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  1. D BOB -------- 900 Not much fanfare anymore but always good to see double zero at the end of my day count. I am so glad I never gave into going back.....so many times I almost did....even as recently as this past spring......but I have come to a real calm about my quit in the last 100 days.....it feels natural.......I feel good!
  2. D BoB -894- For the first time in 3 years I am going on a golf trip I went on for almost 15 years.......with 6 cans of dip for a 3 day golf/dip marathon. I didn't go in 2015 or 2016 because I didn't feel like I could handle the pressure.......This year......I am ready! I am excited to be around these guys and have them wonder how in the hell did I quit! You guys know! THANK YOU! TGIQ!
  3. D BoB -893- Quit for today!
  4. D Bob - 888- A long time to be quit......but then again I was a slave for much longer. I hope everyone is doing well. TGIQ!
  5. 884- I hate to say it but I am starting to hate coming to the site. I still can't post correctly and the scrolling to get to the last post is annoying. Sorry for being a bitch....just hate to see the site get more complicated for the sake of updates. I am still quit....hope everyone has a great 4th.........I'll check in again soon. TGIQ!
  6. 878------------Yes, I agree on all fronts. I am thinking about posting some on Facebook but I am not a regular user there at all. This forum has been such a life changer for so many.......it needs to be kept simple! KISS!
  7. I was hoping the site was back to normal after a week vacation............I'm still quit....877 days.........TGIQ!
  8. I had to come looking to see if I was the only one not digging the new format. Not good at all....I use to be able to post in a minute or less....now click, scroll, click, scroll.....WTF? I hope the quit gods bring back the old format soon. Glad to see you guys are still holding strong! TGIQ!
  9. Ok.....not funny. i don't like the new format....I can't get it to convert over to be able to do regular posting. Hope everyone is doing well............TGIQ!
  10. What the heck happened......I don't stop by for a week and holy shit....it's all screwed up in here............Im still quit.....not going back!
  11. MAYSLAYERS15 6.7.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -858- Is anyone else still getting the deceptive sight thing when you log in? And I still can't post in the shout box. Quit anyway! Duf -857- So there I was...Quit. Supporters: CraigMac6- bflem- TR1960 - Tiger - ]ipoppa33-
  12. MAYSLAYERS15 6.6.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -857- Good one TR.......I will say, I am having a blast with my gig as a golf coach. Wish i could do it full time! You will appreciate this....I cleaned all of the golf bags out from storage to distribute to the kids and there was a can of dip in one of them. Oh how I remember dipping at that age on the golf course. looking like I'll doing more than helping them with their golf game! TGIQ! Duf - Supporters: CraigMac6- bflem- TR1960 - Tiger - ]ipoppa33-
  13. If you quit between 05/23/2017 - 06-21/2017 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to Post Roll Call Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Monday June 5, 2017 Quitters - sign here: Gus - 9 - Thankful to begin the day here and without a wad in my mouth and a spit cup on the desk. NTD Supporters: D BoB -856- Quit is the way we roll.... TGIQ!
  14. MAYSLAYERS15 6.5.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -856- A lot going on......still quit. Duf - Supporters: CraigMac6- bflem- TR1960 - Tiger - ]ipoppa33-
  15. MAYSLAYERS15 6.1.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -852- June 2017 and still quit!!!!!! TGIQ! Duf - Supporters: CraigMac6-Day bflem- TR1960 - Tiger - ]ipoppa33-