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  1. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Friday May 18, 2018 Quitters - sign here:  DWLT - 134 - Another day free of nicotine addiction submission with the XDipShitZ. NDT ODAAT!   MC - 145 - The XDipShitZ continues to be my ace in the hole when the NB takes another shot. Appreciative as always- NDT. Bear5 -141.......NDT!! FoodBuzz -140- No sense in doing anything stupid today. DH - 67 - what PMFJ says Bonanza - 131 In construction and each and every one of our jobs has an issue at the exact same time - and also it is difficult right now to pick up any work. Time to load in a ......... beer. Have a great weekend! Fuck chew and fuck construction. Paul331 - 160 Fuckin' A Supporters - sign here: PMFJ - 286 - No Cave Friday is upon us!! Enjoy a dip free weekend! Fuck tobacco! NMFD!!
  2. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Wednesday May 2, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DH - 51 NDT - one thing for sure, we know how to get it done. Following Bonanza everyday of the week. MC - 119 - In complete agreement Bonanza. The site, my fellow quitters & supporters remain my secret weapon in my daily fight. NDT. FoodBuzz - 123 - We are crew of or quit not passengers. NDT. (MC posting for FoodBuzz) DWLT - 118 - Agree with Bonanza, staying quit with this group helps a ton. Thankful I found you guys, thankful to not be dipping today, and understand how easy it would be to fall and fail. NDT ODAAT! bear5 - Day 124. NDT Bonanza - Day 115 NDT and ODAAT! Paul - Day 144 Supporters - Sign Here: STS - 518: MC posting for Foodbuzz - that is freaking awesome. It's simple. Post role every day. If you can't post, then text a quit bro and have them post for ya. Great accountability in here. Keep up the good work fellas. You know I plan on staying quit with you today. TR1960 - 1899 - Nice work gents and Congrats to all of you HOFer's!! Hang tough DH, one day at a time and in a blink of an eye 1900 days will have gone by. None of them more important than today's 51, 119, 123. 118, 124, 518, etc. I can tell you the Freedom you will earn is worth 10 fold the price to get here. Head down, plow ahead, NDT. Oh, I almost forgot........(mid finger salute) .....F.U. U.S. Tobacco and the horse you rode in on!
  3. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Thursday Day, April 26, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DH - 45 - partly cloudy this morning with a chance of sunshine this afternoon with 100% quit all day long - NDT DWLT - 112 - No dip in the forecast for this XDipShit. NDT! FoodBuzz -117- 5:30 am, long security check line in San Fransisco airport. Doing it with out dip. I thought I posted today, ya’ll made me a bit crazy there for a sec lol...reposting. MC - 123. Working out of town on an assignment by myself continues to be the most challenging test to my dedication to quit. Wake up every morning though and excited I don't have to worry about a post of shame (or lack of post). NDT. Bonanza - Day 109. We'd find you MC! I get it though...just me, but I'd hunker down in the ole hotel with a couple 40 oz of Old English 800's and a bag of Doritos. I can't think of a worse feeling the day after (not nearly as bad as if you would have put that stuff in your mouth). Paul - 138 Supporters- sign here: STS - 512: Quit with you all. NDT! PMFJ - 264 - Yes MC, we are dangerous when alone. The NB gets more crafty then as well. Keep an extra guard up. NMFD!!
  4. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Friday April 20, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DWLT - 106 - NDT ODAAT TGIF! Dillhole - 39 - no dip today. Food is tasting so much better. Did 14 min on the elliptical this morning before work. I'm gaining a few lbs but I expect that. FoodBuzz -111- Yes TGIF! NDT Bonanza - Day 103 - Nice work Dillhole. Whatever you can do to not dip today is fine! A 1 lb hamburger covered in copious amounts of cheese with grilled onions - so wet with grease that the bun falls apart - maybe an egg and some bacon on top. Throw in a bowl of chili and some french fries or better yet, freshly made potato chips. Wash it down with a Guiness Extra Stout or three.......I think I may have just made a mess in my pants. Have a great weekend all and NDT! Bear5 - Day 112. NDT MC - 117. Great day to stay quit. NDT. Paul - 132 Just ate too much at a fish fry. I'm sitting there pretty happy with my accomplishment when the guy next to me puts in a big dip. Thought I'd better sign in real quick cause the cravings are still there. Screw you nic beeotch. Supporters- Sign Here STS -506: Life is just better all around without dip. NDT! RWM -409- life is good at the xDipshitz. No need to ruin it by actions that lead to getting a canker sore that keeps getting bigger and hurting more and you keep thinking its gonna go away any day now. PMFJ - 258 - How about a greasy pork sandwich?? Yum! Gonna eat whatever the hell I want, and it's gonna taste great cuz my taste bud aren't clogged with dip juice!! NMFD!!
  5. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Friday, April 13, 2018 Quitters - sign here: MC- 110. I hear you FoodBuzz. Every time I go in the C-store or anyplace that sells tobacco my eyes still make a beeline to the tobacco to see if they are out of Kodiak. Used to drive me nuts when they were out. Now I'm hoping they are out, which seems to never happen since my quit, so mouth starts watering immediately upon sight. It's like I'm a dog when you pull out a treat. NDT. DWLT - 99 - Yep FoodBuzz, looks and sounds appealing but "Southern Blend" just means that they didn't get all the cow crap out of the tobacco when they were picking it. Friday the 13th would be a bad day to fall, so hanging tough today with the XDipShitZ! NDT! and in the words of Bonanza "Dillhole, get your ass up here". Dillhole - 32 - NDT Bonanza - Day 96 Atta boy Dillhole...NDT! [Question for RWM - Are southern gals all that television makes them out to be? Signed, Yankee.] FoodBuzz -104- NDT! MC your story about your can being out of stock reminds me of when I wanted to mock the NB after I quit. Went to C-store and saw they were out of my brand, so I decided to taunt the NB like she was a rabid dog