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  1. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Pioneer Quitters Sunday, May 6th, 2018 Hoggle - 71 - What is the weirdest thing you own? In my case, that would be a little Soviet pocket watch that tells 24 hour time. Handwind mechanical. Keeps time pretty well, but very small and fragile. Has a picture of Antarctica on the dial, and the Russian Cryllics 'CCCP' above the 6 o'clock position. Prolly junk made for the tourist trade, but who gives a shit. SC - 80 - I purchased a rifle a couple months ago at a gun show - it is a type 38 Japanese Arisika. It was made pre WWII and has Japanese markings on the barrel. The wood is in decent shape too. I found out that after the end of the war, the Japanese through all their Arisika making equipment into a harbor and none have been made since that day forward. SUPPORTERS: JuGray -341 - The weirdest thing I own? Either my Koga, a simple non-bladed weapon, or a hand-carved ball I got in China, its made from one piece of bone and has 3 carved balls inside eachother... I also have another one made of jade. NDT
  2. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Thursday April 19 2018 Pioneer Quitters: Hoggle - 54 - belated congratulations to Boiler. Dillhole - 38 - shit! if only I got on line when I walked in the door. I would have been first to post roll. Oh well. Following Hoggle's lead. NDT. That monkey on my back keeps getting thumped on a daily basis. I like it, be he doesn't. Supporters: JuGray -324 - In case no one has told you yet, Im proud of all of you. More importantly, I am proud to stand with you all in our daily fight. Stay strong, you guys are kicking the shit out of the NB. NDT
  3. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Wednesday April 18, 2018 Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 53 - IQWYT Dillhole - 37 NDT - I scheduled a 6am meeting. It's about 6:30 now. Everyone is in the conference room. I wonder what they are talking about. Who gives a shit! Pioneer Supporters FoodBuzz -109- I still remember how rough and raw the inside of my cheek would always feel. NDT! RWM -407- I remember someone approaching me and requiring me to talk before I could spit out a mouthful of stewed juices. Not doing that today. JuGray - 323 - Agree with RWM. I used to hate talking to clients while dipping. No more unsightly brown waterfalls for me. NDT
  4. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Monday April 16 2018 Pioneer Quitters: Hoggle - 51 Dillhole - 35 - no dip today - BBQ yesterday was awesome. Rained most of the day but the food was outstanding. Boilermaker - 29 - NDT The weekends seem the toughest to get through. Made it through another one though: SC - day 60 - NDT - way to make it through the weekend boys Supporters: STS - 502: Lot's of rain here yesterday, but no damn poison tobacco. Let's win the day. NMFDT! PMFJ - 254 - PBoQ!! Yes, we survived another weekend. Gotta work toward the next one ODAAT! NMFD!! JuGray - 320 - Weekends can be tough, for me the worst was time spent driving. Try to find a replacement, either some physical thing(like an oral substitute) or some mental thing that just takes ur mind off it for a while. Either way u beat the nic bitch, and thats what its all about. NDT
  5. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Friday, April 13, 2018 Pioneer Quitters: Hoggle - 48 - stoking the watch fire just for Linux; let's hope he hasn't caved outta this wagon train. Dillhole - 32 No Dip Today - half day vaca today! Boilermaker - 26 - still fighting the good fight. NDT and lots of sugar free Trident Splintercell - 57 days today folks Tank - Day 47 - I dip free Friday's lol. NFarginDT Supporters: FoodBuzz -104- Gotta keep the midnight fire lit. Roasting dipless marshmallows with Hoggle! Stay strong. RWM -402- Turning those early morning embers into a bonfire...a funeral pyre for the NB. Burn, baby, burn. STS - 499: Burn baby burn!!! ipoppa33- day 1522- NDT! PMFJ - 251 - PBoQ! While we're burning up the NB, could we roast up some grub?? No caves this weekend June Boys! Hey Linux, where the hell are you? The boys are wondering what's up. NMFD!! JuGray - 317 - Keep up the good work, Pioneers. Dont worry about other people, just worry about your own quit. Its kinda like when an airline steward says to put your own oxygen mask on before helping someone else. If their mask is not on and they cave, if your mask is on securely, you can support them better when they return. NDT
  6. JuGray

