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  1. Roll Call

    February 12, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - 39 - NDT! mcarlson006 - Day 50! NDT. Supporters - Sign Here
  2. Roll Call

    February 10, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - 37 - and no tobacco stains on thumb and pointer finger today NDT! mcarlson006- Day 48. NDT Supporters - Sign Here
  3. Roll Call

    February 9, 2018 Quitters - sign here FoodBuzz -41- Dip sucks. Starting to feel like not dipping is a habit, but know coming here and quitting with you all is super good and cool (ODAFDE - One Dip Away From Dipping Everyday) - LOL. bummer I missed the fun acronyms day. Cheers to your quits! DWLT - 36 - NDT and TGIF mcarlson006 - Day 47. Long travel night out of Chicago but at least got out of Snowmageddon. Supporters - Sign Here RWM -339- ODAAT, NDT!
  4. Roll Call

    February 7, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 34 - NDT but always a dip away from dipping all day every day! An XDipShit one day at a time with you bunch of quitters! Bonanza - Day 31 - That is a good one DWLT, true that I am also one dip away from dipping every day. NDT! (noticing that my teeth are a lighter shade of disgusting) Bear5 - Day 40 mcarlson006 - Day 45. Couldn't agree more DWLT. NDT. Supporters STS - 434: I with you guys today. I am not going to put that shit in my mouth today period. ODAAT!
  5. Roll Call

    February 6, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 33 - All in for NDT! mcarlson006 - Day 44 and NDT. Supporters
  6. Roll Call

    February 5, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 32 No Dip Monday! mcarlson006- Day 43. Heck of a game last night. Supporters:
  7. Roll Call

    February 2, 2018 Quitters - sign here mcarlson006- Day 40.   Supporters:
  8. Roll Call

    February 1, 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 28 - A new day to not chew. Stay strong and don't cave to the crave. mcarlson006- Day 39. Way to make it through January. Came across the following quote from Vince Lombardi that taken out of context seemed applicable - "Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit." Only time I've been proud to say I'm learning to quit. Let's keep up the NDT habit.   Supporters:
  9. Roll Call

    January 31 2018 Quitters - sign here FoodBuzz -32- Very early post I know, but can’t sleep and don’t want to chew. So been posting in various forums. Hate to get soft on you guys, but it’s reality for me... it’s been 32 days since I cried myself to sleep thinking “WTF am I going to do, or what am choosing for my life/future”. This quit is solid “ALL IN”. Quitting with those who want to quit today! Message anytime let’s do this together. Best of quit to all!!! mcarlson006- Day 38! Summing up past couple of days via a modified quote from Caddyshack- I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. But I have my quit, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Supporters:
  10. Roll Call

    Days/nights like today are painful- started working at 6:30 AM, still going and don't see an end in sight at the moment. Remain committed but wishing it didn't have to be this trying. Re the thought of the day, disgusting to think how I gutted the shit just so I could always have a dip in.
  11. Roll Call

    January 30 2018 Quitters - sign here DWLT - Day 26 - NDT! mcarlson006- Day 37. Supporters:
  12. Roll Call

    January 29, 2018 Quitters - sign here mcarlson006- Day 36. Great job Bear on 30 days. Foodbuzz- looking forward to your post today. Supporters:
  13. Roll Call

    January 27, 2018 Quitters - sign here: mcarlson006: Day 34 Supporters: STS - 423: Keep up the great work in here. When it come's to being done with tobacco, I am "all in" as well. It's the only way to win your freedom. Scorched Earth quit. We do whatever it takes not to put that shit in our mouths. Let's win the day. All In! NDT!
  14. Roll Call

    I've seen the drop in heart beat but not the other effects your experiencing. Off to grab a beer to enjoy with my seeds, tea bags and cotton balls... Other than getting a beer, that just sounds wrong!
  15. Roll Call

    January 26, 2018 Quitters - sign here: DWLT - Day 22 and NDT! mcarlson006- Day 33. I believe Foodbuzz asked earlier what our motivations are to quit this time. I continue to think about this and struggling to find my answer. What I know is I really like to dip. I’ve been doing it since I was in high school, it has been with me for 24+ years through good times and bad and never judged nor left me. STS- I also affectionately labeled my tin as my “friend” and think about it often. I’ve overlooked the tremendous damage my friend could do to myself as well as how my friend had come between me and so much in my life, especially my family. I ignored how my friend was the same as my father’s Marlboro’s, the lasting memories I have of him as a child prior his quitting and the memories my three children likely have of me. I want to be ashamed or use this as my motivation, and while that is likely part of this journey, I’m still searching. Maybe I don’t need to have that one reason and just acknowledge that in everything I do, I’m either all in or not in at all. I’m proud that I’m all in right now, making my promise of NDT and not focusing on tomorrow till I get through today. Appreciate chance to do a bit of reflection here with others that are going through same. Great work gents and keep up the quit! Supporters: 3bd - 1,114 Fist Fight Friday!!!!! Give the nic bitch a knuckle sandwich!