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    I remember these names in here. Don't know if y'all remember me. I made it ~287 days before taking up smoking (during Katrina cleanup, wasn't thinking clearly) and then back to Skoal. I take full blame for my failures and I am back here again to quit for good. Today is the start of my Day 2. I wish I had never failed. I would have passed 2500 days and about $22000 saved. Don't ever go back guys! Cooley Redux
  2. I quit back in November 2004 and made it almost to 300 days before I started smoking and then eventually back to Skoal. What triggered my relapse was helping my in-laws out after Katrina. My FIL & BIL both smoked and I wasn't in the right frame of mind. Somehow I talked myself into it being okay since I was helping out. Pure BS. If you have a long term quit going and your mind is playing tricks on you, DON'T fall for it. It is so hard to quit again! I have wanted to quit again for the longest time, but have been unsuccessful. I spit out my last dip yesterday at 11:45 and have passed the 24 hr mark a couple of hours ago. I won't lie, if I could afford it I would probably go buy a can. I guess I am thankful to be broke. Originally I quit before I had my first child. Well, I have 2 children now, 6 & 3, who have witnessed me dip. My son said the other day "Dad, I want some Skoal". I told him to never smoke or dip, and that I would be quitting. I have to make it stick this time. Cooley Redux