    Roll Call

    April 10, 2018 Pioneer Quitters: Hoggle - 45 - yeap; still stoking the midnight watch fire at the good old Pioneer Bivouac of Quit with FoodBuzz - you still Quit, bro? Dillhole - 29 NDT - WTF - how is it that Hoggle beats me in here every single day. You are badass Hoggle! Supporters: FoodBuzz -101- Absolutely still Quit! Crazy busy work, but it’s no reason to slip a dip in. That shit is nasty! RWM -399- You'll have to get up earlier Dillhole. Here's to another day of quit. Anything worth something shouldn't come easy. NDT. JuGray -315- Im quitting with all of u again today. NDT
  7. JuGray

    Roll Call

  8. JuGray

    Roll Call

    April 6, 2018 Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 41 - grab some BBQ and a cold beer, then come and quit with us at the Pioneer Bivouac of Quit! Dillhole - 25 - NNT - I don't miss dipping with my morning coffee. I didn't even think of dip in the shower this morning. Baby steps. Linux@root Day 31 No dip today. Why? Because I freakin can! Supporters: FOODBUZZ: -97- Honestly want to be true to all. Love the company and community we got going. Do I still crave at times? Yes. I fight it with posting and texting my quit brothers/sisters. My late night we’re always heavy dip time. So I quit with Hoggle who re-energizes me late at night! I thank you and your awesome vocabulary!! CraigMac6- Day 978- A win is a win Dillhole. I recall washing dishes for the first time without dip, it felt very strange and it took about 10 to 15 times of doing the dishes without dip to truly realize i could do that task without a pinch in my mouth. Now-a-days I do them daily without any thought of dip. Thats the way this quitting thing works I guess, but keep on pushing forward and the blessings of being quit will rain down on you! Great work in here men. No cave friday! NDT! DWLT - 92 - Quittin with the Pioneer Quitters today! Keep up the fight and don't give in. No Dip Today, One Day At A Time, is a winning game plan for every day going forward. ipoppa33- day 1515- NDT! Glad to be quit with you quitters today! RWM -395- One day at a time, but have patience. Each day quit is a win. Glad I don't have to remind you all that we post on weekends. See you tomorrow. NDT. STS - 492. Linux says it all. Why no dip today? Because I can!!!! Fucking A Right. I don't have to let the can control me. I am the one calling the shots now, and say fuck you dip, you are just not part of my life anymore. One day at a time of course. NMFDT!! PMFJ - 244 - Fragging the shit out of the NB today! She ain't going to get me today and don't let her get you either! You know what to do! NMFD!! Tiger - 1899 - Hell to the yes. Y'all are winning the shit out of this No Cave Friday! Woohoo! JuGray- 311 - This group rocks. Dont get overconfident. In no time you'll be at 100 days. NDT
  9. JuGray

    Roll Call

    April 5, 2018 Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 40 - grab some BBQ and a cold beer, then come and quit with us at the Pioneer Bivouac of Quit! Dillhole - 24 - nothing better than venison backstrap on the grill - minus the dip today, maybe an NA Beer SC - 49 - I am quitting with all you glorious bastards today Tank - Day 39 - Thoroughly enjoyed all the big words yesterday, and an office Panda to boot! Hangin at the Biv BBQ today without dip shit - life is good! Supporters: FoodBuzz -96- Quitting with the word smith Hoggle! BBQ...I’ll take chicken drums and thighs. Beer...a tall Fat Tire. I’ll bring my own lazy boy chair for a nap afterwards Forget the chew!! STS - 491: Keeping quit with the Pioneers today. NDT ODAAT! bflem-903- venison is where it's at. throw in some waterfowl and we have ourselves some tasty vittles. ndt with ya'll! JuGray - 310- All this talk of BBQ makes me think of Blue Waffle (not blueberry waffles). If you've never heard of it, google it. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts . NDT
  10. JuGray

