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  1. dufd45

    Roll Call

    three years quit Feb 2nd 2018 Thank this site, thank you all, thank my determination. Also coming up on three years quit with the brew's also. March 15 2018 This site does suck though. Hope all is well guys
  2. dufd45

    Quitting Drinking

    Two weeks away from 3 yrs quit. Best decision i ever made.
  3. dufd45

    Quitting Drinking

    No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 6.7.17 Duf - 2yrs- Now that is a great way to reward, and show how much one can save by allowing yourself a clear mind. We went on a small trip celebrating my promotion, her raise, my two quits, and any other reason we could come up with to get away. Nothing better than a great decision to better your life FSHCM - 22 Supporters: Craig-
  4. dufd45

    Roll Call

    MAYSLAYERS15 6.7.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -85 Duf -857- So there I was...Quit. Supporters: CraigMac6- bflem- TR1960 - Tiger - ]ipoppa33-
  5. dufd45

    Gambling Addiction

    TODAY: 5.24.17 Gambling Addict(s): CraigMac6- Day Supporters: bfleM-ngt! Duf - Howd i know youd still be here? Bad ass MoFo
  6. dufd45

    Quitting Drinking

    No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 5.24.17 Duf - 2yrs- and counting "Ugh, i need a drink..." Nope. Nothing is that draining or stressful. FSHCM - 21 Supporters: Craig-
  7. dufd45

    Roll Call

    MAYSLAYERS15 5.24.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -84 Duf -843- Been rainy for 3 days straight in the north country. Today the sunrise is a nice sight. Coffee on the patio. Supporters: CraigMac6 bflem- TR1960 Tiger - ipoppa33
  8. dufd45

    Quitting Drinking

    No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 5.17.17 Duf - 2yrs- and counting- Lotta get togethers, lotta family functions, hanging out bbq'ing, parties with friends, etc. I never wake up with regrets or a loss of memory of last nite. Clear mind and true actions from this guy FSHCM - 20 Supporters: Craig-
  9. dufd45

    Roll Call

    MAYSLAYERS15 5.17.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -837- All in all things are good Craig.....still fight the bitch from time to time.....I know it will always be there but just have to continue to say no daily and worry about tomorrow when it gets here. Thanks for asking. NNT! Duf - 836- If quitting was easy it would be a bunch of pussies sitting around quitting. We ain't pussies. Supporters: CraigMac6- Day 654- Glad to hear everything is going okay. I know the b will never die but its okay bc it can keep us grounded. Grounded in terms of never wanting to go back to that life. Enjoy the day. NDT! bflem-580- mornin gents. none today. TR1960 - Tiger -
  10. dufd45

    Quitting Drinking

    No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 5.15.17 Duf - 2yrs- and counting- I hear ya about busy-ness. Spring/summer gets nuts for me. I am sure your mind is clear and precise while keeping busy. No regrets here ya'll!!! FSHCM - 205 - Pretty sure of the number...but I didn't go back and check. Been a busy body the last month. Supporters: Craig- You are a better man today than you were two years ago and many, many, many people refuse to make that improvement. That's what winning feels like. Being willing to do things others are not. My hats off to you sir as you continue this battle day by day. Have a great weekend sir. NBT!
  11. dufd45

    Roll Call

    MAYSLAYERS15 5.11.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -83 Duf -830- Big days of quit. Busy spring, everything is greening up. Love springtime Quit u betcha! Supporters: CraigMac6- bflem-573- TR1960 - 15
  12. dufd45

    Quitting Drinking

    No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 5.5.17 Duf - 2yrs- and counting- The life without alcohol is hard to explain. The closest word that can explain it is Unimaginable. Very attainable, but unimaginable. Supporters:
  13. dufd45

    Roll Call

    MAYSLAYERS15 5.5.17 8th Floor Slayin' D BoB -82- Duf -824- I think a Friday is a good day to keep slayin'. First weekend of camping. Bought a camper over the winter and going to give it the first voyage this weekend. Dipping is not included in this model. Supporters: CraigMac6- bflem- TR1960 - 153 ipoppa33-
  14. dufd45

    Quitting Drinking

    No Booze Crew ...where 1 is too many and 24 isn't enough. 4.30.17 Duf - 2yrs- and counting- Gotta love the sober life. It's the only way for me! No booze, no stress. Only free living! Supporters: