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  1. Roll Call

    Freedom Day, September 19 2017 Team SBAQ sign in: The Comma Club Tiger - 1700 - Sheventeenhunnert. ODAAT of course. World Renowned Honorary SBAQ bflem-706- i can hear the clangin from cackalacky. congrats. ndt
  2. Roll Call

    Pinchy and the Brain September 18, 2017 Quitters - sign here: Justapinch - 74 - NDT!!! Supporters: STS - 292: No dip for me either. RWM -195- Nope. Dip denied. bflem-705- keep up the good work pinch. ndt
  3. Roll Call

    1st QUIT DIVISION September 18, 2017 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet: RWM -195- Time to break out the secret doomsday machine. NDT! Front Line Support: STS - 292: Keeping quit with you today. Fire up the machine. NDT! Gibb13 - 229 - Doomsday for dip. NDT! bflem-705- give the NB both barrels. ndt
  4. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery September 18, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 292: Not gonna use any dip today. Support Quitters: RWM -195- I signed up for one more day. bflem-705- count me in.
  5. Can you Quit with Vaping?

    Ask away and folks will try to answer them. Bottom line is this addiction is terribly hard to conquer, but it is possible. This site is a great tool to help accomplish that goal. Not to familiar with vaping, but headlines recently have said it could be worse than smoking. That aside, nicotine is nicotine in whatever form you choose to ingest it.
  6. Roll Call

    September 18, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 778- Monday Morning quit. Seems like not long ago where my monday mornings only consisted of trying to get my fix and dreading not being able to dip all day long. Especially after weekend benders where I spent countless hours alone feeding my face of dip. Heck man monday mornings my gums hurt so bad from the constant dipping. I can also recall many monday drives to work where I sat there and felt ashamed and disappointed with myself because i wasn't living life, instead I was living life just to dip. Talk about being a slave. Well, today I will not be a slave. Have a great day men. NDT! SUPPORTERS: bflem-705- free. ndt STS - 292: Amen Craig!! Here is to living life without being a slave to dip.
  7. St Nic-O-Frees Roll Call

    Monday, September 18, 2017 St Nic-O-Frees Euty ~ 4,037 bflem-705
  8. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: September 18, 2017 bflem-705- dip sucks. ndt STS - RWM -
  9. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: September 17, 2017 bflem-704- lost a hen last night. think she got into ant poison. lesson learned. time to tend sand spurs in the hay fields. not gonna lie, NB has been whisperin the past few days pretty strong. i tell her, not today NB, not today. ndt! STS -
  10. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery September 16, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 291: Support Quitters: bflem-704- that sums it up. ndt
  11. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: September 16, 2017 bflem-703- awesome. travel safe. NDT STS - 290: This time next week, I'll be heading to Carolina permanently. No dip here and no dip there. Just no dip for me today. ODAAT!
  12. Roll Call

    Freedom Day, September 14 2017 Team SBAQ sign in: The Comma Club Tiger - 1695 - Awe yeaaaaaa. 7th floor congrats to BFlem! JB - 1668 TR1960 - 1669 - 7 Hundo Congrats BFlem! World Renowned Honorary SBAQ bflem-701- thanks fellers. NDT with you gents!
  13. Roll Call

    September 14, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 774- You are right. I just posted something on your thread about it not being the same since Mac left. All is here brother, hope you are well and the 7th floor has treated you well. Heck things at the factory haven't been the same since the other "C" caved. This place was "C & C's quit factory." Guess its just "C B & S Factory" ha! Keeping on keeping on. NDT! SUPPORTERS: bflem-701- i reckon the older vets than us have seen guys fall well into their quit, such as we assume happened to mac. this being our first one this late into the quit season stings right much. that being said, we quit on remembering the NB is forever lurking. here's to hoping mac wanders back. until then, NDT STS - 288: Quitting with Craig today NDT!
  14. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery September 14, 2017 Quitters - sign here: STS - 288: Totally Quit. NDT! Support Quitters: RWM -191- Quitting with you. NDT! CraigMac6- Day 774- Staying totally quit with ya all! NDT! bflem-701- yep, quit. ndt
  15. Roll Call

    bflem-701- anyone heard from el capitan? NDT!
  16. St Nic-O-Frees Roll Call

    Thursday, September 14, 2017 St Nic-O-Frees Euty ~ 4,033 bflem-701
  17. Roll Call

