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  1. Roll Call

    July 12, 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders - 666 - NDT ================================== Supporters: bflem-63X- CraigMac6 -Day 70X TR1960 - 160X
  2. Roll Call

    QUIT FACTORY July 7, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 705- I will not be a bitch and use tobacco today. You are good STS, how was your trip? NDT! SUPPORTERS: STS - 21X MacDanders - 662 - I'm with you CMac - I quit every day because, for me, I'll probably never be completely relieved of the obsession and it seems there may remain a little addictive pleasure center kernel of memory of how good the dip and it's nicotine was. A kernel tha gradually reduces in size however the 1/2 life of my bullshit kernel exceeds my lifespan. Bflem - 63X
  3. Roll Call

    Freedom Day, July 7 2017 Team SBAQ sign in: The Comma Club Tiger - 1626 - Friday seems like a good day to quit. Plus, I'm off from work, so there's that. TR1960 - 1600 - I'll do a Friday Quit with ya. World Renowned Honorary SBAQ's: MacDanders - 662 - Congrats TR. 1600 days of Quit is HTFU.
  4. Roll Call

    July 6th 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders - 662 - buckle my shoe... Yes I wear pilgrim shoes with the big buckle. Jk. ================================== Supporters: bflem-63X CraigMac6 -Day 70X TR1960 - 15XX / 1600 !
  5. Roll Call

    Quitting Today, 7/06/17 Quitters - Dave444 - 156X - Booger - 160X - Supporters/Honorary AssHats - Tiger - 15XX - MacDanders - 661 - I think Hula Hoop Girl is a porn star..................... NDT TR1960 - 15XX TR1960 - 15XX
  6. Roll Call

    July 6th 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders - 661 - Hey Nic Bitch, suck my cock. Wait, belay my last. That's what she wants... ================================== Supporters: bflem-63X CraigMac6 -Day 704- Lets get it! NDT! TR1960 - 157X
  7. Roll Call

    July 5th 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders - 660 - NDT ================================== Supporters: bflem-61X CraigMac6 -DAy 70X TR1960 - 157X
  8. Roll Call

    QUIT FACTORY July 4, 2017 Quitters: Craig Mac6- Day 70X! SUPPORTERS: STS - 20X MacDanders - 659 - NDT With CraigMac6. Way to HTFU CM6. Bflem - 62X One Eyed Pete - @<*> CraigMac6 Return to HOFTown, HOF700. I'd a bin 'ear cept ole Scoot my mule decided he had to have a run in the hay with a nice looking mare on the way home from the Mercantile in HTFUVille. Dad burn mule wouldn't leave for 2 days the horn dog. Anyways - CraigMac ya Nicotine Slayer you, congratulations. I made up the presidents suite at the HOFTown Inn, next to the Tavern - an jail - so behave.. You can stay a couple nights. Screw any gal in the joint and I got a bottle NicBitch Annihilator Wiskey set aside fer ya. Shit'll strip the nickle plating off a treler hitch. That is all. ps not quite .. sorry I missed yer first arrival the other day.
  9. Roll Call

    4th of July 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders - 659 - Independence Day. NDT Day. ================================== Supporters: bflem-61X CraigMac6 -Quit Day ! TR1960 - 157X
  10. Roll Call

    June 30th 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders -645- Keeping it simple. No Chew For MacD ================================== Supporters: bflem-6XX CraigMac6 -Quit Day 6XX TR1960 - 157X
  11. Roll Call

    QUIT FACTORY June 28, 2017 Quitters: Craig Mac6- Day 697- I post from my phone but i do not know how to post while keeping the same format as the factory produces. The copy and paste method did not work for me using my phone. Hate to say it but this new format has really pushed me away from the site. This site did save my life and I would not be quit without the place and I feel very sorry for the new quitters because I have a feeling this new format has not only pushed me away but others as well. I still check in most days and I would still be posting daily but I can't seem to figure out how to do it using my phone other than the way I'm currently posting. Hope all of you are well. NDT! SUPPORTERS: STS - 20X MacDanders - 654 - Posting is now a cut and paste operation and anything cut and paste on the smart phone is a shit and bake operation. It is possible though. Bflem - 62X
  12. Roll Call

    MacDanders -654- that is me. In lake Lenice, could be Lake Nunnally working a Wooley Bugger. Caught some big ones out of that float tube. I have a new pontoon boat but i always go back to the tube. The hat is the real mckoy. Oil skin sumbitch. With a fresh wax/oilskin treatment good for a couple hours in a good rain before it soaks through. Nice wide brim too. Got it at Outdoor Imporium in Seattle. You should be able to find one in a decent outdoor hunt fish store in Cakalackyland. NDT.
  13. Roll Call

    QUIT FACTORY June 28, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6 - SUPPORTERS: STS - 20X MacDanders - 653 - right on Beef. The Factory remains open. Manufacturing - what exactly? .. It produces products and devices related to helping one stay quit off nicotine. Crave killing salves, Mental reboot firmware for opne's brain, wood chippers and parts for grinding up Nic Bitch, etc. NDT. Bflem - 623- i'm keepin the factory open for now. ndt
  14. Roll Call

    June 28th 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders - 653 - Need to get the Calakawaky Boys over there to CraigMac6's to whack him back into posting mode. Copy latest entry (all of it), click "reply to this post", erase the shit that stays in the screen, Control C (paste), then add your post input. In a way it's easier than before. although from an Android phone a bit tricky highlighting what you want to copy... HTFU CMac. ============================ Supporters: bflem - 623- whack it wednesday. that is all. ndt CraigMac6 - Day 6XX TR1960 - 15XX
  15. Roll Call

    Quitting Today, 6-28-17 Quitters - Dave444 - 156X - Booger - 160X - Supporters/Honorary AssHats - Tiger - 15XX - MacDanders - 653 - I still actually want some strange pussy which is partly why I came here today. To post my AssQuit and see the young asses. NDT TR1960 - 15XX TR1960 - 15XX