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Found 6 results

  1. Tried yesterday but failed due to work pressure trying today again will appreciate buddies
  2. Tried yesterday but failed due to work pressure trying today again will appreciate buddies
  3. Justmike

    What Floats Your Boat?

    Figured I would start a thread where you can talk about whatever you want, Hobbies, Interests, Reasons for your quit, Triggers, What you're feeling in your quit, How you're coping with all of the above, etc, whatever you want to talk about shoot away! anyone is welcome!
  4. BigK-FinalQuit

    Looking for Encouragement?

    I started this topic to be distinct from Mad Ramblings. This is a thread for March Madmen and others to ask for help, encouragement, or support - it's one thing to get it one on one with PM's, or to cruise the site. I thought it would nice to ask specifically for help. That's what I am going to do right now: This week is my first serious time where cave it going to be present. My wife leaves for almost a week, and I am also heading out on a business trip. When I am alone, there is no one to see me - no one to hide from - stress from travel, need to relax, etc. etc. It will be a good test for the quit in me. I just wanted to get out in front of it. I think I know what to do. Post, etc. I have some phone and text's numbers. Will use them.
  5. grizzkiller

    Tips & Strategies

    I'm setting up this thread in the hopes that some of the Hall of Famers and even Pre-HOFfers will share tips and strategies that are working for them in their quits. I'd personally love to see how people are dealing with the mental aspect of the addiction. For example, does anyone have a particular strategy for dealing with the mental battle between the old addict (the part of you that wants a dip) and the new improve you (the part of you that wants to be healthy)? For me, the old addict voice is still screaming loudly (I'm on day 14 today). Keeping my hands busy with manual work (i.e. cleaning, yard work, washing the car, etc) helps quiet the screams a bit. Having a beer helps take the edge off, but I'm being particularly careful these days to limit myself to one. These things work for me, but its not perfect by any means.
  6. Averbeck87

    Feel like I'm dying...

    Hey guys, So I'm 18 years old, I've been addicted to tobacco since I was 15, and I really want to quit for good this time. I recently just joined the US ARMY, and I leave for basic training in one month. I can't dip at basic, so I want to quit right now so that I'm not going through withdrawals while down there. But... It's a hell of a lot easier said than done, and I feel like I'm dying right now. I am used to dipping about 9-12 times a day. I started cutting down 2 weeks ago to half of that, and last week got myself down to 2 a day. Had a rough weekend, was back to around 10 dips a day for the weekend, cut down on Monday to being at 3, yesterday was 1, today was 2, and I just flushed my entire panic tin down the toilet. It felt good right away to get rid of it, but for the past hour, I've been going crazy. And the worst part of this experience is that it's only been like 6 and a half hours since I last dipped. My hands are shaking, my teeth feel weird, I'm craving a dip like none other, oh... and my head is starting to kill me. Does anyone have any advice for ignoring or kinda treating these withdrawals? Also, any other advice/ support is appreciated me. Thank you, really.