    Report post Posted 2 hours ago January HOF - sign here: September 14, 2017 bflem-701- no prob boss. appreciate ya'lls support as well. NDT! Support Posse: STS - RWM -191- Congrats on hitting the 7th floor yesterday. Thanks for supporting us other dip addicts along the way. Let's quit another 24 hours. CraigMac6-Day - D BoB -
  18. Roll Call

    1st QUIT DIVISION September 14, 2017 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet: RWM -191- Thanks for the 1st aid. Let's bring out the B52s today. I'd like to bring a firestorm upon the NB. Front Line Support: bflem-701- on that note.......
  19. Roll Call

    July HOF - AUGGIE STYLE September 13, 2017 Quitters - Sign Here: Aug24 - 151 - Just blasted off for the world of 200+, this will be a 49 day journey, with 49 stops along the way.... Support: STS 287: Congrats on being more than half way up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I would say I will see ya up here, but I think I need to go join Benpitt on the third floor real soon. RWM and I have stocked the fridge with cold beverages, and yes the rumor is true, there is free beer on the 2nd floor. NDT ODAAT bflem-700- don't forget the second floor shrimp platter. ask forest for clarification or details. good work aug. ndt
  20. Roll Call

    September 13, 2017. TIN TRASHIN' HALL OF FAMERS MacDanders - ================================== Supporters: CraigMac6 - Day 73+ bflem-700- derski would be 730 tday and would have posted some saloon story for me. i know you caved before boss some time ago, and i imagine it sucks to do it again almost two years quit, but none of us are immune to that. you are not judged here. quit again and come back. TR1960 - 163_
  21. Roll Call

    September 13, 2017 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 77_ SUPPORTERS: bflem-700- punched in and headed up to work on the 7th floor at the factory, shits been slackin since we lost mac. ndt craig. hope you are well boss! STS -
  22. Roll Call

    PMFJ's Quit Group Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Quitters - sign here: PMFJ - 38 - Here I am again, back for another successful day of QUIT! Got my gum, my Tic Tacs, and my bad attitude toward Kodiak, though last night I really had a strong craving!! Not gonna lie, I was tempted. My wife saw and knew what was up. She just gave me a signal and it passed! Whew! I'm sure there will be more of those. I've already beat my past attempt by 3 days and hope to continue forever. Thanks for the support! NDT!! Supporters: Gibb13 - 224 - Every day is a new record, way to hang tough PMFJ! STS - 287: Yep those cravings do come, but they also pass, and we continue to live the quit life of health and freedom One Day AT A Time!\ bflem-700- PFMJ, the fact that you made that post and did not cave is awesome. you will have more craves and they will suck, but you have shown you can beat them. you have beat them. keep focusing on one day at a time boss. great work! ndt
  23. Roll Call

    Freedom Day, September 13 2017 Team SBAQ sign in: The Comma Club Tiger - 1694 - And again, I say nope. TR1960 - 1668 - You can say that again. JB - 1667 World Renowned Honorary SBAQ bflem-700- suck it dip
  24. St Nic-O-Frees Roll Call

    Wednesday, September 13, 2017 St Nic-O-Frees Euty ~ 4,032. CONGRATS on level 7, Bflem!! bflem-700- thanks Eut. thankful indeed
  25. Roll Call

    1st QUIT DIVISION September 13, 2017 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet: RWM -190- certainly not dipping today. I may have blown a gasket but that's temporary. I appreciate the support while I'm not offering my own. Keeping the faith. NDT! Front Line Support: Gibb13 - 224 - Hang in there my friend! STS - 287: Hang tough buddy. You know that dip makes NOTHING better. Anger and grief are a huge part of our brains healing from the nicotine addiction. Had this conversation with my addiction specialist psych yesterday. I find myself doing things that are bit dangerous (thrill seeking) as that is known to trigger a dopamine reaction. I crave dark chocolate, which also is know to release dopamine. We really abused our brains with years of addiction it will take time to heal. bflem-700-rwm, you are solid. parts break along the way and we fix them. going back is not an option bc it equals slavery at a min and death at the max. no thanks, we'll replace parts and embrace the suck bc we choose the path less traveled.