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  1. See The Spector

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    PMFJ's Quit Group July 18, 2018  Quitters - PMFJ- Supporters - RWM-499- takes 28 days to cure, so you should be swimming in about a month. NDT. STS - 596: I'll start pricing airfare NDT!
  2. See The Spector

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    Land Shark
  3. See The Spector

    Count to a...... Million? Game

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  5. See The Spector

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    Thursday July 19, 2018  Quitters - sign here: Skins42 -  n8wing - Brisket Chaser - 71  Bironic -  DBCH -   Supporters- FoodBuzz -201- Rise and shine it's quitting time!! I keep my quit going by not staying up late, being well rested, drinking water, exercising, and telling people I quit.  STS - 596: A whole lot of quitting going on it here. I want to join in. No freaking dip for me. ODAAT
  6. See The Spector

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    Report post Posted 2 hours ago (edited) Banana Hammocks   Thursday July 19, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Fredy -  Phil - 109- absolutely NDT  red - Ace Banana Supporters a.k.a. Jock Straps: FoodBuzz -201- Why would anyone ever want to put that crap in their mouth...ever! NDT!! STS - 596: Not me. Not today at least. ODAAT
  7. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    Pioneer Quitters  July 19, 2018 Hoggle - 146 PMFJ - 348 - It's only 12:15 am PST so I'll come back later this morning to re-post. I asked a question the other day and got only one response from someone who posted after me. It wasn't a serious question so no biggie, but it kind of tells me that many of us really don't check back during the day to see if anyone has responded to a comment or question. I was really, genuinely interested to find out who preferred eggs with spinach or spinach with eggs as that was the debate in my kitchen a few mornings ago. I, like RWM, prefer eggs with spinach. My wife is the opposite so she made her breakfast and then I made breakfast for the rest of the family. See, not a real serious issue. But if I were a Newbie and wanted some advice on how to beat a crave, I'd have to hit up some more quit groups to get some responses. Buenas noches. No spinach with eggs in a few hours, I cooked it all for dinner. Cereal con leche. NMFD!! ipoppa33- day 1619- NDT! FoodBuzz - 201- NDT! Eggs with spinach for sure. Spinach with eggs sounds too healthy and like it's raw spinach. STS - 596: I like eggs with spinach and feta. Some really crispy ass bacon on the side and a fuck ton of coffee to round it off. No freaking dip!
  8. See The Spector

    Roll Call

     Thursday July 19, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 196 - NDT! Bonanza - Day 193...has a nice ring to it. NDT! (and happy day CC hangover to FoodBuzz!) FoodBuzz -201- Living it up for another day of quit! NDT! STS - 596: I am in on the quit life today. NDT!
  9. See The Spector

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    July 19, 2018 1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:  RWM -499- busy day but TPT all the same. 5th floor party tomorrow. Front Line Support: STS - 496: Getting the grill warmed up and tapping a new keg of my homemade root beer. Gibb and I will see you tomorrow.
  10. See The Spector

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    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery  July 19, 2018 Quitters - sign here: STS - 596: Very quit today. ODAAT Support Quitters:
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    Tiger Woods
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    PMFJ's Quit Group July 18, 2018  Quitters - PMFJ - 347- Wednesday Quit Train is here. So is the concrete for the wife's pool. NMFD!! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_q4WOLjpr-I" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Supporters -  STS - 595: On the quit train. Please hurry and get that pool finished - I am ready for a swim.
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    Stay Halt or Lodge
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