20 - NDT!!! FSHCM - 34 - Another one down MikeoBirdman - 23 cha ching it's adding up. stayin strong Gigem21- 17 (Dandy Don Maredith)- Keep the quit going. As for me, NDT! SBAQ! TR1960 - 14 - With ya Beard, Nic Out! DougFir - 32 - no nic, no way! Supporters: JimmyVV - 1239. Very appropriate DPF, well done ! Allenk - 460 Nice job Beard! Rob123 - 1107 - Great quote in that movie DPF! Soxfan -890- NDT, good #s going up in here, keep it up guys. Bearhater -485- The quits in here are strong Truckerick - 1968 - Here to support the other "TR's" on the site. Flash35-D688-Strong quit group...you guys lead the way, I'll be back here not dipping! NDT!
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    If you quit between 1/22/2013 - 2/21/2013 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit using nicotine and post Roll Call How to Post Roll Call Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Friday, February 22, 2013 Quitters - sign in here: http - day 12 - no looking back....rise up oh man of god! DPF- 24 - Moving along... Beard - 4 - no dip today. Kinda slept last night, that was cool Tiger Refuge-30-Good job DPF. Looks like we have some new additions, welcome. Posting roll on the weekends has been critical for me so far and it will continue to be critical for me. Bitch, I don't take weekends off...NDT. TR1960 - 4 - Holy crap, tell me this gets a bit easier at some point. Gigem21- 7 - 1 week baby! TR, it does get easier but we can NEVER take our guard down. 1 day at a time, everyday! SBAQ! Gigantor - 5 - Hang in there TR1960. First 3-4 days are hell physically. Just focus on today's quit. MrNismo - Day 18 -- TR1960 I wouldn't necessarily count on it ever getting easier to quit -- you just get stronger and better at it. You did it yesterday, you can do it today. DougFir - 22 - NDT Supporters: Doof - 1,714 - Love the name and nameplate. Congrats on 1 month, Tiger Refuge! That's the way to lead. Allenk - 450 Just focus on today. Don't worry about tomorrow yet. Gordie - NDT - 370 - keep going, one day at a time, this is a life changing time and SO DAMN WORTH IT. Ed Reno 979- One day at a time is how it's done around here. NDT! Flash35-D678-Oh it gets better, but not before you have a few epic battles that end in sweet VICTORY! Beat down the craves!
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    Religious Differences

    Does it really matter? I personally feel that the intent to disprove, deny, or decide upon the accuracy of the bible comes from a place of Pride. God refers to biblical knowledge as "putting on armor." Why would you put on armor? To fight....fight what? Well, look around. It can be summed up as one million flavors of evil. Here's the thing, why would you suit up for something you don't believe in? Don't believe in God? Don't suit up....Because, if you look hard enough, you can expose a weakness in the armor, at least that's how you see it, and therefore God is not real....right? Or because you don't believe in God, the armor is irrelevant and you can come to any conclusion you want on it's accuracy. The problem with Pride is that it usually comes with a lack of Faith, which often comes with a sense of denial or laziness. So rather than humble ourselves to God and the Word, we embrace science and other tools to enable our rejection of God and the Bible. This is much easier. As for literal translations, parables, and metaphors. Again, Pride! We shouldn't take a 3500 year old text as literal because we are just too smart now and we know better right? Kings changed it to manipulate behavior right? Looking for kinks......Armor has but one purpose, to protect. You can CHOOSE to wear as little or as much as you want. A helmet, or no helmet. You get my point. These choices are yours and depend heavily on what type of battle you are fighting. So you do have the choice to isolate scripture and see how it fits into your battle...."life." Regardless of how you interpret the "message" you should arrive at the right place. Can't get it on your own, do as it says...seek wisdom.