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  1. Roll Call

    Still none for me. Had a rough day earlier this week and got through it.
  2. Roll Call

    Still none for me. Had a rough day earlier this week and got through it.
  3. Roll Call

    Haven't signed in and done roll call for a few days but it's been two weeks and still quit. Today was a struggle, a deal fell through on a outboard motor and came home and the kids were cranky and tired.
  4. Roll Call

    Still going strong
  5. Roll Call

    Been over a week now and it's going good, cravings are less frequent now and manageable.
  6. Quit smoking

    Been reading everything I can on this site and it's great to see all the support for one another. You guys that have reached the HOF and still going strong, it means a lot to see all the time you guys put in to still help all us new quitters. Thanks!!
  7. Quit Techniques

    I have avoided any habits that remind me of dipping, no sunflower seeds or jerky chew. Just some mints to suck on. Didnt bother with the patch or gum. Never had any luck with that stuff. I think using this site daily will help more than any nicotine substitute. It's given me a real positive feeling about quitting.
  8. The "burn it down" thread....

    A lot of helpful tips and reading material on this site, it helps to know I'm not the only one struggling. I've tried to quit atleast 10 times and always do it on your own. Having the support from the guys on this site change that. To come on here and say I'm gonna quit quitting would be tough and I'd be letting everyone down, not just myself. I'm gonna beat this addiction this time and a big thanks to all the supporters on this site!
  9. Roll Call

    Keeping busy and reading hall of fame speeches have made this a lot easier so far. Can't wait to write my own speech!
  10. Roll Call

    Most cravings have lasted about 2 minutes and then I'm good again for a while. Keeping busy helps. Gotta slow down on the candy though.
  11. Quit smoking

    Thanks Tiger Refuge, site has been very useful so far. I've used skoal for almost 16 years. Have two young children. Planned on quitting years ago and have failed everytime. This time I gotta do it and with the help of this site I'm sure I can
  12. Roll Call

    Day 3 is almost in the books. Really enjoy reading HOF articles. Wish I would of known about this site sooner. So many stories that I can relate to.
  13. Roll Call

  14. Roll Call

    Hi I quit yesterday and I am trying to figure out this site. Am I in the right place
  15. Quit smoking

    I'm trying to figure out this site. Just found it yesterday. Any suggestions where to start