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  1. I don't have a pot to piss in yet about how to stay quit, but I feel really good and strong because I'm prepared with a few things that I'm doing differently. I'm feeling confident in my success (not cocky). I'm sharing this on the off chance it might help someone else think about being ready for craves, how to prepare for tough moments or plan for sustaining success. I started thinking about some of the methods available to help me in times that my strength and/or confidence is not as high- those times when that beyotch sneaks into my head. I made a plan that I think of like a quarterbacks "progressions". In any given situation, I've got a sequence of steps that I can follow to get me out of trouble. Depending on my perceived threat level in any situation, I may start out of sequence and may not follow the sequence in order. I've experienced craves triggered by something unanticipated and known immediately that I needed to start at #7, and I could come back to the earlier #'s as I gained more control. I did NOT have this list or perspective when I caved previously... What are my progressions? This not all encompassing, by any means, and everybody is different, but this is working well for me. I have gone to the 8th method in this progression, in this quit, but only once. Progressions: State to myself: I don't do that anymore. What else could I do right now? Remind myself: Dipping is NOT an option. What is? What else could I do right now? Recall/remember all my quit reasons Pull out and read the SpongeBob Mantra Ask myself what is it that I expect to get from having a dip and remind myself that 'I know I am free of the physical symptoms of withdrawal, I am alive and fine without nicotine and/or tobacco in my mouth and have been for a number of days now, so whatever urge or crave I'm experiencing is purely "mental". How is the 'physical' act of putting tobacco in my mouth really going to satisfy what I know is a "mental" need? Obviously, it is nothing that I truly 'need'. Remind myself that bad things and bad days, moments, minutes, etc. all happen with or without dip. Don't kid yourself that your bad [whatever] is the result of you not dipping or that dipping will make it better. You had bad days and bad things happen when you were dipping, you'll have them when you're not dipping too. Quitting changes nothing about this. The only thing that is different is that your addict self tries to assign blame for the bad [whatever] on not having nicotine/dip. This just isn't true. Recall that all I need to do is get to through today. I can make it a few more minutes, hours, etc. to stick to my quit and honor the commitment I made to myself and all the quitters, when I posted roll this morning. I won't undermine my commitment or theirs. My staying quit is helpful to other quitters on QSSN. My caving could be hurtful them. Get online and Google search 'smokeless tobacco oral cancer' and go to the 'Images' view. Spend some time reviewing the pictures of what is sure to be the ultimate outcome of dipping and think about the fact that having even 'just one more' dip could be the straw that breaks the camels back, so to speak. The next dip I have could be the one that tips the scales and leaves me jawless, tongue-less, faceless, or DEAD. Now think about explaining any tiny bit of that to my kids of 6, 4, and 1.5 years. I have the results for this query saved as a favorite on my mobile phone so I can pull up and look at the images at any moment. Pull out the Contract to Give up, read it and sign it Call any one of the five #'s of the quitters that care enough to have given me their phone # and asked me to call anytime- get their permission to have 'just one' dip. I can not and will not cave without first getting the permission of one of my supporters. At any time before, during, or after using this progression I spend time on QSSN, chat sometimes, read A LOT, post some messages of support for friends, read some more...suck on hard candy, chew gum, (if it's really bad) have a fake/herbal dip.