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  1. JasperIAM

    Roll Call

    Holy poop! November of 1994 I would have had a big fat wad in my mouth, watching my baby boy flop around. Now he's 200 lbs with facial hair. Your quit is old enough to drive. Jeez...what a brain fart...that should be 2004. While '94 had some significance to me, it wasn't quitting dipping. I'm just a refugee from the original site. Changed a lot since then. Used to be some posters in my group that were hard core. Sad to see them not around. And sad to be refered to as an old-timer....well, except in days quit. Thanks for pointing out my fail....
  2. JasperIAM

    Back Again 6 yrs Later

    My dad would have tanned my hide good for smoking or dipping. But he was my idea of a real man, so I followed his example behind his back. A father's actions speak far louder than just words alone. BTW, my dad had a massive stroke from the effects of decades of smoking and spent his last 6 years in a nursing home, unable to talk or use his right arm or leg. It was a couple of years after he died that I finally quit for myself. My dad was a lifelong smoker and died of cancer in 2001 (On Fathers day even). Took me over 3 years to finally realize I didn't want to travel that road.
  3. JasperIAM

    Back Again 6 yrs Later

    Cooley, Sorry to hear about the relapse. It can be a hard row to reap, but the benefits are awesome. My son was 4 when I quit, and at 11 now, has no memory of me dipping. For that I'm grateful. Show your son that a true man can quit (And never start in the first place). GL
  4. JasperIAM

    Here we go

    Great start Fletch. Keep up the good work. This Nov will be 7 years without and I still crave and even have reached for a can on occasion. Then I just smile, and move on....HA Welcome to being a quitter, and better sleep.
  5. JasperIAM

    Day 1 today.

    I have to agree with TechDude. If you keep the attitude that its ok you slipped today and start over again tomorrow, you will always fail. Do you want to stop? That is the first requirement. If you don't want to, you won't. Make that choice, then everything is down hill from there. It just has to be your decision, and one you must realize you can't go against. It actually is a life-n-death situation. Realize what needs done, then do it. When I quit, the only people I told were this group (Nov 2004 BTW). Then I realized I needed to be held accountable to more people. More people to lean on. Also, you need to make sure and listen to people. While some can be harsh....we only mean the best. Keep the faith and know you can do it.
  6. JasperIAM

    Roll Call

    Wish Every Day Was A Vacation Day Roll Call Flav - 2501 Buff - Day 2,709 Frosty - 2312 Matt - 1834 Jason - NO idea - Nov 15, '94 Been many years since I posted here, but came to mind so I thought I would pop in. Even had to re-create my old hotmail email address to retrieve my password.