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  1. Roll Call

    bflem-916- NDT. trip got canned last minute. client had to reschedule. sorry for the late notice. i'll keep you posted when it's back on the books. STS - 505: Hope your travels are going well. Staying quit with you. NDT! RWM -40X CraigMac6 -
  2. Roll Call

    If you quit between 03/24/2018 - 04/23/2018 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Wednesday April 18, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Redhawk - 14 - TWO Weeks - feeling vulnerable yet resolute - NDT! ODAAT! Ace - Phil- 17- I have returned from the great white north to continue my quit. I drank many a beer, saw incredible old buildings in Quebec City, and ate more Poutine than I'd ever care to admit. The desire to dip never crossed my mind. I did, however, see one of those Truth Inc. ads up there that made no mention of smoking, only dipping. They should be running those ads here. Supporters: Dillhole - 37 - NDT - nobody understands except you guys RWM 407- Sign me up for another day of whoop ass. NDT. MC - 115. Quitting with you one day at a time. NDT. bflem-915- great work in here. lets put one more day in the books. ndt!
  3. Roll Call

    Wednesday April 18, 2018 Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 53 - IQWYT Dillhole - 37 NDT - I scheduled a 6am meeting. It's about 6:30 now. Everyone is in the conference room. I wonder what they are talking about. Who gives a shit! Pioneer Supporters FoodBuzz -109- I still remember how rough and raw the inside of my cheek would always feel. NDT! RWM -407- I remember someone approaching me and requiring me to talk before I could spit out a mouthful of stewed juices. Not doing that today. JuGray - 323 - Agree with RWM. I used to hate talking to clients while dipping. No more unsightly brown waterfalls for me. NDT bflem-915- yes, those days are behind us now, one day at a time. NDT!
  4. Roll Call

    April 18, 2018 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet: RWM - 407- Bringing a little more to the table than these guys. NDT. Front Line Support: STS - 504: Getting it done with you. Love the video. NDT!\ bflem-915- that is outstanding! NDT!
  5. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery April 18, 2018 Quitters - sign here: STS 504: Each day is a step further away from the prison of tobacco. I'm a free man and I am not going back. One day at a time. Support Quitters: RWM -407- one day older, one day further removed from having that nasty shit in my mouth. Going one step further today. NDT. bflem-915- i'll join ya'll for one more day. NDT!
  6. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: April 18 2018 bflem-915- hell no she doesn't. the NB moves around these parts like the skinnies moving around in downtown mog. skeered for their lives. NDT! STS - RWM - CraigMac6 -
  7. Roll Call

    Tuesday April 17 2018 Pioneer Quitters: Hoggle - 52 - replacements are useful, but I really don't need them anymore. From now on, jellybeans are for snacking, not dipping. But...whatever it takes to stay nic-free. Dillhole - 36 NDT - my go-to back up is thumb tacks. Not the plastic ones, the real metal, sharp as F*%$ ones. SC - day 61 SUPPORTERS: FoodBuzz -108- NDT! Good to hear Hoggle! Hard days come and go though. Keep a backup substitute for dip handy just in case. But so awesome to hear quit is going well. Jelly Beans...I recall Ronald Reagan beating the NB (smokes) using jelly beans. In fact he stuck with a certain brand. The publicity was big enough to grow a well known jelly bean company known today as Jelly Belly. What ever it takes...NDT! STS - 503: Staying quit with the Pioneers. NDT! bflem-914- if the pioneers are quitting today i reckon i am also. NDT!
  8. Roll Call

    If you quit between 03/24/2018 - 04/23/2018 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Tuesday April 17, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Redhawk - 13 - I'm quitting here today with y'all. NFDT! No unlucky 13 for me. Dip can suck it! Ace - Supporters: Dillhole - 36 NDT - quitting today with Ace and Redhawk. This is still work. Don't let your guard down. It's still, and will forever be, one day at a time. bflem-914- here to quit with ya'll. keep up the good work. NDT!
  9. Roll Call

    April 17, 2018 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet: RWM - Front Line Support: Dillhole - 36 - NDT STS - 503: Dip is not welcome in these parts. NDT! bflem-914- another day of quittin. NDT!
  10. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery April 17, 2018 Quitters - sign here: STS - 503: Trying my best to live a good and happy life. Dillhole, retirement will be nice, but how do I get there without being so damn old? NDT! Support Quitters: bflem-913- no way, no how. NDT! Dillhole - 36 NDT - I hate to wish my life away, but I can't wait till retirement bflem-914- not gonna dip today. NDT!
  11. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: April 17 2018 bflem-914- tuesday quit is in full effect. NDT! STS - RWM - CraigMac6 -
  12. St Nic-O-Frees Roll Call

