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  1. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Wednesday August 8, 2018  Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 216 - NDT! FoodBuzz - 221- NDT! mc - 227 - NDT Bonanza - Day two hundred and thirteen. No dip today for me! Tomorrow either.
  2. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Friday August 3, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: FoodBuzz -215- knocking down another day. NDT. STS - 611: The choice is ours, and we choose freedom over slavery. NMFDT! PMFJ - 363 - Staying quit again today, no problem. NMFD!! RWM -514- I have a loose screw when it comes to dip. I come here so I don't act on that loose screw. Bonanza - 208 - Used to weigh that much. NDT!
  3. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Monday July 30, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 207 - Happy Monday you XDipShitZ! NDT! FoodBuzz -211- Quitting today with DWLT! TR1960 - 1988 - 2 hundo Congrats to all the XDipshitz!! STS - 607: Keeping quit on this Monday with you. NDT! Bonanza - 204 - NMFD!
  4. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Tuesday July 24, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: MC - 212. Congrats on hitting 200 yesterday DWLT. NDT. DWLT - 201 - Thanks MC, great to be here. NDT FoodBuzz -206- 8 hour delay on my flight. Glad it was on the front end so I could go home and not a connection where I’d be stuck in some airport. NDT! STS - 601: Some serious quitters here in this room. I am joining you guys in staying quit today. Bonanza - Day 198 - Happy day after DC day to STS! (I cannot give up the roman numeral thing.) NDT! Never had an 8 hour delay - not so sure I wouldn't go nuts or rent a car and start driving.
  5. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Monday July 22, 2018  Quitters & Supporters: Bonanza - 197 - Happy Double C to mountain main DWLT! NDT!
  6. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Friday July 20, 2018  Quitters & Supporters: FoodBuzz -202- NMFDT!! Super happy day and congrats to our new 5th floor quitter! Well done RWM!!! Thanks for so much effort, support, and putting up with us Keep that quit rolling Brother! STS - 597: Keeping quit with the XDipShitZ. Congrats to RWM - 500 days is huge. Bonanza - 194 - Nice work on the 500, RWM!! NDT!
  7. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Thursday July 19, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 196 - NDT! Bonanza - Day 193...has a nice ring to it. NDT! (and happy day CC hangover to FoodBuzz!)
  8. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Thursday July 19, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 196 - NDT! Bonanza - Day 193...has a nice ring to it. NDT!
  9. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Tuesday July 17, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 194 - The original XDipShitZ rolling up on 1000 days total pretty soon as we each move through 200. Keep up the quit! NDT! Bonanza - 191 - 200 is going to look nice...1,000 is going to look even better! Think they give strip club discounts for 1,000 days quit? Is there such a thing as a strip club discount? I think a slightly pricey bottle of scotch is a better option.
  10. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Monday July 16, 2018 Quitters & Supporters: DWLT - 193 days of quit, and think I'll add one more day to that today Bonanza - Boldly saying that I'm quit 190 days. NDT! No dip ever again.
  11. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Friday July 13, 2018 Quitters & Supporters:  DWLT - 190 - Even Friday the 13th is a lucky day when you decide to not put that crap in your mouth. NDT! STS - 590: Lucky to be quit with you guys. NDT FoodBuzz -194- Sorry Wyoming, but you are absolutely boring to drive through, except Jackson. NDT. Bonanza - 187 - Was born on Friday the 13th so I consider it lucky. Never driven through Wyoming, so by what FoodBuzz says, I should consider myself lucky for that too. All coming up roses today. NDT and Happy Friday!
  12. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Thursday July 12, 2018 Quitters & Supporters:  DWLT - 189 - Congrats to MC on 200 days! NDT for this XDipShit! STS - 589 - Congratulations MC!!! Well done sir. I'll gladly stay quit with you. PMFJ - 341 - Way to be MC! A double HOFer, 2nd floor office with a view! NMFD!! Bonanza - 186 - Nice work MC! Think if I can get back to 200 lb, I'd just be overweight.
  13. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Wednesday July 11, 2018 Quitters & Supporters:  DWLT - 188 - NDT! FoodBuzz -192- Hitting Mt. Rushmore this week...no dip of course. I really hate that shit. Stay quit all! RWM -491- punching dip today. NDT. STS -588: Loving the jumbo italics posts. Love the Mt. Rushmore area. Custer State Park is a true gem just south of Rushmore. Hope you have the time to hike up Black Elk Peak. Take lots of water. Bonanza - Day 185 - Do have to thank chew for one thing...the realization that I tend to become addicted to things. Not recently, but this knowledge has helped me "Just Say No!" to highly addictive illegal substances. NDT!
  14. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Tuesday July 10, 2018 Quitters & Supporters:  Dillhole 120 NDT - running low on venison. going have to start conserving DWLT - 187 - conserving will get you in less trouble than poaching NDT! MC- 198- NDT. Jealous of any one conserving versus my predicament of having nothing in the freezer. STS 587: I will be abstaining from tobacco products with you gentlemen today. NDT! FoodBuzz -191- This summer cold is kicking my ass! NDT! RWM-490- kicking dip's ass one more day Bonanza - Day 184 and I'm in a mood. Not a mood to dip, though. NDT!
  15. Bonanza504

    Roll Call

     Monday July 9, 2018 Quitters & Supporters:  FoodBuzz -190- Before you take a dip “you’ve got to ask yourself ‘Do I feel lucky’ well do you punk?!” NDT! DWLT - 186 - Road trippin' without dippin' today. NDT! Bonanza - 183 - Nice not having to plan out my day to get the appropriate number and timing of chews. NDT gentlemen!