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  1. 2017 Q4 Financial Update

    Donated 20 to ya. STS and the forum helped me quit again.
  2. Roll Call

    Still going strong and quit!
  3. Roll Call

    Had a rough crave last night, didn’t cave thou. Actually got a loud honk from the car behind me while I stared at a cope wintergreen sign lol. No cope for me thank ya
  4. Roll Call

    Quits going strong. No dip for me
  5. Lung Issues, Dip, & Idiocy: Tried to cope with cope

    Deer season is fast approaching in Pennsylvania and my buddies got me set up with a nice spot, checking on my bucks and does for me as well. They’ve even been feeding them while I’ve been sick. Gonna be a good opening day, and quit as hell for it too! got a drop tine 9 pointer and a big bodied 8 out there and 4-5 huge does. Going to set up my spot later this week. Good to be alive
  6. Roll Call

    Quit as hell today! Nic bitch ain’t getting in my body today!
  7. Roll Call

    My quit is still going strong!
  8. Lung Issues, Dip, & Idiocy: Tried to cope with cope

    Feeling decent today, feels like I’m drowning while laying down. Still quit strong. Hope everybodies staying strong and quit today.
  9. Lung Issues, Dip, & Idiocy: Tried to cope with cope

    Just stopped coughing up blood from lung biopsy. I’m in a hotel alone, waiting on the wife and dogs. Ain’t craved the nic bitch today, was knocked out most of it lol. Life is crazy, was healthy as an ox 3 months ago, now it’s doctors, treatments, and surgery. Welcome to the world of a smoker. Wouldn’t have most of these issues without 14+ years of smoking, and 10 years of dipping before my first real quit. 14,000 usd of medical bills for today, thanks big tobacco. Let it be a lesson to you New quitters, no day is too soon. The nic bitch will kill you one way or another. Quitting is hard, so rage against hard. Learned that from my brother in quit, sts. Get you some quit people! I may die because of my addiction, don’t follow me to the grave god dammit! Life is good without the big tobacco fiend on your back!!!
  10. Lung Issues, Dip, & Idiocy: Tried to cope with cope

    So day two is here! Feeling good, no crave today yet, but nic is a sneaky bitch. Figured change my breakfast ritual as well. Yogurt and orange juice instead of junk food. Got a lung biopsy tomorrow morning and gotta go it alone. Gonna be a good day without dip
  11. The Rage Room - Stories of Anger and Fire

    This really helped me get thru today. Thanks for all the awesome posts and music. Rage on gentlemen
  12. Lung Issues, Dip, & Idiocy: Tried to cope with cope

    Move it man, I’m good with that. Been reading the rage room by Spector and it’s been hugely helpful
  13. Roll Call

    Put me back on that list. Dip ain’t winning son! Been talking to see the Spector and I’m good now. Even tossed the fake dip. At day one again and ready to fight
  14. Lung Issues, Dip, & Idiocy: Tried to cope with cope

    I tossed the fake dip today too. Made me want cope badly. I’m freaking doing this time. My life ain’t getting given up for big tobacco to get their money. I got to much planned for the years to come to go down this road again.
  15. Lung Issues, Dip, & Idiocy: Tried to cope with cope

    I ain’t touching it again. Probably take your advise and keep the social drinking to a minimum for a few weeks till I get through the worst cravings. Nobody at my job dipa or anything. So it’s easiest there. May put in some overtime to keep myself busy