    Monday, April 16, 2018 St Nic-O-Frees Euty ~ 4,247 bflem-913
  13. Roll Call

    Monday April 16 2018 Pioneer Quitters: Hoggle - 51 Dillhole - 35 - no dip today - BBQ yesterday was awesome. Rained most of the day but the food was outstanding. Boilermaker - 29 - NDT The weekends seem the toughest to get through. Made it through another one though: SC - day 60 - NDT - way to make it through the weekend boys Tank - Day 50 - Haven't heard from Linux, wish he would stop by and give us an explanation of what's up. I have SplinterCell's phone number and he has mine, so this won't happen with us. I'm going to message Dillhole and Boilermaker to exchange phone numbers so it doesn't happen with them. Hoggle, we can exchange emails or make other arrangements. I've quit dip shit numerous times on this website and this is the third longest quit ever for me. I've exchanged numbers with a couple of guys here for the first time ever as I never understood the need to do so. The few back and forth texts we've had have really added a layer of accountability and helped to cement my quit. Hopefully you guys agree? Supporters: STS - 502: Lot's of rain here yesterday, but no damn poison tobacco. Let's win the day. NMFDT! PMFJ - 254 - PBoQ!! Yes, we survived another weekend. Gotta work toward the next one ODAAT! NMFD!! JuGray - 320 - Weekends can be tough, for me the worst was time spent driving. Try to find a replacement, either some physical thing(like an oral substitute) or some mental thing that just takes ur mind off it for a while. Either way u beat the nic bitch, and thats what its all about. NDT DWLT - 102 - Not chewing today with the Pioneer Quitters. Agree with JuGray on finding a replacement. A dip of regular dry coffee helped me beat down lots of craves, or black pepper flavored Spitz sunflower seeds. Whatever it takes to beat One Crave at a Time, One Day at a Time, and it does get easier over time. RWM -405- good job everyone. I agree 100% with Tank. NDT. bflem-913- wise words from tank. quit with ya'll today. NDT!
  14. Roll Call

    April 16, 2018 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet: RWM - 405- ding ding, round 405 and coming out swinging. NDT. Front Line Support: PMFJ -254 - Go for the KO!! Around here, 405 means a traffic nightmare! NMFD!! bflem-913- NDT!
  15. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery April 16, 2018 Quitters - sign here: STS - 502: Dip is not part of my life today! NDT! Support Quitters: bflem-913- no way, no how. NDT!
  16. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: April 16 2018 bflem-913- Thanks for the offer Bruce. I'll def. take you up on it if time permits. I'll keep you posted on the itinerary. NDT! STS - RWM - CraigMac6 -
  17. Roll Call

    Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 49 - we take days off when the nic bitch does. Oh, the nic bitch never takes a day off? Neither do we. Dillhole 33 - FUCK! SHIT! my week end profanity mother fucking post. (posting from home fucking rocks!) NDT - I noticed my dick has grown since I stopped dipping. The wife is happy. Boilermaker - 27- NDT. Weekends are hard but Fuck Dip. Dillhole, me too!! SC - 57 congrats on the bigger dick Dilhole!! Tank - 48 - Mine's grown too - up to 2 3/4 inches! Supporters: STS - 500 - Right now my brain never lets me forget that I have quit tobacco, and my heart lets never forget that I am never going back to using. One day at a time of course. Proudly quitting with the pioneers today. NMFDT! FoodBuzz -105- Can we grill possum or coon here ? STS on the 5th floor!! Oh shit look out world this is bigger than a Vanilla Ice & MC Hammer concert! BOOM. NDT ipoppa33- day 1523- NDT! RWM -403- NDT. bflem-912- they eat coon in these parts. NDT!
  18. Roll Call

    To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Saturday April 14, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Redhawk- 10 - Not feeding the Beast - NDT Supporters: MC - 111. Great group here. Keep it up and make sure to keep each other accountable. It's been huge for XdipshitZ (April quitters) and I've used it as my secret weapon to beat back my addiction. Proud to be quitting with you. NDT STS - 500: Good to see MC in here nice and early. Like he says, this is a great group here. Hang together and help get each other through the rough patches. I plan on staying quit with you guys today. RWM -403- the only way to break the cycle is to not feed the beast. Keep doing that. It gradually gets better. NDT! FoodBuzz -105- I will win today with Redhawk!! Ain’t gonna feed the beast! bflem-912- NDT!
  19. Roll Call