    Roll Call

    April 4, 2018 Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 39 - grab some BBQ and a cold beer, then come and quit with us at the Pioneer Bivouac of Quit! Dillhole - 23 according to my counter - I use to grill out every weekend back when I was drinking and dipping. Now that I have quit both, I prefer eating out on weekends. No dip and no booze today. Tank - Day 38 - Glad you got your days quit straightened out Hoggle, it was Pandemonium trying to figure out my days quit by following your lead Hey how bout that word Pandemonium? I figure if you can use Bivouac, I can use Pandemonium. Anyone have any other big words to use today?? Linux@root Day 29 no bacco no booze Wed. How about a stupid business phrase? I'm punching the puppy today to stay off tobacco. Supporters: FoodBuzz -94- Shit I’d quit with Hoggle anytime in the midnight hours. Hellz yeah I’ll take some BBQ. I love chicken thigh, wing, and drum! Run it KC, Texas Mesquite , or fried! Quitting with Hoggle in the PBoQ for sure! RWM -393- BBQ and Pandemonium. My fucking day has been made and it's only 5:15 A fuckin M. CraigMac6- Day 976- Nice group you guys have going here. Keep it up and stick together during the tough times. Great to see so many people taking back control of their lives. It doesnt get any better than that. Awesome! NDT! Splint - 48 days with the PQ, have a good one boys ipoppa33- day 1513- NDT! PMFJ - 242 - Can't beat Hoggle's last post! Cute panda! This is a fun group, keep it up. NMFD!! STS - 490: Saying no to the slavery of tobacco addiction for another day with you all. I'm still an addict, I am just not using. Keep up the good work Pioneers. JuGray -309- I actively dissuade myself from using big words, but my days are usually filled with pandas... NDT
  11. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Tuesday; April 3rd, 2018 Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 39 - still pulling firewatch at the Pioneer Bivouac Of Quit. (the idea is that the Pioneer Quitters meet at the Pioneer Bivouac Of Quit). Dillhole - 21 - I'm gonna have to google that word, Bivouac. Slept like shit last night. Should make for a good snooze tonight though. NNT Pioneer Supporters: FoodBuzz -94- Oh snap I quit for another day. I hope there’s a water cooler in the Bivouac. Quitting with Hoggle out on the plains! JuGray- 308 - I love sleeping under the stars, Ill join you in the Bivouac. NDT
  12. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Monday, April 2, 2018 Pioneer Quitters Hoggle - 38 - IQWYT Supporters: JuGray -307 - Lovin the early morning quit, Hoggle. Starting the day off right. NDT
  13. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Sunday, April 1, 2018 Quitters: Hoggle - 37 - IQWYT Dill hole 19. No dip today. Splintercell 45 - happy Easter folks Linux@root Day 26 Happy Easter. Going to church dyeing eggs and taking it easy today. You got it BRB two minutes is usually the threshold. Tank - Day 36 - We are blessed with a strong group of 5 quitters and many awesome supporter quitters. Happy Easter. NDT Supporters: FoodBuzz -92- Why would I ever put that shit in my mouth again? It’s such a downer! NDT! You guys are awesome for quitting!! STS - 487: Happy Easter Pioneers. Joining you in not dipping today. NDT! RWM -390- Not dipping today. Tiger - 1894 - Only serious ass quitters post on Sundays. Great work, y’all! JuGray - 306 - Happy Easter! NDT
  14. JuGray

    Roll Call

    Friday, March 30, 2018 QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which would you rather have - a chance to go back in time and fix all your mistakes, or $10,000,000.00 cash?Pioneer QuittersHoggle - 35 - I'd choose to fix my mistakes. I wouldn't be quite as rich, but at least I'd have a clean conscience. Dillhole 17 NNT - following Hoggle's lead. Fix my mistakes - damn tough question - kinda glad neither could ever happen Supporters: JuGray -304- Id take the money. My mistakes made me who I am, and I am proud of who I have become. We aren't perfect...except for Dr. Rumack.
  15. JuGray

    Roll Call

    THE PIONEER QUITTERSThursday, March 29, 2018 QUESTION OF THE DAY: How do you take your coffee?Pioneer QuittersHoggle - 33 - a bit of skim milk, no sugar Dillhole: 16 - the age I started dipping - 38 years ago. NNT - cream, no sugar. 3 day weekend coming up. I've been commuting 40 miles one way to work, for 27 years. I drive by at least 10 stores that sell dip. This morning I looked at each one and gave them the finger as I drove by. I pulled into my spot at work and told myself I feel free (with a tear in my eye). Supporters: FoodBuzz -89- Coffee? Cream, sugar, iced, shaken with no lid. Starbucks can’t ever get the shaken with no lid part right...amateurs JuGray - 303 - My coffee has a dab of cream with dark brown sugar. NDT