on a chain but I knew just how long the chain was and I stood out of reach. “One can of Cope please” I say with a smile. Clerk say “ah I’m sorry we’re out” ...co-worker says “oh no we’re not it’s here in the drawer, just break the log”. Ahhh fuck the chain on the rabid dog broke loose and I left my soda and high tailed it out of there as fast as I could...never to have played that taunt card again. DIE NB!!! Paul - 125 lots of stories on here today. I had a chew dream the other day. Man I was worried about telling you guys that I failed then I woke up and had to convince myself I was still clean. Give her hell DWLT!!! Supporters- Sign Here RWM -402- I got a sweet spot for southern gals. Those UST marketing folks are the devil incarnate. NDT. STS - 499: I do occasionally glance at the rack of dip in the c-stores. I look at the price, do a little math, and laugh. In the past 500 or so days I have banked at least $1,500 by not buying that poison shit. But don't get me wrong, the money saved is only a fringe benefit. Even if dip were free, I'd still want to be quit. A grown man should not live like a pussy little slave boy to a can of ground-up leaves. I am a free man - one day at a time. Happy to join all of you in saying - fuck tobacco!!
  6. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Thursday April 5, 2018 Quitters - sign here: FoodBuzz -96- Quitting with the XdipshitZ supporters today. I appreciate their dedication to quit. Feels nice to see people make it that far who post here and assist us in our quit. I know this group loves to quit; here’s a challenge...can XdipshitZ quitters help in support to younger groups? Perhaps a post in the June and July quit groups? We’re a team of quit every support post helps you and future quitters...and doesn’t take much time at all. Together we Stand; divided we fall. Cheers to quit!!! DWLT - 91 - NDT ODAAT! will take up the challenge of posting for a younger group. MC -102 & NDT. Bear5 - Day 97 NDT!! Bonanza - Day 88 Paul - 117 Supporters- Sign Here Dillhole - 24 - No Dip Today. STS - 491: I stand with you guys today. NMFDT!! PMFJ - 243 - FB, I spent the summer of 87 in Italy, which was my first quit cuz they don't sell that shit there. I remember watching TV and seeing those commercials and actually drinking that soda. Anyway, I got back to the USA in September and my quit lasted a few weeks. I went to a college beer party, got offered a dip, didn't say no, and that was that. Very poor choice back then! Now it's Throat Punch Thursday!! NMFD!! bflem-903- quittin with you gents today. ndt! RWM -394- If you can't support all new groups, I ask that you support at least one. Every one of you has a unique quitting experience that someone else will find extremely valuable at some point. Meanwhile let's do some throat punching. NFDT.
  7. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Wednesday April 4, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DWLT - 90 - NDODAAT! Bonanza - Day 87 NDT! MC - 101 NDT. Paul - 116 Supporters- Sign Here Dillhole - 23 - final approach for most in here. I'm inspired by you all - thank you! No Dip Today! RWM -393- Keep kicking NB ass. You guys figured out that it's a team sport. NDT. STS - 490: Let's win the day guys. NDT!
  8. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Tuesday April 3, 2018 Quitters - sign here: MC - Day 100! 2 hour commute this morning to one of my clients. Historically I'd throw in a dip, enjoy my coffee and mentally prep for the day. Today, as well as the past 100 days, have been different in that I still enjoy my coffee and mentally prep for the day but did so without tobacco. Commute enabled me to do some reflection and how I got here and I want to say thank you. I'm an addict and don't have a lot of sympathy for the situation I put myself in, nor would I ask others to have sympathy for me. Posting here with my fellow quitters and supporters is remains my safeguard on this journey as each of you are facing the same challenge on a daily basis. Thank you for your support, not judging and most importantly keeping me honest with myself. Joining you on the roll call is my daily promise to myself and to you, which on the hard days over, is the only reason I didn't go back to my addiction. Proud to be a quitter with all of you and can't wait for the rest of my XDipShitz quitters to hit 100 as well. NDT! Bear5 - Day 95. congrats MC!!!!!!! So proud to be in the same group with such a bad ass quitter. Enjoy this day brother. Many more to come!!! Paul - 115 Awesome MC!!! Supporters- Sign Here STS - 489: Nice work MC!! Looking forward to you HOF speech. Also looking forward to seeing you continue to post up each day and stay quit with me. ODAAT
  9. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Monday April 2, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DWLT - Day 88 - NDT ODAAT! MC - 99. Wife is heading out of town tomorrow night for a few days with the eldest child. Used to look forward to days/nights I had to myself so I could dip 24/7 at home but a nervous wreck upon wife's return that I grabbed a messy pinch and dropped remnants someplace in the house. It's been nice not having to hide my addiction these past 99 days albeit I'm thinking I was an idiot for ever believing I was actually hiding anything. NDT! Bonanza - Day 85...MC, tomorrow is a big day - the big 100! Reason to be proud. NDT! FoodBuzz -93- Always made things more stressful when I had to think about any evidence left behind. There was this one time I was at my in laws (they have an indoor cat that can’t always find the litter box) where I had to emergency clean up and hide evidence. Went to through a dip in and the fresh can slipped and spilled all over the floor. I shoved as much of that all back into the can and then rubbed my hand all over the carpet sending any remaining grains all over so it was very hard to see. Then I put a dip in and hoped I didn’t get it mixed with cat piss or shit. Yep very gross, but really wanted a dip Paul - 114 Back from my dip free vacation. Supporters- Sign Here Dillhole - 20 - No dip today with the Xdipshitz STS - 488: Joining You all is a tobacco free day. Celebrating not being a slave to addiction along with MC. NDT!
  10. Paul331