    April 14, 2018 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet: RWM - 403- going in hot and heavy today. I'm gonna mess dip up. NDT! Front Line Support: STS - 500: Love me some Saturday the 14th. Big time quit today with you. NDT! bflem-912- gonna be in the hive this afternoon. giving them more real estate prior to the honey flow. NDT!
  20. Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery April 14, 2018 Quitters - sign here: STS - 500 days. Thank you guys for all the support along the way. NDT! Support Quitters: RWM -403- Congratulations on your move up to the 5th floor. Helluva job! I heard the food is better and the drinks are colder and there are fewer NB door-to-door solicitors. We lock the door and post security, yet they seem to come at will. Enjoy the view. NDT. bflem-912- Congrats to the man. Bruce you are an awesome quitter and supporter. Keep it up. I may be in Morganton for work next Thursday for a client. I'll let you know. you gonna be around?
  21. Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: April 14 2018 bflem-912- thanks for opening up shop. this is my first saturday not at work in 5 months. I'll take. NDT! STS - 500: Dip is not where it is at. NDT! RWM -403- no flavored chemically engineered death leaf today. CraigMac6 - Congrats STS on 500. You are one hell of a supporter!
  22. St Nic-O-Frees Roll Call

    Friday, April 13, 2018 St Nic-O-Frees Euty ~ 4,244 bflem-911
  23. Roll Call

    April 13, 2018 Quitters: CraigMac6- SUPPORTERS: STS - 499: Thought I could lend RWM a hand on the line. NDT! bflem-911- the factory keeps manufacturing grade A quit. NDT! RWM - punching the time clock for a shift. NDT
  24. Roll Call

    To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key! Friday April 13 2018 Quitters - sign here: Phil- 12, 13, 14, 15, 16- Slept through TWO of my alarms this morning, sat in traffic on my way to work, and came in to computer problems. Since then, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get caught up and get back on track before my vacation. Please be advised that I will not be posting during my trip to Quebec City. I don't know what kind of access I will have to the internet while I am there. I WILL have accountability while I am there, since my Girlfriend will not allow me to dip, and we will be together the whole time. I knowingly will be breaking one of the golden rules and will be making a promise for today, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I will be back on Wednesday to quit with yous guys Ace - 18 - Let's go boys. Quitting hardddd on a Friday! NDT! Redhawk - 9 - Nein dip for me today. Gotta crave case goin on this morning but no White Castle for me today! I say Nein! Supporters Dillhole - 32 NDT - opening the quit shop this morning. what a lucky day to be here with you gents! RWM -402- Got some hardcore quitters in here. You will do this. Don't spend any time bullshitting yourself and romancing the bitch. Write it down, like Phil and Redhawk have been doing, then move right the fuck on. Your attitude toward dip should be anger, hatred, and ultra-violent. FUCK THAT SHIT! NDT MC - 110. Keep it up Phil, Ace & Redhawk. Proud to be quitting with you. NDT. STS - 499: Quitting dip has not been easy. but it has been so worth it. Honored to stay quit with all of you today. Fuck dip and the horse it rode in on! FoodBuzz -104- Quitting today with those that are wearing banana hammocks...or not wearing banana hammocks. The banana hammock is optional quitting dip is not optional...it’s a requirement!!!! PMFJ - 251 - Let's go July Boys! I love RWM's response, Fuck DIP!! And move on. I don't need a banana hammock but I desperately want one!! Hang in there Phil! No caves on Friday the 13th!! NMFD!! bflem-911- great work in here guys. let's keep it up. ndt!
  25. Roll Call

    Friday, April 13, 2018 Pioneer Quitters: Hoggle - 48 - stoking the watch fire just for Linux; let's hope he hasn't caved outta this wagon train. Dillhole - 32 No Dip Today - half day vaca today! Boilermaker - 26 - still fighting the good fight. NDT and lots of sugar free Trident Splintercell - 57 days today folks Tank - Day 47 - I dip free Friday's lol. NFarginDT Supporters: FoodBuzz -104- Gotta keep the midnight fire lit. Roasting dipless marshmallows with Hoggle! Stay strong. RWM -402- Turning those early morning embers into a bonfire...a funeral pyre for the NB. Burn, baby, burn. STS - 499: Burn baby burn!!! ipoppa33- day 1522- NDT! PMFJ - 251 - PBoQ! While we're burning up the NB, could we roast up some grub?? No caves this weekend June Boys! Hey Linux, where the hell are you? The boys are wondering what's up. NMFD!! JuGray - 317 - Keep up the good work, Pioneers. Dont worry about other people, just worry about your own quit. Its kinda like when an airline steward says to put your own oxygen mask on before helping someone else. If their mask is not on and they cave, if your mask is on securely, you can support them better when they return. NDT bflem-911- here to quit with some serious dip slayers. proud to quit beside each of you. i had ratatouille for dinner, how about ya'll? NDT!