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  1. Roll Call

    PMFJ's Quit Group Tuesday, November 22, 2017 Quitters - sign here: PMFJ - 10x Supporters: CraigMac6- Day 843- Lets punch the NB in the face today. She deserves a good azz cutting for not leaving us alone when we tell her to get the heck outta our lives. Here's a right cross to the face for not listening NB! NDT!
  2. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery November 22, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 35X Support Quitters: bflem-76X RWM -26X CraigMac6- Day 843- Well said. Freedom is priceless. Enjoy your thanksgiving gents! NDT!
  3. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: november 22 2017 bflem-76X STS - RWM -26X CraigMac6- Hey Bflem, I'll assume we lost MacD? Think about the guy often and I hope he is still quit. Hope you are well sir. NDT!
  4. Roll Call

    MAYSLAYERS15 11.22.17 10th Floor Slayin' Dbob -1025- Thanksgiving week......one of my favorites! DUF - Supporters: ipoppa33- TR1960- 1736 - Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday gents. Thankful again for Not Dipping Today. Bflem-767- no way no how. ndt STS- CraigMac6-Day 843- yes many things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Being free from the NB is at the top. Man, DBob that number looks so awesome. Over one thousand days quit. Awesome Awesome Awesome! NDT!!
  5. Roll Call

    November 21, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 843- Life is good here fellas. I can't complain too much. Actually had a dip dream last night for the first time in forever. The dream said i cheated my quit with a "relaxation" dip. Woke up really pissed at myself. The beast lives on but she can be defeated, Hope you gents are well. Any plans for thanksgiving? ODAAT! NDT! SUPPORTERS: STS - 35x bflem-76X
  6. Roll Call

    November 19, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 840- freedom. NDT! SUPPORTERS: STS - 35X bflem-76X
  7. Roll Call

    PMFJ's Quit Group Thursday, November 16, 2017 Quitters - sign here: PMFJ - 10X Supporters: CraigMac6- Day 838- Congrats my brother on 100 days of freedom. Hey man, I can fully understand you being tired of posting alone, as I am alone in my quit group as well. But look at it this way...You were the ONLY ONE who had the balls and courage to see this through. Be proud of yourself and don't look at it as you're alone, look at it as you were the last one standing and you will continue to stand and fight against the beast. Here's to another day quit! NDT!
  8. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: november 17 2017 bflem-76X STS - 35X RWM -2XX CraigMac6- Day 838- Sans dip! NDT!
  9. Roll Call

    : Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery November 17, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 35X Support Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 838- Lets do this quitting thang today! NO cave friday. Oh yea F you dip! We allowed you to control us, but no longer! NDT!
  10. Roll Call

    November 17, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 838- Wow well said STS. You are EXACTLY RIGHT! We were kind but only after our fix; and in all honesty we were most likely big time pricks leading up to our we had our dip fix. I recall many of times I came up with a crazy stupid excuse to get alone in order to get my fix. Glad we don't have to live a life full of those lies. No cave friday! NDT! SUPPORTERS: STS - 34X bflem-76X
  11. Roll Call

    PMFJ's Quit Group Thursday, November 9, 2017 Quitters - sign here: PMFJ - 9X Supporters: CraigMac6- Day 832- Hope you and your family are well PMFJ. While your HOF day is right around the corner, I strongly urge you to stay focused on the task at hand because the NB is very sneaky during this time of ones quit. I know you will make it through the strong urges soon to come, I just wanted to make sure you are away. The NB can get very sneaky! Don't let her win. You have put too much into your quit to turn back now. Plus, life is way better without the can, no matter what lie is being told. I'm proud of you brother. Keep on keeping on. NDT!
  12. Roll Call

    : Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery November 11, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 34X Support Quitters: RWM -24x CraigMac6- Day 832- Great to see all the positive energy with your life changing decision of quitting the beast. Life truly is charmed without the can. Rough days? Yes. However, the freedom from the can is all worth it. I use to always kick myself for all the years I wasted with dip and sometimes I do still regret wasting a lot of my youth being controlled by the can BUT I'm just thankful thats now the case anymore. Control what we can control and that is not using today! Have a great day in the charmed life of STS! You are doing great brother. NDT!
  13. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: november 11 2017 bflem-75X STS - 34X RWM -24x CraigMac6- Day 832- You gents are winners. Plain and simple. NDT!
  14. Roll Call

    MAYSLAYERS15 11.11.17 10th Floor Slayin' Dbob - 101X DUF - Supporters: ipoppa33- day 136X TR1960- Bflem- STS- CraigMac6- Day 832- I'm not sure how I missed it but congrats on level 10! Awesome stuff brother and I know life is treating you great without that can. Have a great day and thanks for paving the way for us boys behind you in quit. NDT!
  15. Roll Call

    November 11, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 832- Good Morning Gents. I'm so happy to hear you men are doing great and life is treating you well. It's very ironic to me how life changes once we put down the can. Yes there are struggles but the motivation to do projects, or the motivation to be a better father, or the motivation to be a better husband is so much more clear without that foggy mind. Heck maybe it's just these other things are more important to us because we do not have a number one priority of the can anymore. Who knows the reason but it sure is great to live life on our own terms. Keep up the great work gents and I'm thankful for your continued support! Have a great weekend men! NDT! SUPPORTERS: STS - 34X bflem-75X