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  1. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    PMFJ's Quit Group November 16, 2018   Quitters - PMFJ - 468 - Stayin quit on a Friday. I just need to get through this day, then a week off to deal with Honey Do list and her Birthday and Turkey Day. I caught up on some of those stories on the QS site. I wish I had seen them a long time ago. Stay Quit, my friends! NMFD!! STS - 716: Birthday? Do I hear the Birthday Train coming??? NDT!
  2. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    16 NOV 18   1st Quit Div. Muster Sheet:  RWM -619- It's Flying Drop Kick Friday. NDT.  Front Line Support: bflem-1,129-ndt! PMFJ - 468 - Damn! I hope nobody does that to me. NMFD!! STS 716: Quit with ya'll No drop kicks in my life please
  3. See The Spector

    Roll Call

     Friday, November 16 Quitters - sign here: red - 226 - Phil keeping in alive, love it. Stay strong friends with the holidays upon us. I'm heading to Disney with the family for a week starting tonight. It will be awesome not to have to pack 2 logs of chew and be nervous that I'll run out. Not to mention purchasing the logs and realizing this is a waste of money that could literally pay for my family's next Disney vacation if I quit. STS - 716: Agreed Red. Hated to have to pack 20 cans for a vacation (always chewed more on vacation) especially internationally, where it was always questioned. Our taxi got stopped in Rio for a roadside drug sting (yes they target Americans) so these guys with machine guns were digging through my chew, which I had to explain in broken Spanish (Spanglish) was tobacco. Not my life anymore
  4. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    January HOF - sign here: November  bflem-1,129- Craig, always nice to have you stop by. Congrats on the 12th floor. Fridays rule is in effect. Trolls live in caves. Hoping to put a deer down this weekend and put meat in the freezer and on the table. good day gents! ndt! STS - 716 Dip free with you Bryan. NDT! RWM - CraigMac6- Day
  5. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    November 15, 2018 Quitters: CraigMac6- Day 1201- I really do appreciate you gentlemen coming in here from time to time when I post. I'm not here as much as I should yet you guys still find time to post up in my thread. It says a lot about the each of you as men and your character as well. I truly appreciate you fine men. Yes where does the time go! Gosh it seems like yesterday we were struggling to make it through one day without sweating bullets because the NB was at our ear. Now all of a sudden, we are 600 plus days quit. While it hasnt been easy, it sure does get ( a little) easier with each day. I know at any time I could become a full addict again, so I will never say this addiction has been conquered because it hasn't but after that first year things do seem to go a little smoother. Anyway, I wanted to share some good news with you gents. I''m really excited yet nervous but I'm going to be a DAD this coming June! My fiance has 2 kids of her own and I love them like they are mine but after seeing that ultra sound yesterday of the heart beating, it truly took my breath away. Life is so precious, yet full of emotions. Again thanks for always coming in here gents. Your time is much appreciated. Oh yeah, day 60 of being gambling free! Have a beautiful evening all. NDT! NGT! SUPPORTERS: STS - 715: I know I am a day late (probably a dollar short as well) on this post. But also wanted to offer congrats on Fatherhood and on 60 days without gambling. You have been a great supporter of mine Craig. I should be down in Columbia, SC sometime about the second week of December. I'll keep ya posted. RWM-618- saw the factory chimney bellowing steam. We got work today boys! Congrats on the great news, craigmac. Fatherhood is a blessing and much better without dip or gambling addictions in the picture. Everybody thought it was weird that I seemed to love dip more than my kids. It wasn't true, but master required that I kept it fed and occupied. NDT! bflem-1,11X
  6. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    November 16, 2018 STS - 716: Opening up the shop today. So I can Say. No Dip Today. Fucking tobacco can kiss my A! O-Kay!!!!
  7. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    Dipless Duo  Friday Nov 16 Quitters Aug4-105- tank this is 13 weeks for you. I spent time the last few days to hall of fame really trying to remember how bad the early quit days were so that I would never get in a spot of having to redo the first 25 days again. Take some time to reflect on this quit. Looking forward to your hof party in a few days Supporters: STS - 716: You are doing it right Aug4. Reflecting on where you have come from and the hard work you put in is important. Being on this site lets me know that I CAN live a dip-free life. I just have to actively make it happen every day. One day at a time. Fuck Tobacco
  8. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    Nov 16, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Leevit - 76 - I am thankful for the 75 days free and clear. I have been this far before and then somehow decided it would be a good idea lay out some very good money for a pouch of shredded turd and then stuff it in my cheek. Just one of course. And then I'm back to hiding spit bottles under my truck seat (found one last week) and drooling on clean shirts. Staying free one day at a time is better. And, by the way RWM, what is this this beaver stuff!?  Support Quitters  Aug4 -105. You can do this one day or one hour or one minute at a time. STS - I am quit with you Leevit!! ODAAT
  9. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    If you quit between 10/25/2018 - 11/21/2018 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call  How to Post Roll ------> http://forum.qssn.org/index.php?/topic/2794-how-to-post-roll-call/  Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet  Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key  November 16, 2018  Quitters Sign Here: Nick- Day 22. Good to see you all made it through another day. KillShot, any luck? My first few times out after I quit it was hard to sit still. I found using fake dip helped some. Sucking on some sour candy worked too. I hope you all have a happy dip-free Friday Bam - 23. NDT killshot- 13 no luck yet. I have been using jerky chew and mints seems to be doing the trick. SUPPORTERS: STS - 716: Yep, do or chew (except tobacco) whatever it takes to not put dip in your mouth. I have tried just about every possible quit-aid during my quit, and had found that TeaZa pouches are for me the absolute best oral pacifier. I never chewed pouches when I was dipping, but these big flavorful pouches are a Godsend. I do not work for them or have any financial interest in Tea-Za. https://teazaenergy.com/store/teaza-shop/
  10. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery  November 16, 2018  Quitters - sign here: STS - 716: Feeling good about staying dip-free today. Dip is not part of my life. ODAAT Support Quitters:
  11. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    PMFJ's Quit Group November 15, 2018   Quitters - PMFJ - 467 - I only remember reading the letter to the wives of tobacco chewers. Bluesman's story was great and Tom's very sad. I feel quite grateful that I was spared such a fate and those stories have helped me strengthen my resolve to stay quit. Down with TBT today! NMFD!! STS - 715: I agree Peter. Bluesman's story was my story as well. After reading that, I knew that I could live a life without dip, where as before I really thought I needed it to be who I was. The man helped change my life, and I am happy to say that I have had to honor to be messaging back and forth with him on occasion and to thank him. He was a big time addicted all-day dipper just like me. He tells the story of one of teenage son's friends who started dipping. So I guess father and son had a talk about dipping. The son was floored to learn that his father was once a dipper, because it was so not a part of him anymore. Of course now, every new person that we meet will never know we were dippers unless we tell them. It is not part of our lives anymore and I am so thankful.
  12. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    If you quit between 10/25/2018 - 11/21/2018 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call  How to Post Roll ------> http://forum.qssn.org/index.php?/topic/2794-how-to-post-roll-call/  Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet  Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key  November 14, 2018  Quitters Sign Here: Bam - day 22. Congrats on 3 weeks Nick. No dip for me today. I had some serious, SERIOUS cravings yesterday. Like as strong as my first few days. They weren't all day but maybe 3 or 4 of them. I didn't expect that. I'm sharing so you guys don't let your guard down. ODAAT SUPPORTERS: aug4-104- I enjoy watching this room. Bunch of folks quitting together and providing support to one another. Good job RWM -618- seal the lip and you will quit. bflem-1,128- way to power thru bam. That's how it's done. When you want a dip hold your breathe. I guarantee you will breathe before you put dip in your mouth, thus proving you value life more than dip. boom. ndt with you fine folks! STS - 715: Way to power through those cravings. A little rage can help you power through. It;s amazing how they will come and they will go. Usually it's just a matter of being strong for a few minutes and the crave kinda goes away. I always laugh and remind myself that "I don't do that shit anymore" "that's not who I am". I am going to stay quit with all of you today.
  13. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    November 15, 2018 DWLT - 315 - I'll pass again today. ODAAT! FoodBuzz -320- Dip? What’s that? Ewe no thanks! NDT! STS - 715: Dip is one thing I will not be doing today.
  14. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    Pioneer Quitter  November SC - Drop it like its hot - WND! PMFJ - RWM - STS - 715: done with dip
  15. See The Spector

    Roll Call

    BANANA HAMMOCKS  Thursday November 15, 2018 Quitters - sign here: Phil red - 225 NDT - Phil you still free man? Fredy, you alive? STS - 715: No dip for me. I miss Fredy as well