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  1. ThunderEagle

    Roll Call

    Hey, here again, the numbers at the top of the page says 6292. I'm still having some cravings after 17 years of being quit, and don't know why, just sort of out of the blue. I've been considering picking up some mint stuff just to scratch the itch. I know I used that stuff pretty good to quit the last time. Heard and ad for Jake's Mint Chew, but I don't know that I want to commit to 10 cans, LOL. This has been weird, I've had brief thoughts about dipping again since I quit, but here the last couple of weeks, I've actually considered buying a can, this is freaking crazy! Ugh.
  2. ThunderEagle

    Roll Call

    Roll Call ThunderEagle - 6287
  3. Hello there, I remember QS.org from way back in the day. In fact, I'm in the HOF Archive as Scott Williams, and I'm not sure if the date in the archive is my quit date, or my HOF date, we'll go with quit date, so 02/24/2001, yes 17 F'N years ago. I started dipping when I was 16, quit when I was 32. For some crazy, messed up reason, for the last couple of weeks, I've been wanting to have a dip. I don't know why, when at a Circle K or gas station, I find myself looking at the cans of Skoal on the wall. WTF, I haven't thought about this crap in YEARS! Don't get me wrong, I've had dreams where I've had a dip, but no feelings that I'd actually like to buy a can. This just goes to show what kind of a grip this stuff can put on your brain.