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Found 3 results

  1. Sheldon

    How I quit dipping

    So I started dipping when I was 14 at football camp. I didn't do it much between 14 and 16 and was terrified of the possibility of becoming addicted. I thought to myself "well if I don't want to become addicted strongly enough, then I just won't" and that's where the justifications and denial of the severity of the tin starts. Right in the beginning. I couldn't have possibly understood at the time what substance addiction was like so I was confused at how people would complain about not being able to stop. I thought "if you want to stop using tobacco, why wouldn't you just NOT do it??" I had no idea what kind of mental battle it really is. Through the ages 17 and 18 dipping became "cool" among my friends and I. These were the glory days of dipping. We started out chewing and quickly made our way to long cut. We had no desire to stop or slow down, the head buzzes were great and the satisfaction of sharing that spitting experience with the boys was actually fun. Fresh gum line's and no worries. I had no idea that this little pastime was becoming a serious addiction until near the end of my senior year of high school. At that point I justified it to myself by saying stuff like "I won't do it forever" and "I'll stop eventually" or "I'm still young plus my uncle has been doing it regularly for 20 years longer than me and he's fine." Little did I know he was dipping 6 cans everyday of his life. I moved onto WKU's campus 3 days after I graduated from high school to start training with the football team and about half the guys in the lockeroom around me all dipped so throwing in a lip became a bonding experience among my new teammates and myself. That, mixed with an incredible amount of downtime, I went from dipping 2-3 cans a week to at least a can per day throughout that summer. This is where I realized I needed to begin the process of quitting. My freshman year of college I probably "quit" about 20 times, but usually no longer than a couple days. I kept usually tobacco regularly throughout 2016 but wanted to quit more and more with every month. 2 weeks was the longest I went all year and the second longest break I had was about 4 days. Girlfriends turn out to be a hell of a motivator to quit. She didn't push quitting on me, but I knew that she thought it was disgusting so I became more serious about it. How I finally quit In March of 2017 at 20 years old I began using the maximum strength nicotine patches. I slapped one on every morning and it was incredible... I probably only had 2-3 days for an entire month with a craving. This was a huge relief from my usually 3 hours per day craving free. After the month my patches ran out and I started to feel the cravings again so the next day I went out and bought the 4mg of nicotine gum which I could chew once per day and then be fine. I didn't end up finishing the pack when I stopped craving nicotine almost completely. I went from the beginning of March till the beginning of June without a pinch and the freedom felt great. Once I came back home for the summer I went to work outdoors with some of my old high school buddies who all still dipped regularly (guys who I honestly may have had a big impact on for the reason they started dipping). I justified letting myself take a pinch from them after lunch break for the "dip shits" which for some reason were always an exciting part of the experience through my time with nicotine haha. After about 2 weeks of this I came to terms with the fact that I had relapsed because was craving that pinch 2-3 per day and even went out and bought a tin. Ashamed of myself, I thought back on what I would say when I was younger, "if you want to stop using tobacco, why wouldn't you just NOT do it??" so I looked myself in the mirror at the peak of a craving on June 21 and said "just don't". I flushed and threw the new can away and went to sleep. The next day at work I was getting a craving again and decided to take out a pin and I just wrote "Don't." On my index finger and stared at it. This may sound a bit odd and out there, but it worked. For the next week I wrote "Don't." On my finger everyday after showers and read it off every time I wanted to dip or tried justifying putting one in or buying a tin. The most simple thing just worked so well for me. It's now been 35 days without any nicotine and I still have the occasion craving throughout the day, but they are getting progressively lighter and it's obvious. Anytime I think about doing it I just imagine what I wrote on my finger and that there is not any good excuse for me to ever put in another pinch. It's the nicotine telling you yes, but your own mind is what you need to listen to, and if you're reading this, then I have a good feeling your mind knows that you don't need/want to be controlled by nicotine any longer. I hope this helps someone out there. It helped me overcome 6 years of use so I knew that I had to share it if there was any possibility it could help someone else who is struggling.
  2. Dave444

    Quitting Soda

    I think Soda has been making me ill lately. Usually, I drink it by itself, so a can will be a small meal so to speak. I eat healthy otherwise, but at the beginning of the day, I usually just drink a can of coke. Then another. Sometimes, it'll be the afternoon by the time I eat something if I'm on a third coke. That said, the calories are actually pretty low compared to if I eat, and I bet I burn it all, but lately, I've been feeling crappy. So I'm trying to quit cold turkey so to speak. Trust me, I love the stuff. Goes good with everything. Put it down on Friday the 4th. So: Dave444 - 14 - had my first dream about the stuff yesterday
  3. jgregg

    My story

    A little introduction to get to know my story. I'm 31 years old. I started chewing in college & have been a heavy user since. I use about a can of grizzly wintergreen each day and 1/2 a can of Camel Snus. I have a wife & 3 wonderful kids. I have been wanting to quit for a while and set my quit day as October 1st. (today). Last night I wasn't sure how i would get thru the morning not having one in the shower and then on the way to work. I got up wanted one but didn't then on the way to work again wanted it but didn't. (feeling a little accomplished right now) I know it's only been a few hours but i am ready to kick this! Picked up some seeds & some packs of gum on my way to work. I'm not sure if people read these but i'm going to keep updating in hopes that it will help someone quit or maybe i can find someone to quit with me.