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  1. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 19, 2018 FoodBuzz -324- no sense living like a slave. NDT! STS - 719: No living life like a slave either for me. Fuck Dip!!! DWLT - 319 - Yes, being free of nicotine slavery is a great thing. ODAAT! RWM -622- there's no sense getting back involved in that nonsense. PMFJ - 471 - Not remotely interested!! NMFD!! Bonanza - 316 - Life is alot better without dip. NDT!
  2. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 16, 2018 STS - 716: Opening up the shop today. So I can Say. No Dip Today. Fucking tobacco can kiss my A! O-Kay!!!! RWM -619- All in! Whatever it takes. Death to dip. Fuck UST. NDT. DWLT - 316 - All in too! NDT. FoodBuzz -321- Weird dip dream, me and my 8 year old boy. Glad that ain’t true or will ever be true. Bonanza - 313 - Always seem to have a bad day when I have a dip dream. Those come fewer and farther in between...NDT!
  3. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 15, 2018 DWLT - 315 - I'll pass again today. ODAAT! FoodBuzz -320- Dip? What’s that? Ewe no thanks! NDT! STS - 715: Dip is one thing I will not be doing today. PMFJ - 467 - Fuck that dip! NMFD!! RWM -618- stomping dip into the damned dirt. Bonanza - 312 - NDT!
  4. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 13, 2018 FoodBuzz -318- Thanks for the pickup DW! Another full day of client meetings so posting early. NDT! DWLT - 313 - Keeping a stiff upper lip in regards to keeping a clean lower lip. None for me, thanks. STS - 713 - I'm with these guys - NMFDT! Bonanza - 310 - Agreed...NDT!
  5. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 12, 2018 DWLT - 312 - Rolling into another work week and super glad to be living in freedom from nicotine addiction! NDT ODAAT! STS - 712: Loved the song reference yesterday DWLT. You keep this quit rolling along. Watching you close in on 1 year - one day at a time. Foodbuzz - 317 - In a conference just sittin', but as always still quittin' - NDT Bonanza - 309 - Birthday is tomorrow and looking forward to it. Past recent birthdays have been difficult as I've felt regret that I was chewing again - this one I can celebrate my accomplishment by having a couple scotches rather than drowning my regrets in...well those same couple scotches! NDT!
  6. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 8, 2018 DWLT - 308 - NDT! FoodBuzz -313- Broomfield is Quitting with Arvada today! RWM -611- I did some time in Arvada, so I can join in on the fun. NDT. STS - 708: NDT with the XDipshitz ODAAT PMFJ - 460 - What the hell are you guys talking about? Arvada?? NMFD!! Bonanza - 305 - Arvada sounds a bit like a jail. Yeppp, did some time in Arvada on a gun running charge. NDT and easy on the recreational plants!
  7. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 7, 2018 DWLT - 307 - NDT! Bonanza - 304 - There are no good topics I can think of other than I have a sneaking suspicion that your Chicago Bears will be playoff bound this year.
  8. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 6, 2018 DWLT - 306 - I elect to not dip today. NDT! FoodBuzz -311- I’m with DW on this quitting thing sounds like a solid plan! STS - 706: A vote for dip is a vote for slavery. Punching a straight no-tobacco ticket Bonanza - 303 - I won't be hanging a chad on my lip anytime soon! NDT! (Ok, all the good election ones were taken - and for those not ancient like me, it is in reference to Gore vs Bush election of yesteryear)
  9. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 5, 2018 DWLT - 305 - Quit bliss on a Monday. None for me today. FoodBuzz -310- That shit is just nasty! NDT! STS - 705: Done with dip. None for me. PMFJ - 457 - Hey guys, Fuck Tobacco!! NMFD!! Bonanza - DAY 300 (and 301 & 302) NDT! Have a question for you fellow quitters...my son plays youth baseball and the moms (including my wife) always bring their team Big League Chew. I want to say that I don't like that and that they should change brands. I think I may be overreacting. Thoughts?
  10. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    November 1, 2018 FoodBuzz -306- I got no strings on me. NDT, NNT, NAT, ODAAT! Congrats to DW on 300 yesterday and 700 for STS. You guys are awesome! Bonanza - 298 - Congrats to DWLT and STS! NDT!
  11. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    Tuesday October 30, 2018 DWLT - 299 - Dang, STS is posting up at the crack of dawn today! Think I'll keep the LT out of my mouth today so I can hit that 3rd floor tomorrow. NDT! FoodBuzz-30X STS - 699: Opening up shop before hitting the road. Hope your bags are packed too DWLT, as it looks like a trip to the 3rd floor is coming tomorrow. But let's worry about today. No Dip Today! RWM -602- 299 is important in its own right. Own it. Bonanza - Day 296 - T minus 7 hours until DWLT hits the big 300. And ha! FoodBuzz can't even be bothered with the ones column anymore! Mr. Important. NDT Gentlemen!
  12. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

    Monday October 29, 2018 DWLT - 298 - NDT. FoodBuzz-303- NDT Welcome back DW! STS - 698: NDT! Bonanza - 295 - Hearty congratulations to FoodBuzz for hitting the third floor! Stay vigilant and NDT!
  13. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Thursday October 25, 2018 FoodBuzz -299- Congrats to Tiger on the next level! Glad to see Bonanza! NDT! STS - 694: Keeping quit with my brother Nick today on the eve of the third floor. RWM -597- going to remain a proud xdipshit today. DWLT - 294 - Back from the woods temporarily. First time I have ever hunted elk without tobacco of some sort in my mouth. Successfully dodged cigars, chew, vape devices, etc. that were in use and offered up by my hunting party. Although I haven't got my elk yet, not dipping on a hunt for the first time is a pretty big success for me. Congrats FB on hitting that 3rd floor tomorrow! NDT! Bonanza - 291 - I can imagine all the "Oh, just have one...it's not going to kill ya" 's. Nice fucking work staying strong DWLT! (profanity added for emphasis) NDT!
  14. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Wednesday October 24, 2018 FoodBuzz -298- On the road again. No dip again! NDT! STS - 693 - Safe travels. Fuck tobacco!! PMFJ - 445 - Be cool and tobacco free! NMFD!! Bonanza - 290 - Every time someone chews, a cute little bunny dies! Do you want that on your conscience?
  15. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Monday October 22, 2018 FoodBuzz -296- If an addict dies as a result of their addiction would is be considered suicide? Anyway - NDT! STS - 691: Good question. I would say no, as most of us addicts did not want harm associated with getting the "fix". Many times praying that a little lump on the lip or gum was not cancer. But despite the risks, we went ahead and dipped - that is true addiction. Glad to be facing the addiction head on - and very happy to be quit with you. NDT! PMFJ - 443 - I don't think so but I do think that most addicts understand that their actions are self-destructive. I know that was the case for me. My uncle who recently passed away had quit his 3-4 pack a day habit years ago but was unable to escape the consequences. I don't think he intended to suffer that way. My father's oldest brother is now dealing with the same shit, COPD, oxygen 24/7. My dad has cut back a ton over the years, he might smoke a pack a week. I don't know why he doesn't just stop. When he comes to visit me, he doesn't smoke for over a week. I can only control myself, so NMFD!! Bonanza - 288 - Nice philosophical question for a Monday. Maybe someone who doesn't know what addiction is like - maybe they can get a pass. But for us who know full well what this is about, if we started again I think that would lean toward suicidal tendencies (one of my favorite bands...Institutionalized is one of my favorites). We know that another chew has a good chance to lead to an addiction that one may not be able to shake and eventually cause death, but at that time I didn't care (I thought this exact thing when I broke my other long term quit) - that was depression though. My vote is no. I could make alcoholic parallels that would say yes though. Either way I'm glad I know you guys and hopefully none of us will have to actually answer that question for ourselves.