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  1. Fletch

    Here we go

    Thanks guys! Working out is definitely a craving killer for me. Especially being a personal trainer, I'm constantly in a gym so its easily accessible and takes my mind off it rather quickly. I'm staring at my floor currently and there's a few empty water bottles, key word empty. No dark brown filth, chunks of stuff floating around, just a water bottle waiting to be tossed in the bin, it's a damn good feeling, I love this.
  2. Fletch

    Here we go

    One week in the books.....to be honest, and I hope I'm not jinxing myself, it went a lot easier than I expected. I still have some cravings, but I've learned to deal with them in different ways. Starting to get the sores inside my mouth from my healing ulcers, which, although an unpleasant site, is my mouths way of telling me it is healing properly (according to the dentist). One thing I have noticed, however, is that the days are going by much slower than normal. I would take a few breaks throughout the workday and that sped it up, but now it drags and drags, but we'll get over it. Do I still think about it? Everyday, some more often than not, depending on what I'm doing. I even went to reach in my car today where I normally would have kept my tin (a creature of habit) and what I've now done is kept a $5 bill there, it's a little bit of a mind trick I'm trying to play on myself, but that 5 wouldn't have lasted a day or two had I not quit. Here's to another week, and another, and another
  3. Fletch

    Weight Training

    The great thing about abs is that they CAN be worked everyday. They are the fastest repairing muscle in the body. Just make sure you switch up your workout, based on type, sets, duration, etc. It helps break down the muscle further before repairing it to its prime state. Fletch, CPT, May 2011
  4. Fletch

    Here we go

    Work was a bit hectic today, had a nagging boss bothering me the majority of the day, do this, do that blah blah blah. Alls I could think of was wow a dip would be great right about now but to my surprise, I held my own and went on without missing a beat. THEN, the ol' ex girlfriend calls me and gives me hell about God knows what, and that damn near put me over the edge, but of course I had no dip anywhere near me, and I was in the car at the time, as tempting as it was I kept my composure, turned the music up and just finished the ride home All in all, looks to be another successful day, hoping for another great night of sleep, we shall see!
  5. Fletch

    Here we go

    Thanks guys, last night was surprisingly a good night of sleep. Woke up this morning with a bit of a headache, not sure if it's brought on by the quit or not, but it sure does stink! Off to work for 1, early day today, not too many clients so I'll be out by 6 then time to watch some football. Going to be another task for me to sit around having a few cold ones and not tossing one in but we'll get it done. Will report later on with my findings! Cheers everyone, good luck and stay strong today!
  6. Good job buddy, stay strong!!!
  7. Fletch

    Here we go

    The boards seem to be relatively quiet on the weekends, which is normal in any sort of internet forum I suppose. Anyway, just thought I'd share with you my experience of my first FULL day without "The Bandit" as my friends and I have jokingly called him for so many years. I woke up this morning, knowing damn well I still had a pinch or two in my tin that I did not finish before my midnight deadline. I looked at it lying there, flipped it the bird and walked away to begin my day. I would generally toss a dip in almost instantly as soon as I woke up, but this time I'm committed to the quit and was able to talk myself out of it. Heard a few things about caffeine triggering cravings, but I also enjoy a good NOS energy drink to wake me up in the morning so that had me worried. To my surprise, it didn't cause any out of the ordinary cravings, a nice sign of relief. Work went by relatively slow today, of course, when you're sneaking off randomly to take a few dip breaks a day the day usually does go by fast. Instead, I consumed my time with actually work, some home cooked food, at one point a fantasy hockey draft and of course following up and watching some baseball. The thought of dipping definitely crossed my mind alot through the day, mainly when I would have to deal with something difficult and begin to stress out, but I was able to calm myself rather quickly. It got worse as closing time got near, and that ride home dip usually made everything difficult during the day just vanish. Today though, it was a handful of sunflower seeds and the baseball game on the radio and it was smooth sailing. Feeling a bit sleepy now, very shocking coming from an insomniac, maybe it's a sign of better things to come. One hour from now will be exactly 24 hours without that poison in my mouth. Goodnight folks!
  8. Fletch

    Here we go

    It's time to say goodbye to the can after close to 10 years. I know it doesn't seem like much, having some serious lifers on here, but dammit it needs to be done. I've tried all the fake stuff, the patches, the lozenges, none of it seem to work and in fact made my cravings way worse. I'd never get through an entire day. A few weeks ago I decided October 1st would be my quit date. As a true dipper would do, I sat in my bed last night, watching some TV, packing that last lip right up until midnight hit. I tossed it out, fell asleep (which is already progress, seeing as I usually can't fall asleep until 2am) so we're approaching the 12 hour mark and I feel good about my chances this time. I only worry about when I will encounter times when I would normally dip (In my car, softball games, hanging out with the fellas, etc...) Up until then we'll just see how it goes. Already have my bag of seeds ready to go to work with me today so it should definitely be interesting. I'll keep reading up on everyone's success stories as my own added motivation. This forum is going to do wonders for me, thanks! Fletch