    Roll Call

    Friday March 23, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DWLT - Day 78 - NDT MC- Day 89. NDT. FoodBuzz -83- No dip. Don’t need it don’t want it! Bear5 - Day 84. Bonanza - Paul331 - Day 104 as in $520 saved. Supporters- Sign Here Dillhole - day 10 - Opening this room for you fine non-dippers this Friday morning STS - 478: I am looking forward to a long weekend of quit with you guys. NDT! RWM -381- whaddayouknow it's fuck dip friday. NDT. PMFJ - 230 - Another Fuck Dip Friday is upon us yessir! Stab the Nic Bitch in the eye with a sharp pencil! Enjoy a dip free weekend. NMFD!!
  11. Paul331

    Roll Call

    March 22, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DWLT - 77 - Another day in dipless bliss. Hey Bonanza, giving us the silent treatment yesterday? For a blast from the past, here's a link to all the old Walt Garrison dip commercials I saw as a kid. https://archive.org/details/tobacco_vxi52b00 Doesn't smoke, so says he can enjoy tobacco while doin' most anything. Too bad for me that I ended up using tobacco while doin' most everything for 30 some years. "So go dipless and enjoy the non-tobacco flavor" MC- 88 & NDT. Anyone else struggling/embarrassed how your cussing has increased 500% since quitting? Hit home hard yesterday when I noticed how I offended some colleagues. Never had that problem prior to quitting so might have to find another forum now to make a daily cussing promise... As long as I avoid offending the wrong person cussing isn't likely a bad habit that will kill me but adding it to the list of items I need to focus on since my quit- i.e. like drop the weight I've put on since the beginning of the year. FoodBuzz -82- MC posting for FoodBuzz. Sounds like he has his hands full with the kids - likely on spring break. NDT. Bear5 - Day 83... Posting for Foodbuzz also who has his hands full with kids and spring break. Congrats on 82 days brother... Bonanza - Day 74 Had the site open and work got in the way. I remember I always hoped for the cans which said that "Nicotine is addictive" rather than the ones with the other comments. Have a wonderful dip free day brothers! Fuck yea!! Paul331 - Day 103 Hey, I'm joining your group because mine sucks with population: me. I am also on the cuss train. F bomb for everything big or small. Supporters - Sign Here RWM -380- I remember that commercial well. I'd rather have nasty shit coming out of my mouth than going into it. NDT. STS - 477: Hell yes (oops I mean heck yes) MC quitting dip led to me cussing like a sailor. Instead of putting foul carp into my mouth - foul words were always coming out of it. Going to send you a link to a rant I posted on here about "fuck" being my new favorite word after quitting. The cussing and the anger and irritability is just part of our addicted brains throwing a temper tantrum in a last ditch effort to get the fix of mouth crack it wants. The brain will continue to heal (slowly unfortunately) and cussing will taper off. There was a time I almost had to set out a swear jar for myself. It does get better. NDT!
  12. Paul331

    Roll Call

    03/19/2018 Quitters - sign here: Paul - 101 I'm going to take the invitation and join the April group. Thanks for the support.
  13. Paul331

    Roll Call

    03/19/2018 Quitters - sign here: Paul - 100 Supporters:
  14. Paul331

    Roll Call

    03/16/2018 Quitters - sign here: Paul -3 Supporters: