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  1. Roll Call 3 ready to win the day.
  2. Roll Call Day 2. This morning I woke up frustrated at the fact that I am quitting. Just frustrated I didn't have a chew really. I rolled over grabbed my phone and logged into here. I posted my first thing yesterday and I had 2 inbox messages and many replies to my post. It was a ten times better feeling knowing I have people backing me up. My mood instantly changed. Today I will not put that shit in my moulth. For me and for my brothers in this 2017 quit group. Let's do this
  3. This is my first Roll call and first day to quitting. I've tried multiple times and have failed. I've been chewing since I was 14 and now that I am 20 my habit is up to two cans a day. I wake up everyday not wanting to put a chew in, its my first thought and in turn I put a chew in before I brush my teeth or get a glass of water. I'm tired of it all, I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself everyday. I'm tired of the effect that chewing has on my life. I'm done with it.